Sunday, April 13, 2008

i’m 25!! weeeee!!


The travel from TI to KL was a tad rough. Firstly ‘cos I had a semi-pancit tire (the left back one) so this caused to be of much concern. Fortunately Ah Viks was traveling with me so I wouldn’t be stranded ALONE should I get unlucky. I had Ah Viks super-duper pump the tire kau-kau before we left. I’m not so good at tire-pumping. I pumped a tire FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE in TI actually… all the semi-pancit tire punya pasal-lah. Worse come to worse we’ll have to top-up on air along the way. Then there was this massive bumper-to-bumper jam at Bidor. Wahlau… it took us perpetually forever to get from one point to another. It was like living the Taiping-TI horrors all over again. Turns out 2 really big trucks collided with each other and totally screwed traffic up.

After I got home I rushed over to Strip to get my brows and legs waxed. I circled around Bangsar approximately 26 times in the pouring shower before I got a really nice parking smack in front of Strip! I didn’t know whether to be upset I wasted so much fuel cruising the 4 Telawi streets multiple times or delighted that I got a really great space. Then I went to Kota Damansara to get my extensions reattached. Lots of it fell-off already!! I feel nekkid without my long lush locks hehehe ;P

By the time I ran all my personal chores, it was only an hour till my designated pick-up time. The girls took me to Delicious at Marc’s. It’s lovely!! Miss BellaBella was so afraid I’d mistake their serene wading pool for the floor. I hate to admit but she was right about me there. They have such cool dual-doored lifts!! Dangerous but HOT :) I wish I could stay in a place like Marc’s. I wish I was a fashion expat living in Marc’s. That would SO be the life. Supposedly lots of datuks’ mistresses have Marc’s for an address. Even doctors aren’t THAT fortunate…

So anyway back to dinner…

Miss YinYin: So what’everyone ordering?
moi: I’ll have the Pasta Carbonara.
Miss ChongChong: What?! Why can’t you have a little change?
moi: But I wanna eat Pasta Carbonara…
Miss ChongChong: You always choose Carbonara.
moi: Where got? No-lah… I got eat other stuff also what
Miss ChongChong: Everytime I eat with you in Delicious you slowly choose from the menu but end up eating the same thing.
moi: Ahahaha issit??

Guess I am a creature of habit after all.

Everyone started talking about taxes and E-Filing. I don’t even know if I’m subjected to tax-pay. And it’s definitely the first time I’ve heard the word E-Filing. I do hope I don’t have to foot out that much. Do you know that I don’t get paid for working Saturdays and Sundays?? Yup. And Public holidays too. Yup. Sucks huh? While everyone else gets double or heck triple pay on weekends or festive seasons, we’re really sponged off our efforts *shrugs* I try not to think about it and most of all I do very very much at least attempt to refrain from complaining. Not very successful at that. So back to dinner… we’re so adult. We’re so the age I’m turning into. We’re talking about taxes for crying out loud! Taxes over carbs!! OMG *guffaws*

As I was seated across these people that I love I’m amazed at how much we’ve all grown and differ. How we’re all living parallel lives yet manage to intertwine at points. It’s the age where everyone finally can do something for themselves… hence the embarking of individual journeys. Miss YinYin is going away to Australia and Miss BellaBella as well as Miss TanTan seem to head the same path. I haven’t been in the country long enough to want to move away. Most of all I’m a little too lazy (and yes perhaps too old?) to start over. In my business I’m constantly starting over. I just want to not be in the start petak for once. I want to be the word ‘amidst’. I want to be in the process of heading somewhere… that somewhere between Slim River and Sungkai. Don’t know how to explain-lah. To many people this is such a restless phase… To me, on the contrary, it poses to be quite reassuring. I want to be on my way for once… not revving my engine or pulling into a halt. Aiya don’t know how to explain-lah.

We’ll dote on my super cutes Madam Butterfly cuppacakes instead huh? *all smiles*

They are adorable!! Adorable like me :) Heehee that’s really stretching it yah?

L-R: Miss BellaBella, Miss TanTan, moi!, Miss YinYin, Miss ChongChong

After dinner we headed to Poppy ‘cos clubbing is always my all-time escape into happy-land! The girls know it so that’s why they organized it. Can’t help but love ‘em hor? Felt abit vintage since everyone on the floor looked like they just stepped outta high-street. Hey don’t these people need to study or work or whatever? And aren’t they a little too young for clubs? Heehee or perhaps am I a little too old for clubs? HAHAHA!! Totally enjoyed myself. Totally died when Umbrella-ella-ella came on. Totally have a wasted tale to tell. Later-lah when I’m in the mood to embarrass myself. Ah Ry and his course mate came over after some severe bar-hopping. So glad that he could.

What’s a birthday without a flaming something huh? It’s the birthday stigma. Anyways it really gave me some kick-lah!! Hence the ‘wasted’ experience *wink* to come…

Happy Birthday To Me! Yeayyy!


Anonymous said...

Hi babe, I gotta say...that night was da bomb!!! ;)

shelbybaby said...

anon: *hops in glee*

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