Monday, April 14, 2008

finally I’m officially twenty-something

Spend the entire morning sleeping in bed. It feels as if my body decided to catch up on all that lost zzzs along the way. I really love NOT having to wake up at 05:45. I really love feeling the morning sun against my skin. I really love the fact I get to "puuu" in bed as bloody long as I wanna!! This doesn’t happen very often. Forgot how incredible to wake up to no responsibilities and commitments.

At noon we, the Kho family, went in search of the place I saw in a Ho Chak episode. Our family is simply infamous for going places in search of yummy Chinese Food. This trip brought us to Serdang. Parentals quite like the place. Successful adventure! Yeayyy!!

Then went jalan-jalan with Mmmy and Dddy. Dddy had to oblige us ‘cos he was too lazy to drive back to PJ and then return to KL for our pick-up. Went to scout for The Stella McCartney for Lesport Sac line. Super CUTES!! Bought the cabin luggage I lusted after… will be paying Mmmy back in installments. Eheh. Wanted to get One Republic’s album but Tower Records sold their last one yesterday. Crap.

Evenings were reserved for my urban family. I had the sudden desire to have Haagen Daaz fondue so I asked for everyone to gather at BSC for some ice-cream amusement. Unfortunately for me Haagen Daaz either relocated or closed down ‘cos to my utter dismay the place was gone. So no fondue-lor. Disappointed. Had a free piece of birthday cake courtesy of Chilli’s instead. Fun!!

Ah Sh, who everyone tends to believe is gay based on their first impression *giggle*, came over to celebrate my age!! Ah Sh I never doubted your heterosexuality babydoll AHAHAHA... am I your favourite person on earth not??

We adjourned to Alexis BSC after that and had some girly chatters.

My fellow Arien Ah Mon. We RULE BIG TIME!!

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