Sunday, April 13, 2008

the day before I got older

Since Ah Haz couldn’t make it for clubbing (‘cos tak cukup kaki worrr) he asked if we could go out the next day instead. Rather than stay home and potentially feel miserable for myself on my pre-bday I decided it would be super fun to go on a platonic date with him. I call it a date just so my social life would sound extra spicy!! KAKAKA.. I bet he’d totally be rolling his eyes at this entry. I figured we’d have a lunch date and then should there be some extra time to spare, I’d go out with my urban family: the girls. Unfortunately as I should be oh-too-familiar with, going out with a doctor would mean almost never making it at the appointed time. I once made a friend wait for me for 4 darn hours only to spend 1.5 hours with him and then I had to make an excuse to zoom back to the hospital. Crappers right? I felt so bad but *sigh* there are just no acceptable excuses for my career obligations. So I patiently waited-lor for the fella to call me. Come 15:00 I was like ‘ayia… abit the long right from noon?’ He was still having his rounds. So wait-lor summore and in the end we only met up at 18:00!! I wasn’t mad. How can I be? It’s just karmic retribution of how I have made people wait. It’s just how it is. I told him we were gonna watch a movie of MY choice. He groaned and chuckled. Hehe obviously it was gonna be a CHICK FLICK GALORE. I was dying to watch 27 Dresses since forever..!! So glad they were still showing it. So we makan first. I already ate but Ah Haz made me order something (along the lines of Family meal!! I hate him :P) so I did and then I ate AGAIN. Then we went to watch the movie and TOTALLY LOVED IT.

*looked at the couples seat… bewildered… relieved to see the elevated handrest* phew!
Ah Haz: *as he was slinking into his seat…* Eh what’s the movie called again?
moi: We’re already in the theatre and you don’t know what movie we’re watching?
moi: 27 Dresses!
Ah Haz: 37 Dresses?
moi: 27 27 dua-puluh-tujuh…
Ah Haz: What’s it about?
moi: About a girl and her 27 dresses…
Ah Haz: !!

OMG I swear to G*d I shrieked my lungs out when George plunged his lips onto Jane’s. I bet Ah Haz shrieked too hehe… he just won’t admit it. That itty-bitty part really really killed me for abit. But then scene after that resurrected me. Guess it wasn’t gonna work out with George and Jane after all. But darn it’s a lovely show. ME LOVES THIS SHOW AND THE ENTIRE PLOT OF IT!!

After that Ah Haz suggested we walked around The Curve since he’s never really seen much of it so we walked and walked and walked and yabbered properly exchanging hospital / houseman horror stories etc… kelakar gila!! We’ve been really busy so there was a lot to catch up with. I really miss his company. After pausing for a drink at McDonald’s, Ah Haz heard the oh-so-familiar beats of Scarlet… *giggle*… He said if Sean Kingston comes on we go up!! I reminded him that it’s really OK for me ‘cos I was on leave but he had work tomorrow. Full day lagi. We yakked for another solid 2 hours and went home by midnight. He got me a really cute birthday gift too. Me likes!!

I came home and felt really merry. A really great start to my birthday neh. This is like one of the best birthdays ever!!

(msg): 1st
Ah Choy: Hey, happy birthday! How’s ti celebration? Wat u doing?

Being happy-lor for once. Yeayyy!! :)

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