Thursday, April 17, 2008

b’day with colleagues

Oooh I have colleagues! Heehee…

Aiyo apart from building the Eiffel tower and shaping the Sphinx I think finding a time slot when HOs can get together just to eat is an equivalent feat. We almost never even see each other in the hospital… well I don’t know about other departments but Miss CillaCilla and I are so damn busy in Medical. Anyway after standardizing a day when MOST of us aren’t oncall we headed off for some tom yam on me. Brought some pastry civilization with me too… everyone got so excited over the cuppas as newbies always do. I just love to spread the cuppa cheer around y’know!! Cuppacakes should make me their ambassadorette or something ;)

We all just came from work thus the uber lethargy facade: it’s sooo ‘in’ to look tired!! My hair is a darn mess and I look like a ran a freaking marathon. But seriously I’m hern tired neh… I only had enough energy to slip outta my baju kurung and wear something a tad more casual. It’s a b’day gig after all… I suppose I should inject some effort for things to be SLIGHTLY special heh.

I do very believe one of the funnest bit about birthday month is getting the chance to do the cake part again and again and again!!

I made the same wish thrice already! Super enjoy blowing candles out… Three’s the charm perhaps? *giggle*

Me looks so the kwai hor?

L-R: Ah Seng, Miss EtEt, Miss ZuZu, Miss CillaCilla, BIRTHDAY PRINCESS, Miss ChitChit, Ah Nes

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