Tuesday, April 01, 2008

apparently taiping is not near ti


I swear I am going to be more rajin pergi dobi ‘cos I ran out of baju kurung amidst my working week and somehow the workload tripled when I wore slacks and a shirt to work!! Seriously.

I was knackered after the 4 hour trip back from Taiping but before I could recuperate it was my turn to go on-call the day after. I figured things would be OK ‘cos I’m not much of a Jonah (that’s the term they use here for what we used to use in Indon: pembawa.. meaning ‘the bringer’ of patients that is) so I could catch a wink or 2 in between. BUT NO. Instead I had 12 NEW admissions, 3 collapsing cases of which one didn’t make it. I didn’t even have 5 minutes to sit still… the moment I’d sit for abit to clerk, the phone would ring and I had to run to the other ward to CPR-lah, take blood-lah, review labs-lah, clerk patients-lah, handle unstable blood pressures-lah, attend to a million and one patients’ complaints-lah, sign this-lah sign that-lah… ya ampun!

The next day I really looked like crap. Didn’t even had time to bathe-leh. Couldn’t care less. Too tired to bother. Still had to work another 12 hours before clocking out. My BIG BOSS 02 insisted I go get a coffee (actually coffee doesn’t work for me, I’m weird that way) but I malu-lah. He asked if I was on post-call and chuckled when I reported in the 12 new admissions. I did though after he told me the 3rd time. He’s a sweetheart non? *giggles like a school girl*

So let’s talk about the Taiping trip-lor. Never been to Taiping-leh. Ever. And there I was driving alone to Taiping ‘cos Miss CillaCilla was on-call so noone to teman me (instead I kena buat delivery untuk dia *wink*). It was Miss KosKos birthday so I thought I’d give her surprise. She was on-call too.. on her birthday lagi. I got her cuppacakes in Periwinkle + b’day cadeau: Czech glass earrings + LULU Australia pouch + 30-minute Makeover make-up set. Kinda bought most of the things from Tango Mango at The Curve ‘cos didn’t really have much time to run many places considering I was only home for 6 hours. That’s not counting Miss YeeYee’s pot bless time slot lagi.

Now someone, I can’t remember who, told me that TI’s, like, a stone’s throw away from Taiping both being in Perak and all.

moi: Turns out Taiping is damn far-lah from TI!
Ah Ry: Yalah. It is..! What makes you think it’s not?
moi: People said Taiping’s near TI neh..
Ah Ry: Who said Taiping is near TI?
moi: My friend.
Ah Ry: What?!! *laughs* Your friend told you Taiping is near TI?
moi: Yah well apparently it’s not-lah *groans*

So I started out thinking it’s just a breezy drive to KL. Got my geography all wrong wei. It’s AFTER Ipoh. OMG that really is far. When I started wondering how come I tak sampai sampai lagi it really was a little too late to turn back. It was a long long way from TI to Taiping.

Kampar is a cute little town. It really is. But not a place I’d wanna live in. I’m just saying it’s cute.

Miss KosKos seems very delighted I came. Me happy to come cheer her up too. Taiping is a bigger town than TI but the life there moves somewhat in a similar pace as it does in TI. They do have Tesco though, so in a sense Taiping 1 – TI 0.

Miss KosKos enjoying little delights!

Periwinkle in her favourite colours. She's so fortunate 'cos I spontaneously bought it ready-made at the +wondermilk cafe and they happened be in purple combos!

Hope she likes her gifts...

I brought with me a delivery for Ah Bal from a certain somebody in TI ;) He just celebrated his birthday too.

I don’t know why but I really feel my face has aged. I used to hate looking so juvenile but now that time and stress has granted me my wish, I take it back!! I wanna look like the juvenile ole me again!! How could I have mature in 3 weeks? It must be ‘cos I’m just so tired all the time.

The drive home was a nightmare!! What was a 2-hour journey turned into a 4-hour bumper-to-bumper crawl back to TI!! I was literally falling asleep on the wheel at the crappy pace we were going at. So there I was wondering how come there are just oh-so-many cars on the road… I mean do THAT many people from Ipoh really wanna go to KL?? Ah Ry was caught in a similar traffic jam just afew hours before…

Ah Ry: That’s ‘cos everyone’s went home for Cheng Beng and now they’re going back to work.
moi: Cheng Beng??
moi: Huh? It’s Cheng Beng meh??

Ah Ry: Yea… a time when we go back to pay respect to the elders…(??)
moi: AYO that totally explains it!! I can’t believe I didn’t know it’s Cheng Beng.
Ah Ry: You didn’t know??
moi: :P [I seriously wonder how Chinese I am sometimes..?]

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