Tuesday, April 29, 2008

married to our jobs

Tired. And slightly sad. Slightly because at first I was really unhappy and then I found out I was NOT oncall (I swear I really thought I was and even brought all my stuff with me and all) and turned deliriously ecstatic!! Miss ShiniShini caught a glimpse of me walking down her ward aisle…

Miss ShiniShini: What are you doing here??
moi: I’m on-call-lah.
Miss ShiniShini: You can’t be on-call.
moi: Tee-hee I am-lah *fake pout*
Miss ShiniShini: How are you on-call?
moi: I’m supposed to be replacing so-and-so who’s replacing so-and-so… I dunno I’m confused.. all I know is that I’m on-call.
Miss ShiniShini: You can’t be on-call because Ah Kant is on-call.
moi: HE IS??
Miss ShiniShini: And unless you want him to hear you’re on-call and let you take his call you better get outta here.
moi: *reaches over, puts my arms around Miss ShiniShini and nuzzles her shoulder*
moi: Thank you so much Miss ShiniShini. I lurve youuuuu… You really saved my life. I’ve been doing E.O.Ds (Every Other Days meaning alternate days, i.e Monday Wednesday Friday etc) 4 days in a row and I’m just so tired.
Miss ShiniShini: I know exactly what you mean. So go!
moi: *does a Roadrunner*

That was the good part of the day.


The bad part of the day was having to send a critical patient back to her home because she was deteriorating and families usually bring their loved ones to pass away at home. This Makcik D was admitted afew days after I got transferred to Ward 4A so we’re really familiar. She had a wicked sense of humour despite being slightly on the slow side… man she could crack some serious jokes! Her husband was always by her side. He allowed us to literally do anything with his wife.. take blood etc. He was never a difficult person to deal with. But I dunno why-lah (actually I do it’s her end-stage renal failure) her condition kept deteriorating. Today she collapsed (in med world collapse means cease breathing / pulseless etc..) and I almost thought she was going to go but she pulled through at my last ampoule of Atropine. Miss CillaCilla and I took turns bagging and performing CPR. So tired but she made it. Her husband came to check on us and her. I used to think he seemed so aloof and happy-go-lucky and not much of a lovey-dovey husband. But when he appeared with tears in his eyes I knew… I knew… I knew this old man loves her. And Miss CillaCilla reminded me the most important fact: he was by her side every day of that month she was in the hospital.

Ambulance rides are always bad. And when they said it was only a short distance to Makcik D’s place it was a darn LIE. I should have stock up on Maxolon and Mefenemic Acid tabs before jumping into the ride. I decided to teman Miss CillaCilla ‘cos it’s terribly tiring to bag alone. Seriously. Our job was to unplug everything from her the moment we touchdown her house and leave in a *snap*!! But somehow or rather things didn’t work that way and the family asked us to check if she was really gone. She could not have lasted 3 mins without the noradrenaline and assisted ventilation. She was really gone. We verified it and headed for the door. Her husband thanked us. I thanked him back ‘cos I didn’t know what else to say. I’m crap with goodbyes. Always has been which is almost why I don’t say it sometimes. I climbed back into the ambulance and thought to myself… CRAP.

Then I lost it-loh. I broke down. I shouldn’t. This is my job. I should be able to face this well. Not in a heartless sorta way but in a firm sorta way. Vulnerability isn’t in the books. Level-headedness and focus should be the highlighted words of my dictionary. So Miss CillaCilla saw me cry-lor. For many reasons… for a crappy weekend, a terrible start to the week and an ugly mid-week.

Ah Seng: Food now?
moi: Food now!

Everyone was having a crappy time at work. So the 4 of us (Ah Seng, Miss CillaCilla, Miss ChitChit and moi) had a nice hawker dinner together and then we headed off to my mothership: 7-11 to get ice-cream. After that we sat by the sidewalk while chomping on our ice-cream. Ah Seng had initially wanted for us to lick them creams while looking at the Leaning Tower or TI which sounds utterly romantic but there was a pasar in town which deemed this Loversville excursion absolutely impossible. We just watched people buy random ridiculous objects from 7-11 and yabbered ‘bout work. Sometimes I think we talk about work too much but we don’t have lives apart from the hospital so I guess it’s only natural we talk about work. Way to go on personal lives huh?! Heh.

Monday, April 28, 2008

dddy day

I think there will be 2 years worth of “I’m tired” posts by the time I get done with HO. Especially if they’re weekend posts. I can’t help but feel compelled to go home. The worse part about going back to KL is driving back to TI. I know I say it all the time. I can’t help it but say it 1 more time: I’m tired :P

There is a peculiar sensation I get the moment my wheels hit the Sungai Buloh toll exit. And without fail I would always grin from ear to ear once I’m driving past The Curve towards home. This trip is no different. Especially since it’s Dddy’s birthday! Got my salary so I can totally pay up my debts… owe Mmmy some kachingkos. Been living on my ‘own’ expenses ever since I started working mah. Not only that, I can also buy my parentals dinner which is brilliant. Bought Dddy dinner-lor and a book. Wanna get him a Thomas Pink bowtie but didn’t have much time. Gimana bisa? Only 6 hours to spend at home.. no time to jalan KL dong. Will when I go on leave. Gotta get Mmmy something too since her birthday and Mother’s Day is up soon. Whoah triple whammy for the pocket wei :P *giggle*

Dddy says he’s old enough to collect his EPF. I’m really glad I’ve graduated and am working so I don’t add to his financial burden. I’m happy I made him the proud doctor-for-a-daughter father he had always wished to be. It’s really fun to make parentals proud. If ever anyone wants to mencontohi me they can start by being more hau-soon to their parents-lor. Dddy’s a really good father. I’m a good person because of him (or at least I hope that I am half as good as he is). My adventurous spirit, the buoyant persona and most of all the realistic point of view are really all his attributes to start. Gives new meaning to the whole thanks-to-you-I’m-here huh?


There’s a new cupcake joint at The Curve. It’s called Cupcake Chic. I suppose it HAS been around for abit but I never dropped by to try. Quite sedap. Soft base and creamy topping. Just that flavours are available on certain days of the week and the good ones aren’t available that day when I went. Kinda disappointing-leh ‘cos their daily choice of flavours are so darn limited. They have rows and rows of chocolate flavoured cupcakes and afew nons. I’m not a fan of choc cupcakes. I do, on the other hand, like their:
- Red Velvet (Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting)
- Cookies 'n Cream (Cookies and Cream with Vanilla frosting)

Visit Cupcake Chic website here!

Cupcake Chic
Lot GZF-4 Ground Floor
No.6 Jalan PJU 7/3
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-77269075

Sunday, April 27, 2008

mutual misery

Ah TKL: I posted in Kuala Terengganu (KT). HO’s life’s terrible rite ;) I m d only 1 frm whole Msia entering KT in my intake batch.. Think not many’ll join medic if they experience HO life b4 applying ;D
moi: Wahlau! Bt is tat far fr kuantn? 2 hr drive? Yah h8 ho. Cant believ I passd medicl school 4 tis! Summore don’t pay us on sat n sun. summore oncall only rm100! U in which dept? Me in medical. All indon knowledge I throw away.. Ayia wat did we do 4 6 yrs??
Ah TKL: Almost as far as KL. 3.5 hrs drive. More difficult 2 find food than Jtgr. I in surgical. Wat we did 4 6yr? Earning a ticket into suffering ;D regret oso too late..
Ah TKL: Yeah here use ‘Msian system’. Wat we learn frm indon or even some frm books r diff. I dun need much variety. But KT is worse than Ibu Kiki. Hepi belated bday 2..

Saturday, April 26, 2008

karnataka comes to ti

There is a Hindu festival going on in TI. Miss AntiAnti says it’s a like-Thaipusam-but-not-Thaipusam festival. Basically they give prayers to the same gods as they do during Thaipusam but no walking on burning ores and piercing of bodies. But what we do have here is an approximately week long 24-7 market in the middle of town… it’s more of a street party and sales of all sorts Indian.

Oooh bangles!! But I have enough of accessories so I refrained. Discipline not??

Floral wreaths.

Look at the brilliant new way of tying the suit’s scarf! ME LIKES! SO gonna tiru..

What’s an Indian market without a stainless steel stall huh?

I feel like I’m walking the streets of Bangalore or something if it wasn’t for the tower.

Sweets!! Miss CillaCilla bought me the pink one ‘cos she knew I’d like it just ‘cos it’s pink. Hehe.

This is Ganesha. Miss CillaCilla prays to Ganesha’s mother. Sometimes when times are bad I titip prayers with Miss CillaCilla when she goes to the temple. So this is how she looks like hor.

I looked at the family figurine and went “?!!” I quietly whispered my question to Miss CillaCilla regarding the dissimilarity in facial features between Ganesha and his family. Miss CillaCilla then began to explain of how this came to be.

Miss CillaCilla scouting for kurtas!

Baskets of incense.
Here are my spoils!!

First up is my plastic bunga melur hair scrunchie for RM2. Kawaii ne!! Miss CillaCilla says Mmmy’s gonna freak out to see her little Chinese daughter turning into a lil’ Indian girl ever since she started being around her Indian friends *giggle* First it was me turning into a lil Malay girl and now this… Miss CillaCilla says I’m the reflection of ‘Warna Warna Malaysia’ in just 1 person! She’s such a laugh-lah.

Next are more cheap cloths for work kurungs. I got the fuschia-white sari cloth for RM30 (6m), yellow flower cotton cloth for RM2.50/m, navy blue cloth (as bawahan) for RM3.00/m and purple batik cotton cloth for RM3.50/m. Spent only RM50++ on 3 sets of kurung cloths. Quite a bargain huh?

This is SO Indian. Serious. I see all the Indian aunties wearing them to the wards and they so ROCK. So I got myself a pair for but the studs don’t fit my lobe holes :( which means I’ve gotta exchange the studs with something from my own collection. Miss CillaCilla helped me bargain and got me a deal of RM20 for 2!

At the same stall in the market where I took the picture of Miss CillaCilla, I found a selwaar-kami (I can’t help but call it this ‘cos it’s something Miss RaoRao and Miss VeiraVeira has taught me from long ago and really I’m a creature of habit) ME SUPER DUPER CRUPER LIKES. Anyway the stall-keeper opened the price at RM120 and stupid me started the bargain at RM80 of which he immediately agreed to. Miss CillaCilla and Miss AntiAnti believed I could have gotten RM60 *cringe* but it is a good buy anyway… ‘cos supposedly you can’t get an RM80 price for the new-fashioned threads in KL.

Now I have something really cute to wear for Indian functions. BIG FUN!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

b’day with colleagues

Oooh I have colleagues! Heehee…

Aiyo apart from building the Eiffel tower and shaping the Sphinx I think finding a time slot when HOs can get together just to eat is an equivalent feat. We almost never even see each other in the hospital… well I don’t know about other departments but Miss CillaCilla and I are so damn busy in Medical. Anyway after standardizing a day when MOST of us aren’t oncall we headed off for some tom yam on me. Brought some pastry civilization with me too… everyone got so excited over the cuppas as newbies always do. I just love to spread the cuppa cheer around y’know!! Cuppacakes should make me their ambassadorette or something ;)

We all just came from work thus the uber lethargy facade: it’s sooo ‘in’ to look tired!! My hair is a darn mess and I look like a ran a freaking marathon. But seriously I’m hern tired neh… I only had enough energy to slip outta my baju kurung and wear something a tad more casual. It’s a b’day gig after all… I suppose I should inject some effort for things to be SLIGHTLY special heh.

I do very believe one of the funnest bit about birthday month is getting the chance to do the cake part again and again and again!!

I made the same wish thrice already! Super enjoy blowing candles out… Three’s the charm perhaps? *giggle*

Me looks so the kwai hor?

L-R: Ah Seng, Miss EtEt, Miss ZuZu, Miss CillaCilla, BIRTHDAY PRINCESS, Miss ChitChit, Ah Nes

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

stuff i got. weeee!! *bounce bounce bounce like a bunny*

Apart from my free makan-makans, flaming and free cuppacakes…

My first gift.. well card actually: from Sophiekins… She got me a MAC Heatherette lipglass too but that didn’t come in the post. It’s super Shelbulous hor? That is so me on a Sunday when I used to have a Sunday.

My 2nd gift is the gift of investment by the parentals. Dddy told me to choose for a birthday bag (my annual gift… kinda predictable) and I’m thinking PRADA FAIRY!! I’m so in-the-lurves with that line. But then I sat for an entire day and thought properly about my finances and what I wish to do with my money. I’m earning money now. I know that’s, like, weird. And I really wanna do something with some of my money but I can’t buy heavy-weight property like a place ‘cos I can’t afford it. No need to eat meh? I will not do stocks ‘cos I’m unfamiliar with that territory and have no time to keep track with the market. I’ll buy an apartment when I start my MO-lah. In the meantime I bought a funeral box. You know, the place to store cremated ash jars etc… So I bought one. Yup the Prada Fairy ka-chingkos went into this rather than the super-soft calf leather hold-all. The return will come in 10 years which sounds, like, forever but that’s how investments work. Matured or not me? Matured-leh…!!

Ah Seng: Eh don’t play play man. Shelby’s in a different league than us already wei. She’s not JUST a doctor like us… she’s AN INVESTOR!!

My 3rd gift is the gift of scent. You know what’s the weirdest thing.. I was walking pass a L.A.M.B fragrance promotional counter 3 weeks ago and thought to myself, “Whoah HOT scent! KIV to buy it when my current fragrance finishes.” Ah Haz had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I presented him my MAC Fafi list. I really thought the boy was gonna get me makeup but he did me one better and got me something different which I totally LURVE yet never told him!! So “kiew” right? Super love being his friend :)

Apparently it wants me to be all over it! Heehee!

My 4th gift is the gift of animated beauty.

I’m sure you know by now how much I’ve been anticipating the MAC Fafi collection. I’ve called MAC 3 times this month to ask about the launch only to be mildly disappointed that I could not be around when it arrives. But I managed to catch it before it got sold out which is really all that matters. Since Miss ChongChong hates to pick gifts for me (I’m world-renowned for being a really difficult person to get gifts for. Me sorry but me just tend to like stuff people don’t) so she agreed to get the girls (Miss TanTan and Miss ChewChew) to pay for my choice of happy things. In a sense they each bought me an item!! I really love my presents. I love it love it love it so much!! Miss ChongChong rejected the Fafi pouch ‘cos according to her something in Chee Cheong Kai would only cost RM5 or something... but that’s not Fafi. Still she huffily paid for it anyway and so I loves her *giggle*

Me loves presents! Me loves presents!
Want more! Want more!

Monday, April 14, 2008

finally I’m officially twenty-something

Spend the entire morning sleeping in bed. It feels as if my body decided to catch up on all that lost zzzs along the way. I really love NOT having to wake up at 05:45. I really love feeling the morning sun against my skin. I really love the fact I get to "puuu" in bed as bloody long as I wanna!! This doesn’t happen very often. Forgot how incredible to wake up to no responsibilities and commitments.

At noon we, the Kho family, went in search of the place I saw in a Ho Chak episode. Our family is simply infamous for going places in search of yummy Chinese Food. This trip brought us to Serdang. Parentals quite like the place. Successful adventure! Yeayyy!!

Then went jalan-jalan with Mmmy and Dddy. Dddy had to oblige us ‘cos he was too lazy to drive back to PJ and then return to KL for our pick-up. Went to scout for The Stella McCartney for Lesport Sac line. Super CUTES!! Bought the cabin luggage I lusted after… will be paying Mmmy back in installments. Eheh. Wanted to get One Republic’s album but Tower Records sold their last one yesterday. Crap.

Evenings were reserved for my urban family. I had the sudden desire to have Haagen Daaz fondue so I asked for everyone to gather at BSC for some ice-cream amusement. Unfortunately for me Haagen Daaz either relocated or closed down ‘cos to my utter dismay the place was gone. So no fondue-lor. Disappointed. Had a free piece of birthday cake courtesy of Chilli’s instead. Fun!!

Ah Sh, who everyone tends to believe is gay based on their first impression *giggle*, came over to celebrate my age!! Ah Sh I never doubted your heterosexuality babydoll AHAHAHA... am I your favourite person on earth not??

We adjourned to Alexis BSC after that and had some girly chatters.

My fellow Arien Ah Mon. We RULE BIG TIME!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i’m 25!! weeeee!!


The travel from TI to KL was a tad rough. Firstly ‘cos I had a semi-pancit tire (the left back one) so this caused to be of much concern. Fortunately Ah Viks was traveling with me so I wouldn’t be stranded ALONE should I get unlucky. I had Ah Viks super-duper pump the tire kau-kau before we left. I’m not so good at tire-pumping. I pumped a tire FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE in TI actually… all the semi-pancit tire punya pasal-lah. Worse come to worse we’ll have to top-up on air along the way. Then there was this massive bumper-to-bumper jam at Bidor. Wahlau… it took us perpetually forever to get from one point to another. It was like living the Taiping-TI horrors all over again. Turns out 2 really big trucks collided with each other and totally screwed traffic up.

After I got home I rushed over to Strip to get my brows and legs waxed. I circled around Bangsar approximately 26 times in the pouring shower before I got a really nice parking smack in front of Strip! I didn’t know whether to be upset I wasted so much fuel cruising the 4 Telawi streets multiple times or delighted that I got a really great space. Then I went to Kota Damansara to get my extensions reattached. Lots of it fell-off already!! I feel nekkid without my long lush locks hehehe ;P

By the time I ran all my personal chores, it was only an hour till my designated pick-up time. The girls took me to Delicious at Marc’s. It’s lovely!! Miss BellaBella was so afraid I’d mistake their serene wading pool for the floor. I hate to admit but she was right about me there. They have such cool dual-doored lifts!! Dangerous but HOT :) I wish I could stay in a place like Marc’s. I wish I was a fashion expat living in Marc’s. That would SO be the life. Supposedly lots of datuks’ mistresses have Marc’s for an address. Even doctors aren’t THAT fortunate…

So anyway back to dinner…

Miss YinYin: So what’everyone ordering?
moi: I’ll have the Pasta Carbonara.
Miss ChongChong: What?! Why can’t you have a little change?
moi: But I wanna eat Pasta Carbonara…
Miss ChongChong: You always choose Carbonara.
moi: Where got? No-lah… I got eat other stuff also what
Miss ChongChong: Everytime I eat with you in Delicious you slowly choose from the menu but end up eating the same thing.
moi: Ahahaha issit??

Guess I am a creature of habit after all.

Everyone started talking about taxes and E-Filing. I don’t even know if I’m subjected to tax-pay. And it’s definitely the first time I’ve heard the word E-Filing. I do hope I don’t have to foot out that much. Do you know that I don’t get paid for working Saturdays and Sundays?? Yup. And Public holidays too. Yup. Sucks huh? While everyone else gets double or heck triple pay on weekends or festive seasons, we’re really sponged off our efforts *shrugs* I try not to think about it and most of all I do very very much at least attempt to refrain from complaining. Not very successful at that. So back to dinner… we’re so adult. We’re so the age I’m turning into. We’re talking about taxes for crying out loud! Taxes over carbs!! OMG *guffaws*

As I was seated across these people that I love I’m amazed at how much we’ve all grown and differ. How we’re all living parallel lives yet manage to intertwine at points. It’s the age where everyone finally can do something for themselves… hence the embarking of individual journeys. Miss YinYin is going away to Australia and Miss BellaBella as well as Miss TanTan seem to head the same path. I haven’t been in the country long enough to want to move away. Most of all I’m a little too lazy (and yes perhaps too old?) to start over. In my business I’m constantly starting over. I just want to not be in the start petak for once. I want to be the word ‘amidst’. I want to be in the process of heading somewhere… that somewhere between Slim River and Sungkai. Don’t know how to explain-lah. To many people this is such a restless phase… To me, on the contrary, it poses to be quite reassuring. I want to be on my way for once… not revving my engine or pulling into a halt. Aiya don’t know how to explain-lah.

We’ll dote on my super cutes Madam Butterfly cuppacakes instead huh? *all smiles*

They are adorable!! Adorable like me :) Heehee that’s really stretching it yah?

L-R: Miss BellaBella, Miss TanTan, moi!, Miss YinYin, Miss ChongChong

After dinner we headed to Poppy ‘cos clubbing is always my all-time escape into happy-land! The girls know it so that’s why they organized it. Can’t help but love ‘em hor? Felt abit vintage since everyone on the floor looked like they just stepped outta high-street. Hey don’t these people need to study or work or whatever? And aren’t they a little too young for clubs? Heehee or perhaps am I a little too old for clubs? HAHAHA!! Totally enjoyed myself. Totally died when Umbrella-ella-ella came on. Totally have a wasted tale to tell. Later-lah when I’m in the mood to embarrass myself. Ah Ry and his course mate came over after some severe bar-hopping. So glad that he could.

What’s a birthday without a flaming something huh? It’s the birthday stigma. Anyways it really gave me some kick-lah!! Hence the ‘wasted’ experience *wink* to come…

Happy Birthday To Me! Yeayyy!

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