Monday, March 10, 2008

to the left to the left

It's too late to turn back now. Almost had no semangat to drive-leh but yabbering with a friend over msn really helped soothe things. I've never driven alone out of KL before. Got a lil' lost even with the help of Claudia (GPS). It's a bizarre feeling.. driving long distance alone. I was too sad to really think of anything anyway.

Oooh to the left to the left. I know I go Teluk Intan but I wonder who goes Bidor? *smirk*

Well this is it. The gateway to my 'other' hell-hole :P

Mountains.. you hear my prayers don't you? Tell-lah Pakcik Tuhan. Ask Him to cut me some slack. Enough of the hardballs.

Sabar dan tabahlah hatiku ini. Perjalanan ini masih jauh ke hadapan..

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