Friday, March 07, 2008

sigh X


I got drunk last night.

And I cried. A LOT.


Didn’t mean to. Didn’t intend for it to happen. In front of strangers (Ah Dra’s friends from high school) some more. Malu siut.

I should have known better. I was not in the best mental state to be drinking. There I was popping vodka-tequila combos. I was thrashed kau-kau within the first 2 hours I think. Last this happen was with Ah Choy approximately 3 years back maybe? I don’t really remember much from yesterday… just little fragments of recollection like bending over the toilet bowl and being slumped over Scarlet, Cineleisure walls and chanting “I don’t want to be a doctor” again and again like a bloody Tibetan mantra and climbing into Ah Dra’s car and being home. Hats off to them, especially Ah Dra and the girls, who really took care of me good. He said I’ll just have to return the favor one fine day when he gets sloshed.

Felt like absolute rubbish in the morning.

Though it did feel a little better crying out aloud. Just didn't want it to happen in front of people. But I guess we can't control everything.

Going out with the same gang tonight again. Will go very very tortoise-slow on the drinks this time. Really mortified to see the same people so soon after my misdemeanor last night :P I have no idea why I have such a penchant of making a fool out of myself.

Wish TI was just a nightmare to wake up from.

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