Thursday, March 06, 2008

ladies night @ clear rules!

The girls were worried 'bout my mental sanity with me suffering from post-traumatic disorder and all so they decided we should go get free-flow happy-juices at Clear, Plaza Mont Kiara.

Miss BellaBella just got back from being conned at Hanoi & Ha Long Bay *giggles* It was not the best holiday on the planet apparently hehe. As for me I spent the entire time b*tching properly 'bout my posting and how I REFUSE to go to TI. The non-stop lychee martinis helped ease the pain.

L-R: Miss YinYin, Miss TanTan, pouty moi, Miss BellaBela and Miss ChongChong

The great example of multi-racial dating! Promoting unity with election y'all!!

Someone is tipsy...

Someone is definitely tipsy!!

I look a little dazed here. Could be 'cos of the Cosmopolitan. Or Bubbly Champagne! Or the random thought of leaving for TI!

Miss ChongChong: kaki ponteng. Ah Az: Ketua Pengawas / Ketua Blok / Ketua Bahagian Disiplin / Pembaca doa pagi :D

Later I headed over to The Empress Cafe, The Curve to see Miss ChewChew after not having seen her in ages. Miss her so much and so much to catch up on. Was good that we had that few hours to talk.

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