Monday, March 17, 2008

i locked myself out again!

I locked myself out.


I really thought I brought my keys-leh but I might have been deluding myself. Lethargy makes you think ridiculous things, i.e bringing your keys with you. Now I've got to wait for my housemate to be done with her facial before I can get some decent rest.

Was tagging last night. In TI Hospital, medical ward, you basically 'jaga' whole night-lah. So every morning without fail (I work Sats and Suns half day as well) I clock in at 6.30 and immediately starts blood-taking. Then we've got to review all the patients before our supervising MO or even worse, BIG BOSS, comes over for rounds. When they do arrive we have to present cases and then do alot of pending paper work like updating reviews / tracing lab results / phoning the police / fill up discharge papers / call up Institut Jantung Negara etc.. Then there's practical work like abdominal paracentesis or taking blood C&N or telling patients' loved ones their family member's gonna meninggal etc... I have never clocked out earlier than 1800 even though working hours are supposedly 0800 till 1700.

Today I DID. But today I didn't bring my bloody keys. I remember bumbling from tag in the morning at 0600... changed and decided to take a 20 mins nap before blood-taking. I overslept-lah and woke up at 0650 instead. I picked my sh*t up and dashed to the ward. I really thought I was holding my keys then. Might have been too sleepy to notice.

G*D I'm tired. Really really tired. I only have 2 hours to do personal things a day and I'm wasting it with waiting... *sigh*

Trust me to be this clumsy. The one day I manage to clock out early, I forget my keys. F*CK!!

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