Friday, November 28, 2008

butterfly *bisou* garden

I don’t say this very often but in actual fact I really really love it when people email me to tell me how much they enjoy my site. Email takes effort. Don’t get me wrong, comments are Shelbulous(!!), but emails… man emails are personalized y’all. You’ve gotta open your inbox, click ‘compose’, type, send. That means you really care. I don’t really know what to say in return ‘cos “thanks” seems so customary and lame. So I’ve decided to go Bryanboy except it’s the other way around where I send my butterfly *bisou* about this place you lovvvalovva from this place you lovvalovva. Get it? Get it?

For the girl who “just wanna say hi”...

Written with Emanuel Ungaro for MAC see thru lip colour in 'Not So Shy'

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