Monday, March 03, 2008

btn / kembara

Manage to score some pictures of the kursus and BTN from friends. I really regret not making full use of my camera. I only took pictures on the Warna-warna Malaysia night. I can't help it-lah. Just so fed up and with the whole TI business, lagi sakit hati OK. Where got semangat to take pictures?

Anyway abit scared to go to BTN... people say it's really harsh there. It's in Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar. I've heard of Kuala Kangsar but never been there.

We singgah kat Tapah and just before that we saw TI's exit. Ah Dra called me on the phone to tease me about it. If I had a parang I'd have parang-ed his car properly!!

The bus ride towards Ulu Kenas. Me tired 'cos was up till late at night... Had 'project' with Ah Dra and the rest of the boys!

Last day was Kembara. I figured jungle-trekking to be those sort you watch on the tele of people walking on a path admiring trees and leaves as guides point out the Rafflesias or the Balau trees. I WAS WRONG. The moment we started it was a hard trek as in no leisure walking but lots of lunges and literal climbing. Then when we came to the first pitstop they made us crawl under ropes. I was like WTF!! My favourite GAP Universite top is gonna be ruined! Then came the treacherous hills... we had to pull ourselves up via tree roots 'cos it was almost rock-climbing like. Hard really really hard. A lil' mistake will send you rolling tumbling down the hill, knocking your friends over on the way. There were parts where I crawled slowly across a titi 'cos I didn't know how else to cross the brooke. Then there's the ass action of sliding down some really steep cliff-like hills which made the behind of my pants tore! Malu... I insisted nobody look at my rear!! I'm this clumsy. Anyone who's known me for long or even for awhile will know this exceptionally special characteristic of me.. that I am indeed VERY VERY VERY CLUMSY. I fall down at least once a month. We all were really tired and the boys had to take turns to hold the water bottles 'cos the girls couldn't handle it. And then we had to watch out for weirdo insects and animals and especially leeches!! A jungle ant bit me and it hurts 'till today. They're really berbisa man!

Rope crossing business.

At the end our group got a lil LOST and was the last to arrive. AHAHAHA how typical. Everyone were already eating by the stream by the time we got there.

Ah Dra: Woi brader check out the chun chicks mandi-ing!!

Ah Roz: Mana?? Mana??


At first I didn't intend to get in. I saw Miss MasMas slip and fall into the water and laughed at her. But the stream was too tempting so I relented...

The water was Shelbulous. Loves it! Didn't regret going in at all. Got to take cutey pictures like these too...

I spoke too soon. As I waded back to shore, I slipped *rolls my eyes and cringe in embarassment* and fell right into the water. OMG. Mortified gila. I am such a klutz. This Ah Dra-ah sibuk only take pictures! Maluuuuuuuuu... serves me right for laughing at Miss MasMas before. I got served :(

My favourite boys!! I so miss them now :(

I think this picture is super hilarious!! They look like a white and black hippo frolicking with each other in the water... *giggles*

Ah Rish!! He looks like a tree.

Just 'cos we're going back doesn't mean Ah Seba had to go don himself in a Hawaiian T-shirt as if to celebrate out yucky-poo time here and back to party-land KL. But he did, so salute!

I'm super gonna miss Ah Dra! He's my new found top friend. He always had my back. I'm sad he gonna go to Tawau where he don't wanna go. I'm sad I'm gonna go to TI where I don't wanna go. He thinks I'm the coolest chick in the kursus. I concur!!

We head home to KL where I belong.

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