Wednesday, March 26, 2008

all in a day’s work

I found channel 8TV!! Yeayyy!! Pretty happy neh… My roommate has a tele (and her own washing machine, radio and fridge… of which I most comfortably tumpang gila-gila) but no Astro. You know what that means right? We watching kampung channels like RTM1 (waaaah yah it still exists-leh), RTM 2 (damn a lot of imported Indon shows deh), TV3 (has some quality local soaps… yes I’ve resorted to watching local soaps and quite the lovin’ it! :P), TV9 and now Houston-we-have-contact 8TV! Weee :) Can’t wait till Miss ZuZu comes home and I break her the good news. She has attempted so many times to no avail. This is phenomenal…

Laugh laugh my merry friends.

Given my situation there is no other choice but to at least TRY to look for little pockets of sunshine so as to not be too pissed off with life. Pocket of sunshine specimen 01: 7-11 in Pekan Baru. Today has been a very tiring day. Ah Mi left to do clinic duties (senior house officers get to do that. I still have a long way to go before I get clinic duty offers I think *shrug*) and Miss CillaCilla was called up by Big Boss Uno leaving me to tend to the ward of 30 beds ALONE. Man I was running up and down filling in reports with my right hand and flipping up x-rays with my left. First breath spent on endorsing prescriptions while the next breath used to take 40 cc of blood from this poor old man. Everyone wants a darn piece of you: patients, patients’ families, nurses, MOs, administration people, BIG BOSS… *sigh*

At the end of the day I just want to be alone.

Usually I go borak with one of them granduncle patients…

Patient: WHAT?!!
moi: Heehee…
Patient: So?? Take blood again…
moi: No-lah not this time. Come and check you only-lah.
Patient: *mumbles grumbles*
moi: Huh? What is it uncle??
Patient: Why you long long face and all??
moi: When I got long long face-lah uncle??
Patient: There afternoon I saw you walk up and down and up and down long long face liddat.
moi: Issit?? Where got? No-lah…
Patient: I call you and you don’t even look at me..
moi: Ayo uncle I busy-lah must be. Very tired-lah uncle.
Patient: So? Tired means put on long long face-lah.
moi: Heehee… now I put on happy face OK?

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