Saturday, March 29, 2008

miss yeeyee's pot-bless

Miss YeeYee had invited me over to her warm lil Pot-bless. I thought that was awfully nice of her to call me over despite my geographical resistance so I did a turbo-daystripper where I quickly zoom home after work, spend a couple of hours in KL and zoom back. It's tiring but it's the only way to keep the social flame burning. One's gotta do what one's GOTTA do y'know.

I brought my share of love, hugs and kisses into her happy home.

The girls prepare Miss YeeYee's hubby's signature pizza.

Food laden table. Yummy yum yum!

Everyone's all smiles :)

L-R, participants of Pot-bless: Miss CheChe & husband, moi, Miss ChewChew, Miss TanTan, Miss NgNg

Sweet Young (yes I said young) Things holding up some Sweet Little Things.

Us with the hostess... having some cuppacake fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

all in a day’s work

I found channel 8TV!! Yeayyy!! Pretty happy neh… My roommate has a tele (and her own washing machine, radio and fridge… of which I most comfortably tumpang gila-gila) but no Astro. You know what that means right? We watching kampung channels like RTM1 (waaaah yah it still exists-leh), RTM 2 (damn a lot of imported Indon shows deh), TV3 (has some quality local soaps… yes I’ve resorted to watching local soaps and quite the lovin’ it! :P), TV9 and now Houston-we-have-contact 8TV! Weee :) Can’t wait till Miss ZuZu comes home and I break her the good news. She has attempted so many times to no avail. This is phenomenal…

Laugh laugh my merry friends.

Given my situation there is no other choice but to at least TRY to look for little pockets of sunshine so as to not be too pissed off with life. Pocket of sunshine specimen 01: 7-11 in Pekan Baru. Today has been a very tiring day. Ah Mi left to do clinic duties (senior house officers get to do that. I still have a long way to go before I get clinic duty offers I think *shrug*) and Miss CillaCilla was called up by Big Boss Uno leaving me to tend to the ward of 30 beds ALONE. Man I was running up and down filling in reports with my right hand and flipping up x-rays with my left. First breath spent on endorsing prescriptions while the next breath used to take 40 cc of blood from this poor old man. Everyone wants a darn piece of you: patients, patients’ families, nurses, MOs, administration people, BIG BOSS… *sigh*

At the end of the day I just want to be alone.

Usually I go borak with one of them granduncle patients…

Patient: WHAT?!!
moi: Heehee…
Patient: So?? Take blood again…
moi: No-lah not this time. Come and check you only-lah.
Patient: *mumbles grumbles*
moi: Huh? What is it uncle??
Patient: Why you long long face and all??
moi: When I got long long face-lah uncle??
Patient: There afternoon I saw you walk up and down and up and down long long face liddat.
moi: Issit?? Where got? No-lah…
Patient: I call you and you don’t even look at me..
moi: Ayo uncle I busy-lah must be. Very tired-lah uncle.
Patient: So? Tired means put on long long face-lah.
moi: Heehee… now I put on happy face OK?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

just looking: bday wishlist 02!!

Say it with me my fair ladies... STELLA MCCARTNEY FOR LESPORT SAC!!!!!


*shrieks again*

*shrieks and shrieks and shrieks and shrieks*

Only have real use for this item on the list. Will try to butter Dddy to cadeau me one for my birthday. It's so so so divine....!!

My favourite print: Posh

My 2nd favourite print: Dirty Pink quilted

My 3rd favourite print: Grey quilted

just looking: bday wishlist!!

I've been waiting forever for their collection to arrive!! Can't wait to go back to KL neh *pouts* Chicks, kasi chance-lah. Don't buy everything OK. Leave some for me please...

Fafi: Lipstick in Not So Innocent or Utterly Frivolous or Flash-N-Dash

Fafi: Lipglass in Sugar Trance or Totally It

Fafi: Powder Blush in Fashion Frenzy

Rectangle MAC / Small Clearly Fafi

Heatherette: Lipstick in Lollipop Loving or Hollywood Nights or Melrose Mood

Heatherette: Lipglass in Style Minx or Starlet Kiss

Heatherette Trio 1 feat Mood Ring, Hoppin', Cloudburst

She's Bad Lash

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sigh XI

I ought to rest soon. I’m SO TIRED but I just feel I need to stay awake and try to do something so that my life isn’t just about working and sleeping.

Recently I’ve been weathered by lonely spells. It hasn’t been going so well at work. I feel the people here are all out to get themselves praised that they’ve brought the term ‘dog eat dog’ onto a whole new level. It’s frightening. I mean I would seriously expect all this crap should I have been posted in a big city hospital like HKL. I thought a small town like TI would embody that small town generosity I’ve always heard about. It is not true. It is so cut-throat here too. In that case I’d rather be in KL ‘cos then I can blame the city for being so mean. I cannot imagine the working environment here to be this vile. I don’t look forward to waking up in the morning. Every time I open my eyes to my phone alarm, my insides groan to face yet another hostile day.

Most days I don’t talk to anyone at all but myself. The seniors h.o-s find me to be a nuisance ‘cos I work so differently (Indon training) and very much slowly for their pace. I admit I’m no ace med student but it doesn’t mean I’m not willing to learn. I am.. just teach me! They already have their own clique which I totally understand… I’m not in such urgency to be their BFF or whatever anyway. And since my hours are so deadly I don’t get to see the people I know often. We almost don’t with the crazy on call schedules anyway. When I come home in the evenings and am just wayyy to tired to go find something to eat, I’d just open a cup noodle and eat in front of the tele. 2 days ago I cried into one of my cup noodles. Just felt really isolated. I didn’t think I’d have to go through this yet again. Wasn’t the torture in Indon enough? I feel like I’m living the life of that glove salesgirl in Shopgirl. I cannot comprehend the mechanics of which I sacrificed 6 years of my peak life only to be subsequently subjected to the lifestyle equivalent of a Bangladeshi illegal immigrant. Or at least the crappy life I had in Indon. This is not what I had in mind in terms of the life I was gonna live back home. I’m thoroughly disappointed I’m beyond words.

I’ve only been here a week but it already feels like a month! I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Ah Haz: Hotstuff amoi, ready 2 start ur day?

I am still very fortunate. My support system is at least till now solid. My urban family has been so helpful. Also Ah Haz makes sure I’m sorted every morning, day and night. Ah Ry tickles my funny bone cuh-razy (he’s a closet trapeze artist, if that isn’t a valid reason to laugh to myself I don’t know what is *giggle*) and Ah Dra, well, he promises me hopes of good parties to come. Once in awhile Ah Sanj and Ah Seb would check to make sure I haven’t flung myself out of a window.

Ah Haz:
I dkt nandos midvalley… Need anything?
moi: Hey!! I was JUST about 2 ask u if u jadi pergi midval!! U beat me 2 d chase.. Nandos I tak suka. I nak happy meal toy yg hello kitty dr mcd. I only hv d notebk.. Nak collect yg lain2 also.
Ah Haz: Wait ahh, I tgh order..
moi: Nak yg figurineeeee!!

Ah Haz quite layan me-lah. Just like the conversation above… it’s fun to just speak like I’m home and that I can really titip him to buy me my Happy Meal Hello Kitty toys. We have many of these make-believe conversations…

Ah Haz:
Sori, I tgh semayang jumaat.. Don’t lah… Just 4 awhile.. nnt im sure u boleh tkr k.L… Don feel lonely, I’m sure its just 4 a few weeks then the lonely feelings will go away.. N don’t terjun bgnn bcoz ur bf will hav 2 go 2 T.I n tangkap u n surely I hv 2 go along coz u heavylah.. Kesian ur bf ;-p
moi: Woi! Who sd my bf nt strong enuf ah?? Dia kecik2 cili padi ok! Ada gene superman lagi.

And it super makes me laugh gila-gila when Ah Ry lets me add ridiculous things into his pretend CV like ex-ventriloquist or ‘Interest: fluoro orange spandex catsuit’. He also layan me :) I’m so happy to have these people in my life! They’re the spoonfuls of sugar that helps make the medicine go down.

Ah Dra called me up the other day from Tawau to check on things. I told him before I really didn’t need the whole “It’s gonna be OK” talk of which he understood. He told me he’ll skip the ‘be strong’ business and just go straight to ‘lowering my expectations’ of TI. Yah I guess-lah. But then again at least there is A club in Tawau. He’s super besto friendso with the DJ and club manager there now ‘cos he goes there almost every night. I can imagine why. Tawau’s equally as harsh as TI-leh.

Ah Dra: Hey get a transfer to tawau… sure get one… really no houseman here
moi: !!

SO tired. Should sleep now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

i locked myself out again!

I locked myself out.


I really thought I brought my keys-leh but I might have been deluding myself. Lethargy makes you think ridiculous things, i.e bringing your keys with you. Now I've got to wait for my housemate to be done with her facial before I can get some decent rest.

Was tagging last night. In TI Hospital, medical ward, you basically 'jaga' whole night-lah. So every morning without fail (I work Sats and Suns half day as well) I clock in at 6.30 and immediately starts blood-taking. Then we've got to review all the patients before our supervising MO or even worse, BIG BOSS, comes over for rounds. When they do arrive we have to present cases and then do alot of pending paper work like updating reviews / tracing lab results / phoning the police / fill up discharge papers / call up Institut Jantung Negara etc.. Then there's practical work like abdominal paracentesis or taking blood C&N or telling patients' loved ones their family member's gonna meninggal etc... I have never clocked out earlier than 1800 even though working hours are supposedly 0800 till 1700.

Today I DID. But today I didn't bring my bloody keys. I remember bumbling from tag in the morning at 0600... changed and decided to take a 20 mins nap before blood-taking. I overslept-lah and woke up at 0650 instead. I picked my sh*t up and dashed to the ward. I really thought I was holding my keys then. Might have been too sleepy to notice.

G*D I'm tired. Really really tired. I only have 2 hours to do personal things a day and I'm wasting it with waiting... *sigh*

Trust me to be this clumsy. The one day I manage to clock out early, I forget my keys. F*CK!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

to the left to the left

It's too late to turn back now. Almost had no semangat to drive-leh but yabbering with a friend over msn really helped soothe things. I've never driven alone out of KL before. Got a lil' lost even with the help of Claudia (GPS). It's a bizarre feeling.. driving long distance alone. I was too sad to really think of anything anyway.

Oooh to the left to the left. I know I go Teluk Intan but I wonder who goes Bidor? *smirk*

Well this is it. The gateway to my 'other' hell-hole :P

Mountains.. you hear my prayers don't you? Tell-lah Pakcik Tuhan. Ask Him to cut me some slack. Enough of the hardballs.

Sabar dan tabahlah hatiku ini. Perjalanan ini masih jauh ke hadapan..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

stocking up before hell-hole!

Still waiting for the bruise to heal. I hit it on a tree root while climbing the steep hill during BTN. I'm such a klutz. Everyone avoided that root except me.

After half a day of running around and getting supplies, I took Mmmy to have a breather in the Carat Club. They have hybrid carnations there that look like they come out of paintings!! I love 'em!!

Mmmy checking out the bill. She bought more stuff than me OK.

Moi *sigh*

This is so cute *sigh*

C the C?

teluk intan blues

I'm driving to TI tomorrow.


Actually I gotta drive to Ipoh first to register and then TI.

I've never been to Perak.

Scared neh.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

my first vote

I voted for the first time in my life today.

Abit clumsy at it too.

For those who are not registered voters, you can get yourself registered at the SPA office in Putrajaya as I did (when I went for my houseman interview) or just pop over to your nearest post office. I think you might be able to do it online too if I'm not mistaken. Go get registered-leh.. it takes approximately 3 months for everything to settle anyway.

I'm registered at Sekolah Rendah Bukit Lanjan Damansara Perdana. It was a feat waking up in the morning. I was in Passion 'till 03:30 with Ah Dra and the gang the very morning but I went really really slow on the drinks so not high at all. Sent Mmmy over to Taman Megah 'cos she is still registered there. Then I went to look for my school. Wah got lost! As usual, not surprising-lah... when can I ever find my way properly? Did manage to bump into an old man who just knew I was searching for my voting spot. I believe many have come before me asking for the same direction. He did a hand signal of a pangkah sign.. I nodded.. He pointed out.. I went.. and I FOUND.

First thing first present I.C. to the chicks in front of computers.
Then take a coupon thing that states which line you're supposed to be in. I was in line 3 which had almost NOBODY. I was the next person called in! Line 2 is so long I dunno why.
Next they find your name in a list and read it out aloud along with your I.C. number.
Subsequently they give you 2 ballots: Federal and ... and you go behind the booth to cross your Xs. Frankly I was actually a lil' jittery when it came to crossing it out. I actually went to ask the chick there how do I cross things out. OMG WTF I can be such a moron! It isn't that hard to vote.
Finally you fold your votes and drop them into the respective coloured boxes in front.

Finish! I was done with voting in like 20 minutes! Cepat right? Other people take an hour over-leh.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! It's a pretty cool feeling :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

sigh X


I got drunk last night.

And I cried. A LOT.


Didn’t mean to. Didn’t intend for it to happen. In front of strangers (Ah Dra’s friends from high school) some more. Malu siut.

I should have known better. I was not in the best mental state to be drinking. There I was popping vodka-tequila combos. I was thrashed kau-kau within the first 2 hours I think. Last this happen was with Ah Choy approximately 3 years back maybe? I don’t really remember much from yesterday… just little fragments of recollection like bending over the toilet bowl and being slumped over Scarlet, Cineleisure walls and chanting “I don’t want to be a doctor” again and again like a bloody Tibetan mantra and climbing into Ah Dra’s car and being home. Hats off to them, especially Ah Dra and the girls, who really took care of me good. He said I’ll just have to return the favor one fine day when he gets sloshed.

Felt like absolute rubbish in the morning.

Though it did feel a little better crying out aloud. Just didn't want it to happen in front of people. But I guess we can't control everything.

Going out with the same gang tonight again. Will go very very tortoise-slow on the drinks this time. Really mortified to see the same people so soon after my misdemeanor last night :P I have no idea why I have such a penchant of making a fool out of myself.

Wish TI was just a nightmare to wake up from.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

ladies night @ clear rules!

The girls were worried 'bout my mental sanity with me suffering from post-traumatic disorder and all so they decided we should go get free-flow happy-juices at Clear, Plaza Mont Kiara.

Miss BellaBella just got back from being conned at Hanoi & Ha Long Bay *giggles* It was not the best holiday on the planet apparently hehe. As for me I spent the entire time b*tching properly 'bout my posting and how I REFUSE to go to TI. The non-stop lychee martinis helped ease the pain.

L-R: Miss YinYin, Miss TanTan, pouty moi, Miss BellaBela and Miss ChongChong

The great example of multi-racial dating! Promoting unity with election y'all!!

Someone is tipsy...

Someone is definitely tipsy!!

I look a little dazed here. Could be 'cos of the Cosmopolitan. Or Bubbly Champagne! Or the random thought of leaving for TI!

Miss ChongChong: kaki ponteng. Ah Az: Ketua Pengawas / Ketua Blok / Ketua Bahagian Disiplin / Pembaca doa pagi :D

Later I headed over to The Empress Cafe, The Curve to see Miss ChewChew after not having seen her in ages. Miss her so much and so much to catch up on. Was good that we had that few hours to talk.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

posting: teluk intan, 2 years.

I can't go to TI.
I can't.
I really can't.
I seriously cannot.


Don't even want to wake up in the morning. Waking up means it's another day closer to Sunday. I have to be in TI by Monday. I thought I'm over all this kinda crap. I thought the day I left Indon was the day I said goodbye to my wretched enemy: misery. I thought. I was wrong. Terribly wrong.

I just started to pick my life back up again. I just started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and most of all I just started dating people.

And now I'm subjecting myself to an additional 2 years of torture. I don't know if the happy-girl in me can take anymore beating. I might not be able to be the happy-girl again ever with the rate this goes on.

Suddenly broke down, after getting my hair done, in the car. Haven't cried this hard since... a long time. The reality hits. I have no words.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

robert philip: so far, we are, so close

"oh how could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?

We're so close to reaching
That famous happy end
Almost believing
This one's not pretend
Let's go on dreaming
Though we know we are
So close
So close, and still
So far..."
... So Close (Enchanted OST), Jon McLaughlin ...

I'm having a Giselle-at-the-ball moment. Ever more since yesterday. This emotion disturbs me. I don't know if I should allow myself to feel like this any further.

Thus I shall do laundry instead!

Monday, March 03, 2008

btn / kembara

Manage to score some pictures of the kursus and BTN from friends. I really regret not making full use of my camera. I only took pictures on the Warna-warna Malaysia night. I can't help it-lah. Just so fed up and with the whole TI business, lagi sakit hati OK. Where got semangat to take pictures?

Anyway abit scared to go to BTN... people say it's really harsh there. It's in Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar. I've heard of Kuala Kangsar but never been there.

We singgah kat Tapah and just before that we saw TI's exit. Ah Dra called me on the phone to tease me about it. If I had a parang I'd have parang-ed his car properly!!

The bus ride towards Ulu Kenas. Me tired 'cos was up till late at night... Had 'project' with Ah Dra and the rest of the boys!

Last day was Kembara. I figured jungle-trekking to be those sort you watch on the tele of people walking on a path admiring trees and leaves as guides point out the Rafflesias or the Balau trees. I WAS WRONG. The moment we started it was a hard trek as in no leisure walking but lots of lunges and literal climbing. Then when we came to the first pitstop they made us crawl under ropes. I was like WTF!! My favourite GAP Universite top is gonna be ruined! Then came the treacherous hills... we had to pull ourselves up via tree roots 'cos it was almost rock-climbing like. Hard really really hard. A lil' mistake will send you rolling tumbling down the hill, knocking your friends over on the way. There were parts where I crawled slowly across a titi 'cos I didn't know how else to cross the brooke. Then there's the ass action of sliding down some really steep cliff-like hills which made the behind of my pants tore! Malu... I insisted nobody look at my rear!! I'm this clumsy. Anyone who's known me for long or even for awhile will know this exceptionally special characteristic of me.. that I am indeed VERY VERY VERY CLUMSY. I fall down at least once a month. We all were really tired and the boys had to take turns to hold the water bottles 'cos the girls couldn't handle it. And then we had to watch out for weirdo insects and animals and especially leeches!! A jungle ant bit me and it hurts 'till today. They're really berbisa man!

Rope crossing business.

At the end our group got a lil LOST and was the last to arrive. AHAHAHA how typical. Everyone were already eating by the stream by the time we got there.

Ah Dra: Woi brader check out the chun chicks mandi-ing!!

Ah Roz: Mana?? Mana??


At first I didn't intend to get in. I saw Miss MasMas slip and fall into the water and laughed at her. But the stream was too tempting so I relented...

The water was Shelbulous. Loves it! Didn't regret going in at all. Got to take cutey pictures like these too...

I spoke too soon. As I waded back to shore, I slipped *rolls my eyes and cringe in embarassment* and fell right into the water. OMG. Mortified gila. I am such a klutz. This Ah Dra-ah sibuk only take pictures! Maluuuuuuuuu... serves me right for laughing at Miss MasMas before. I got served :(

My favourite boys!! I so miss them now :(

I think this picture is super hilarious!! They look like a white and black hippo frolicking with each other in the water... *giggles*

Ah Rish!! He looks like a tree.

Just 'cos we're going back doesn't mean Ah Seba had to go don himself in a Hawaiian T-shirt as if to celebrate out yucky-poo time here and back to party-land KL. But he did, so salute!

I'm super gonna miss Ah Dra! He's my new found top friend. He always had my back. I'm sad he gonna go to Tawau where he don't wanna go. I'm sad I'm gonna go to TI where I don't wanna go. He thinks I'm the coolest chick in the kursus. I concur!!

We head home to KL where I belong.

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