Friday, February 22, 2008

time passes slowly for those who wait

Sorry haven’t been updating. Though I do do a couple back-entries once in awhile…

My kursus sched is packed from 8am till 1030pm. They do have breaks in the middle but just enough to scoff some kuihs down my throat or take a dip in the pool. With the 6 meals I’m eating here in Concorde Inn, KLIA I’m reversing all my gym efforts and turning into a human honeydew. So whenever I get an hour to do some running I do that instead of writing.

We’re the first houseman batch to do a Kursus Induksi before entering the workforce. Usually medical personnel are made to do this course post-houseman pre-medical officer. I’m pretty used to being part of the guinea-pig process, i.e. my English Language Medical Program à Satellite Hospital Internship / Magang à now this, though I just wish for once I could just join an old program just like the rest did before me. It’s tiring to sit through hours and hours of lecture day after day with no weekends that last from the morning right ‘till the night. They make us play Sukaneka games (the sort you used to play in primary school… you know-lah the ones involving ping pong balls and spoons as well as balloon-popping) or juvenile birthday parties in the evenings too. You cannot imagine the level of fatigue neh at the end of the day… *phew* seriously tired bok. Miss KosKos and I have no problem crashing by the time we hit our beds. We are thaaat tired.

Quite delighted today ‘cos we won the Futsal competition yesterday. We are fortunate to have 2 really good male players on our team: Ah Key and Ah Zel. They scored big time. The rest of us merely functioned as space fillers *smirk* It’s a 5 player game with 7 minutes single half set. The goal is really AN orange skittle. We have to kick the ball and knock it down before Since there are 10 groups my group had to go through afew playoffs before reaching the final team. I definitely played to win-lah… I kan kiasu! I try to make myself as useful as possible throughout the game… I usually run towards the goal and block opposition team from chor-tehing our goal post. I really prayed that I wasn’t a liability to the team but my doubts were cleared once Ah Hidd (other group) came up to me and told me I was a really good player. It’s nice to be complimented. He’s such a lovely sweetheart, non?

OK-lah got ‘project’ tonight. Have to grab my glass and get me some happy drinks!

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