Sunday, February 17, 2008

pre-valentine's day bj *giggle*

You know what I just realized?

I could have HAD a Valentine's Day date. If I were to go on a date today and it spilled over past midnight onto Valentine's Day... I would be on a Valentine's Day date LITERALLY. Yeargh! Why didn't I think of this before? Why? Why? Why? I'm such a dunce. The epiphany came in 25 minutes too late.

Instead I played BJ at Ah Mon's place all night. Glee! Lost out ALOT though. Ah Steph kapoh-ed all our money you know. Damn it!

So no mood to go for the kursus.

Auntie Ah Mon (Ah Mon's momma) took pity on me and decided to pop a Moet for us. Is she the sweetest flower or what?? Me happy-lah, get to have bubbly before heading off. Not sure what's the celebration about though *smirk*

Pretty YOUNG girls sitting quietly around the table enjoying the silence.. NOT. Ahaha you cannot imagine how rowdy we were yabbering about rubbish.

Valentine's Day couple of the year award goes to MonYin :)

Ah Mon, "Eh no need to open anymore-lah." Auntie Ah Mon, "If you don't get another bottle of champagne for my new Shelbulous friend I ketuk you with this pot!"

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