Thursday, February 07, 2008

my chinese new year 1st day in years!!

Bangun pagi
Gosok gigi
Cuci muka
Pakai baju
Makan roti
Minum susu
Sekarang pergi minta angpow!!

Miss KhalKhal: Happy new year! byk dpt angpow tak?
moi: Alah dh tua, org pun avoid kasi. Kalau nak dpt byk angpow tu kena tebal muka berani tanya-lah. Mesti dong. It’s my only source of income wei!
Miss KhalKhal: Hehe gd luck!

It’s funny-yah but perhaps my friends forget I’m Chinese ‘cos I get more Raya msgs than I do CNYs. And the best CNY msg of all is by my Janine wallpaper designer Ah Azmie that came at 3 in the morning…

Ah Azmie: Shelby, Angie, Sophie, Shelby’s father, Shelby’s youngest sister [whoever gave him the idea I have a youngest sister… ahahaha this Ah Azmie must be koyak-ed when he sent this msg] & family happy Chinese new year. Yr wallpaper blum sampai!

Ya ampun! Tiok beh chut siah..

After curling my hair I immediately performed the NEXT ultimate important task of the morning: PAI CHIA my parentals... gong xi gong xi for my first angpow of the year!! Big first angpow bigger the rest of the angpows to come :)

First stop is my uncle’s place. Open house-leh…

Ha! Angpow collecting time… cousins, Ah Sha + Ah Shap + Ah Scal line up according to age / height to collect angpow from Dddy

Me and Mahmah (grandmother) do it retro.
Mahmah: (in hokkien) Your hair is pretty.
moi: Issit Mahmah?? Thanks!!
Mahmah: Your eyes also pretty.
moi: Heehee. Thanks Mahmah.
Mahmah: Just need to be thinner… then only will be very nice!
moi: :( [kuakuakua]
The family portrait. My camera on timer resting on a bowl of sweets.

Uncle's family theme is red: ONGG whilst my family theme is yellow / gold: KIMM

My uncle’s orchids. These are good orchids. I wanted to buy Mmmy some when I was in Indon… I had a friend who knew someone who could get me a good price on good ones. I was interested in getting her the Anggrek Bulan and Anggrek Carnelia(?). But I came to a jalan buntu-lah trying to find a way to bring the orchids home without quarantine. So tak jadi.

If I’m not wrong this should be the Anggrek Bulan-lah. Ah Shap says he’s got connection to get them orchids cheap for me. BIG FUN!! Tomorrow wanna go and buy…

Ah Sha wanted to know if my Sony Cybershot’s anti-shake worked. I guess it kinda does.

Ah Scal attempted to draw my portrait. The big blue dots are my cheeks! Yah I guess I can never run away from my round chubby cheeks. I told him to draw me real slim and hot hence the waist…!
Ah Scal:
*psst* Shelby cher-cher… (in a whispering voice)
moi: What what? (whispering voice in return)
Ah Scal: I can see your hair thing…
moi: :D They’re called extensions. Nah touch-lah!!
Ah Scal: (!!)

My Grandaunt chomping on nasi while Mmmy bungkus extra angpows for the extra house guests.
Wahhh Shelby pretty already.
moi: Thanks Grandaunt!!
Grandaunt: Older grow more pretty.
moi: Thanks Grandaunt!!
Grandaunt: Can be prettier if can be thinner…
moi: :( [kuakuakua]

Granduncle: *chomp chomp*
Ah Sha: *munch munch*

Uncle Ah Ghee: Eh eh Ah Scal stop scratching scratching my pocket. No more angpows for you-ah.
Dddy: Lucky not me.

Uncle Ah Giap: Whoah I ain’t gonna sit there now!

After that we headed over to Aunt WeeWee’s in-laws to say hello. She just got married last year. Collected my first angpow from her! Hmm... something's wrong with my eyes. Can't put a finger on it though..

Later in the afternoon Dddy wanted to go have lunch with his good friend. His wife cooked us a really rich prosperous meal: sharksfin soup, abalone veg and claypot this and that. I really love the lapcheongs and the fancheongs (SunnyC taught me ‘bout the wonders of fancheong and I never turned back).
Seriously worn out with all the visiting. Haven’t done this in ages. By the time we got home it’s already 1am. Gonna take my contacts off, jump in the shower abit and off to bed! After I’ve counted my angpow collection *snigger*!

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