Friday, February 29, 2008

malam warna-warna malaysia

Ah Roz asked us to give a suggestion for the theme of the night function. I used our old theme back in Indon: Warna-warna Malaysia. That become the word.

Our parents must be terrorists 'cos we're DA BOMB!! N.B. This is just a line for goodness sakes do not take it literally and mark us in some buku hitam or something ok.

Love my open corset, the kebaya though is a little loose. Gotta get it altered. Miss RenjitRenjit and me strutting it out *wink*

Malay, Chinese, Indian and Punjabi: Warna-warna Malaysia right in ONE TABLE!

My my aren't we lovely? HOT CHICKS GALORE!

Mamat-mamat yang hansem sesangat!

More cuties *wolf-whistle*!!

Pretty girls in pretty dresses.

Hunks say hi.

Bubbly crowd bumbles away.

Happy people.

Demure dainties.

Sweet forget-me-nots. So kawaii right them chicks?

Masters of ceremony: Miss UmUm and Ah Rish. They good. Ah Rish is like my newfound cool friend. We live beside each other in Concorde Inn and we used to piss him off 'cos of a phone miscommunication thing. He is sooo funny!! Sorry ladies, cute fella's married liao.

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