Saturday, February 02, 2008

love la senza heartthrob quilted bra

It's the ultimate Valentine's Day uniform.. for Malaysian standards that is.

It's not as if we have an array of kinky lingerie boutiques at every corner of the mall. So seriously La Senza's pretty OK when it comes to pretty affordable EXCITING underwear fashion. They're probably the only one-lah of the handsful. There has been a constant feature on the Love La Senza Heartthrob quilted bra in every V-day fashion edition from Style to Harper's Bazaar. SO I went to have a look-see 'cos the material is seriously interesting. It's like matte PVC and I'm thinking "waaaah matte PVC! So cool neh! I don't have that!"
moi: Umm... do you have it in so-and-so size?
Sales assistant chick: Ada.
After a givent moment or two...
moi: *peeks my head out of the changing room* Uhh... I tak sure kalau I pakai ni betul tak.
Sales assistant chick: Tengok.
moi: Dia macam tak cup betul-betul... material dia memang buat push-up eh?
Sales assistant chick: Yah. Cantik lah!
moi: Ya cantik [obviously she has to say cantik-lah, she works there!] tapi memang fashion dia macam ni eh?
Sales assistant chick: Ya memang macam tu. I tau! Ni buat Valentine's Day surprise kan?
moi: Uhh... yah [lazy to explain that it's not]
Sales assistant chick: Mana boyfriend?
moi: Tak ikut..
Sales assistant chick: Kenapa?
moi: Dia malu masuk tempat bra..
Sales assistant chick: Ohhh ahahaha
moi: *rolls eyes and smirks* [I lie like a freaking pro man]

Well it's great!! It's stiff and doesn't really cup well but because it pushes in a certain angle and ends up lifting into a push-up effect... seemingly like a balconette but not really. Abit warm-lah 'cos the material is not breathable so you sweat real quick in this. But I don't think they designed this piece to be worn long-term *shrug* :P

What? I'm no Bobo Chan-leh simply simply take funky pics. Hah tengok now the whole world knows how her garden looks like. So to avoid embarassing me and my ancestors this is how I'll do it. It looks only like it has a cup effect but that's just a visual illusion. The colour, though, is super-o HOT right? The ruffles add a good touch of wapow(!!).

As you can see it leans onto the chest so it's more of flattening and pushing your tits upwards rather than what a real bra should do. Obviously I don't have the model above's body beautiful but it's lumayan flattering bok. Good wear for when vacuming the house, scrubbing the toilet bowl or wiping the fan!

P.S, disclaimer: image courtesy of La Senza

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