Sunday, February 17, 2008

lou sang with the urban kin

The girls gathered at Paris Restaurant in SS2 (vicinity of where School of Speech & Drama used to be) for a lou sang dinner since Miss BellaBella just got back and I'm gonna be going off pretty soon. Wah that place damn laku siut.. packed right up to the 3rd floor. I was in my new Aldo heels thinking to myself as we climbed the 2nd flight of stairs... "Wahlau 2nd floor not high enough for Miss TanTan meh, must until 3rd floor kah?"

So good to see everyone. We haven't gathered in awhile.

I had just happy hour-ed with Miss YinYin and her colleagues in the evening at Clear, Plaza Mont Kiara 'cos on Thursdays they have freeflow Lychee Martinis for the chicks.. it being Ladies Night and all ;) I believe I had about 9 freaking drinks *giggle* I laugh to myself sometimes 'cos I'm so familiar with Miss YinYin's colleagues that if it weren't for my casual apparel of top and shorts I almost look like I belong with her company crowd. They had a new French colleague so I totally took the opportunity to practice my Francais. Miss YinYin accused me of being such a show-off *giggle* So you can imagine that I was a tad tipsy by dinner time...

Yee Sang that costs RM35. Whoah. It's not even premium Yee Sang you know.

Yum yum.


L-R: Miss ChongChong, Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, Miss YinYin
Happy picture with our assam fish.

Love Miss BellaBella's electric blue top. Super ngejreng!

Forgot to tell Miss TanTan that I'm not much of a sotong person. I don't really fancy calamari. I don't know why so that was the one dish that wasn't so laku.

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