Friday, February 01, 2008

life in plastic, it's fantastic!!

CNY is in a week. Apart from spring-cleaning my wardrobe and my room (still a work in progress), I did some sprucing to myself! Weeeee!!

I was always secretly in awe of the La-La girls with their mock-Japanese/Taiwanese/Korean getup. Thoroughly dismissed by my friends (cuteness haters!), I walk a lonely road towards the Paradise of Kawaii and Kitsch. Still there was no guru to show me the way into achieving greatness! Greatness meaning looking SUPER FLY CUTES-lah. It used to be my ex-Japanese aunt (ex meaning she and my uncle are now divorced) so I had to turn to another for inspiration. All my worries disappeared when I discovered XiaXue and her Guides To Life: I was never the same naive Plain Jane again! I am pretty experimentative with my looks to say the least. I even had a hairstylist who called me VAIN. Hehe perhaps that could be an understatement. I like the idea of looking like a Malibu Barbie and now there's someone to show me the way!

I've not met a person who is as passionate about Juicy Couture, Playboy apparels and Victoria Secret as me! Unfortunately med school did not have penchant for the "Come on Barbie Let's go Party" image so I had to be Little Miss Conformist for what seemed like forever. Now that I'm home and NOT working YET and with CNY just next week I figured now's the optimal time to emerge from a yucky nymph into a full-fledged fuyoh dragonfly! SO I did it: I got all "blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world".

And here are the tales of my journey into being a Shel-Xue!

P.S. Disclaimer: LOL *ahem* (serious whimper) XiaXue please don't sue me... I'll remove the term if you insist on Copyrights Reserved.

It started with some forest taming. Even though I have totally forgotten my cycle count (haven't been rajin with Cyclespage) I can tell that the monthly shedding of endometrial layer is near.

moi: i think i'm gonna get my period kua. have been eating alot yday and today
moi: plus damn sensitive timm.

Ah Choy: too much info.....
moi: XD

I don't like the gunk of cells to get caught between the bush. It's messy and maybe a lil' gross even but really I just like it nekkid down there. Besides I baru loaded in the image of Cecilia Cheung's *ahem* and mannn that chick sure could use a lawnmower! Oh I don't shave because I once sliced out a piece of skin, approximately 1x4cm, at the back of my calf and the idea of that potentially happening at my nether regions traumafies me! *Home-Alone-palms-on-cheek AAAAAAAH*

Sophiekins was telling me 'bout a waxing place in Bangsar that she'd been reading on online forums which girls seem to rave about. They even have a special mask for the va-jay-jay called a Hoochie Coochie mask. Strip (Ministry of Waxing) is a waxing salon branch from Singapore that deals with waxing on various bodyparts as well as the regular manicure / pedicure. They also do Pulse-Light Hair Removal. I found a couple of sites that reviewed the place and decided to give it a try. Wah those entries were pretty old-lah 'cos their directions were based on ancient locations of Strip and I ended up walking up and down the La Bodega street as well as trying to locate Burger King to no avail. The current Strip location: same row as McDonalds, Bangsar!

Charges of the services I got:

XXXX Strip (all off): RM88
Half leg bottom: RM48
Hoochie Coochie mask: RM35 (I think yah.. I kinda forgot)Manicure: RM28

I have their price list so you're welcome to email me to ask about pricing: (Update: I no longer possess their updated rates so kindly enquire within Strip themselves for current prices) Their services include nail extensions, all types of waxing everywhere, brow tinting, lash extensions, lash perm, mani/pedicures.

Stripologies: HSQ = Hygiene Speed Quality.
Hygiene: gloves, Speed: 15 mins flat, Quality: highest grade of waxes and post-care creams used

Important element to remember which is why they painted it real big on the walls of their cubicles just in case their customers forget they need to oxygen to live.

Brazillian shapes Add Ons are priced at an additional cost of RM15. I'm gonna get the 'Luv Me' the next time around *giggles*

They have 2 different waxes: economy biasa price and a classier one. I'm used to the more expensive texture wax but was too frugal to fork out additional charges. In Indon a Brazillian would set me back only RM45. The biasa one's a little less clean I feel but *shrug* I tried the Hoochie Coochie mask. It's basically Aloe and some other thing gel which they slather over the skin and leave for 15 mins. I didn't find it too impressive-lah. OK only. Next time I will just go home and apply super-moisturizing lotion. My Strip-erella, Winnie, is lovely so do ask for her when you go and tell her Shelby sends her love. (Update: Winnie no longer works there and I have loyally followed her to her current place: Summer Waxing Palace. We've been 'together' for approximately 10 years. WOW is the word!) Their manicure, though, is pretty good sh*t 'cos they give you a good outer coat and the colour hasn't chipped out much even at the edges. She applied the coat real good and it's such a smooth finish. Very nice!

Strip KL
No.28 First Floor
Jalan Telawi 5
Bangsar Baru 59100
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22836094

I LURRRVE eyelash extensions.

I do it pretty often in Indon 'cos it's OK affordable. Here it's pricey. A good deal in KL is supposedly RM100 (I do it for half the price) and in Strip it's RM170! There are 3 grades of extensions as far as I know: Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese... Jap lashes are the best of course: natural and flexible. I usually go for Jap lashes, might as well right? Then they have different lengths too. Beginners should opt with the natural look: 9-10mm so you'd learn to grasp the reality of living with lash extensions 'cos they're pretty tricky the first time around. Mine over here is the 11-12mm... I kinda regretted not going all out ith the 12-13mm-lah. Aiii never mind-lah next time-lah.

Basically what happens is they glue fake lash pieces to your own lashes using a super-power waterproof bond. They drop off when your lashes drop off or when you're really rough with your eyes (rubbing or getting pressed against spectacles) which probably happens within the 3rd / 4th week. My first time.. everything lap-ed by the 2nd week 'cos I was really careless. Salons allow for touchups but since mine's in Indon I don't bother-lah... if it's gone it's gone. Now I have to hunt for a local salon that does a good job for a minimal price!! Any pointers people??

- use eye make up / mascara / mechanical eyelash curler, use a heated curler instead
- steam face or the heat might make the bond might come loose
- rub eyes instead blink alot or pejam mata kuat-kuat and hope the pain/irritation dissipates soon
- sleep like rumbling octopus, must sleep like corpse instead
- wear glasses like usual, perch it at edge of nose to avoid friction
- be sure that your eye is clean, always check for eye sh*t

Got my braces off!! Now have to wear retainers but my dentist allows me to take them off for special occasions.. yeayy!! No need to check my teeth ever so often anymore. No need to look so juvenile anymore. No need to worry 'bout kissing or other 'activities' anymore.

I got hair extensions!! Long leh?! The ends reach about my waist. This is how it looks like when the curls come undone post-sleep. Looks so 'attempted just-outta-bed head' when it really is literally! Abit difficult to maintain-lah 'cos it gets tangled really easy and I must always be on the lookout for dropped hair pieces. Also I have to bring my hair pieces back for reattachments which is a real nuinsance-lah 'cos I'm not allowed to reattach in a bulk or they'd charge me!! Ya ampun! Can't shampoo kuat-kuat and I bought tongs to curl my hair but after 2 hours they get all straight on me. Maybe I'm not doing things right. But now I really do feel so Shakira *shakes hair*!!

Summary of Plastic-New-Me:

- Dyed hair brown-ash
- Eyelash extension
- Braces off
- Hair extension

I look the same but oddly different. It's really a weird sensation. I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror when I first got all the things done. It's me (can't run from the FAT round face of course) but a different me. The image came with a personality which needed some getting used to. I don't know if it's confidence or blondie-happiness or just plain oomph. I'm just so not used to be so extravagant with my exterior.
Miss ChongChong says I turned into a b*tch overnight. That's the first. I'm always the kuai-loi (good girl)...

Good girl gone bad? Little Miss Sunshine Rihanna where you at ;)


curryegg said...

you look great in the photo.. And wow! What a long eye-lashes? Cool!
Leng lui..

shelbybaby said...

Yah weird to know how much 'plastic' can do to our outlook huh? You are super kind-lah curryegg.. it's just incidental photogenic moment and alot of help from my lashes and hair extensions. The lash extensions are cool right? Will try to find a good place that all of us can go!

Anonymous said...

hey sweetheart,was wondering where did u get ur hair extensions done and how much was it ? love,maria
can email me at,i wud relly appreciate it!!

shelbybaby said...

anon: already emailed you. have good fun with the extensions... they're addictive!

Ginny Hana ◕‿◕。 said...

Found your blog and really love it!! I have follow you! :)
I love your falsy extension babe!

shelbybaby said...

salut ginny! yeayyy *bounce bounce bounce* it really joys me when i'm loved :) darn this post is so historical. going through it makes me itch for extensions again! love to you honeybunch..

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby can you please email me the price list for Waxing in Strip? you :)

shelbybaby said...

hello shamini! i'm so sorry to let you know that the price list i have for strip is seriously backdated so it's no point emailing it to you. do look them up on their website: for their current rates. hope this is helpful. thanks for pointing this out in the blog entry.. i've since updated the entry and link!

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