Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kursus induksi 1/2008 (part une)

The moment Dddy drove me into a path filled with ALOT of kelapa sawit trees and none other with a giant white water tank that spells out Concorde Inn Hotel I knew this spelt trouble. A hotel it is not. A motel it is. The beds have mites and the walls have ants. It's umm.. gross. Also the blocks are made of 1-storey-ed buildings which makes my room really far off. It's hard when you have so much luggage you know.

Apart from that met alot of new people-lor: doctors from other Indon unis, India, Russia, Ireland-Penang, local unis such as UKM, UIA and UM etc.

They gave us all Kementerian Kesihatan SUNSHINE YELLOW polo t-shirts to get us all pumped up with keceriaan I suppose. I nicknamed the crummy maroon-khaki bags they gave us COOL BAG and the yellow t-shirts COOL TEE and the yellow cap COOL CAP. So just to be kejagungan I'd have a COOL BAG check. It's really funny. Don't believe ask the girls..

This is us waiting for the event to start. I should really watch my posture, look at me-lah all hunched up. No good.

Introductory session begins with us using our non-dominant hand to draw ourselves. Mine damn easy-leh I just drew curls in my hair... no others had that type of style. It was breezy!! The random fella found me in a jiffy *wink*

Me introduced to the crowd.

Us doing group work. We called ourselves RONAJ: Royal Najah after some king snake thing that was supposed to represent medicine blabla bullcrap ;D

Always stretch before sports! Crapping funny-lah this picture...

Sports really means sukaneka-lah in our dictionary. All groups getting ready to rumble!

Not easy. Not easy. Sponging water into a bottle takes calculation and precision. As bad as making a watch OK.

RONAJ always have some kinda strategy to win before every game. In turn we lose kau-kau which is hilarious-lah. I hate it that I keep getting photographed with my head down. This is us made to eat flour.

Again we planned and schemed and planned and schemed to win the balloon-popping war. Kalah jugak! WTF.

Me all geared up in my Nurse Kitty gear for the play. It's Ah Yus and especially Ah Jeev's favourite character. They LUUURVE Nurse Kitty!! Who wouldn't? She naughty *purrr*

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