Monday, February 11, 2008

i got 3 of my cherries popped :P

I was out having afternoon margaritas at Friday's with Miss ChongChong and Ah Sim 'cos he wanted to have a look at my new BABE look. Everyone's SO keh-poh 'bout my hair. He didn't like it :( He likes my old kuai-loi image wor. Maybe he damn kuno-lah... he is much OLDER after all *giggle* I told him he's not allowed to speak about my hair if he wasn't gonna say anything nice 'cos it'll hurt their feelings. The hair came from someone. I believe emotions are somewhat involved somehow.

Besides I like my new look. I behave differently and it's JUST HAIR. Funny how much a different hairstyle can just pump you up in a *snap*! So I'm sticking to this despite what Ah Sim thinks. He feels I can't find true love with my BABE look (right.. the world's biggest player lecturing me about true love :P)... I think it's the only way TO find true love. My old hair didn't exactly get me thaaat far you know?

My Monday night plans got postponed so when Miss ChongChong told me I was invited over to Ah Steph's and her golf slot the same afternoon, I totally jumped at it! Guess why I got invited? Hehe 'cos Ah Steph wanted to check out my new hair too. KAKAKA.

Ah Steph: You definitely look very different.
moi: Good different or bad different?
Ah Steph: Good different.
moi: :)

I've never played golf EVER: golf virgin bok. Miss ChongChong made me change into tracks and a basic t-shirt so I reluctantly did. In the end I discovered that the dresscode isn't as strict as in Kemuning so really my slacks would have been fine-lah OK. There are so many people in their working shirts smacking balls in the middle of the afternoon. Choice of beverage: beer. Ah Steph tried to teach me a couple of basics just enough for me to understand the point of a swing. GOLF IS HARD. I was mostly just nudging balls a couple of metres away. I can't even make it fly up! It's definitely harder than I thought... I didn't think it would take that much of brain power to get a ball going. WHY IS IT SO HARD? When things like this happens my competitive spirit awakens and makes me feel like wanting to take classes just so I can show off on the green. Miss ChongChong says it'll take wayyy much more than whatever I'm doing now to qualify before I can get to the green. :P

I thought we were gonna head home but Ah Steph took a detour and asked if we were interested in a game of softball at 1Utama. I was exhilarated at the idea!! I've always always always wanted to try out the, 'It's Batting Time', that baseball / softball place at the rooftop. I've never played softball EVER: softball virgin bok! Since I shrieked in excitement, I suppose Ah Steph was obliged to bring me along. Hehe cannot help it... really wanted to play softball neh! We had more beer at the rooftop whilst waiting for the balls to be loaded into the sputter-like contraption.

You can watch me make a fool out of myself HERE.

I really thought we were gonna head home now for sure but Ah Steph made a spontaneous Director's decision to bring us karaoke in Neway. I have never karaoked in PJ / KL before so this was another case of popping my 3rd cherry for the day! The range of food buffet is pretty darn good-lah.

We sing a killer Isabella'98 duet!
And Hoobastank's The Reason 'cos I accompany well on that song. Serious.

Ah Steph and Miss ChongChong rocking it out proper!

We are karaoke-philic *wink*

moi: mannnnnnnnnnn please please pretty please bring me along to ktv?
moi: its like once he popped my karaoke (in msia) cherry i cant stop
moi: itchy wanna karaoke again

Ah Az: sure thing lar
moi: i sing a killer isabella98
moi: but must have kawan lah
moi: i like to be amy and jamal abdillah
moi: the rest other ppl take
Miss YinYin: AHA
Ah Az: i want to be saleem
Ah Az: but must wait for sore throat to come
Ah Az: then only can jadi

moi: hahaha just take 5 sticks djarum then jadi-lahhh

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