Monday, February 11, 2008

goddess of gambling (part ii)


Miss TanTan: Where are you?

moi: On the way home. Just had dinner with parents.

Miss TanTan: Got plans later?

moi: Nope.. plans got postponed.
Miss TanTan: Wanna go to my sister's place to BJ?
moi: Got RM1 table not or all just big sharks?
Miss TanTan: Got...!!
moi: OK I come now.


Miss ChongChong: What you doing?

moi: Goin' to Miss TanTan's sister's place.
Miss ChongChong: Come pick me up! My fingers damn itchy to BJ!

So suddenly from no plans become got plans. Great plans too. BJ always = great Shelbulous plans!

My official cards 'cutter' on my right. I BJ everytime he cuts the card so I've decided to knight him Sir-Cuts-The-Cards!

To hit or not to hit oneself?


The only way to weigh your money down is with some "kam" + green tea combo!! The chrysanthemum tea tumpang glamour only and the urine coloured drink is whiskey on the rocks..

Girls and beloved 'chongker'! Without him no game-lah.. serious!

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