Saturday, February 09, 2008

goddess of gambling? (part i)

My family don't gamble. We just don't. When I go back to Kelantan the closest thing to gambling is when we go over Dddy's friend's place and watch people play Gimrami(??). Apart from that the relatives do not gamble. Or maybe we're too shy to...?

Well this year, after years of not having a proper CNY, I finally got to experience what Miss ChongChong classifies as the ultimate CNY experience: BJ (not that one the other one: Blackjack) with friends and family! This is best savoured at Miss TanTan's place.

There are 3 tables: mahjong for the ta-phai enthusiasts, the BIG GUN table for the big betters as seen from the image below at the table behind us and last but never least the koochirat table for small players and safe gamblers such as moi!

We have the superstitious reds one side and the not-so-superstitous-kua blacks (although Ah Drew was wearing red socks!!) another. I'm neutral: I'm white! Cannot really remember how to play BJ already but it's not that difficult to learn... they have afew rules that I had to remember though, like some Ace business and 4-cards-5-cards limit.

Down to the last RM3. I may be drinking Black Label but I ain't drunk just yet: got my mind on my money and my money on my mind y'all! It's funny just as I think I wanna close shop (last ringgit)... my luck takes a turn and I get a couple of ringgits winning. I basically washed about the RM10 over and hour. Not bad huh?

I love Creme de la Mer's angpow. I use it to house my 'savings'. My BJ modal: RM10 hehe... sorry-lah me safe gambler. My money is hard-earned cash OK. It's not easy being 26 years old and popping your face out to every old lady and man wishing them GONG XI GONG XI indirectly nudging them to hand you a red packet. Tiresome stuff!!

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