Sunday, February 03, 2008

ex-srtm '93: let's tea

Facebook makes the world small.

So does TTDI Plaza.

I’ve been in contact with quite afew ex-primary schoolmates recently via Facebook. We even play Scrabulous together which is hilarious!! I was supposed to meet up with Ah Chu to catch up with him getting married oh-so-soon.. we were gonna exchange life stories. As Ah Lei mentioned, it has been 15 years. 15 years really?? I’m too lazy to count but I guess that ought to be right. Soon enough I recognized Miss AiAi when someone we mutually knew tagged her on her own wedding pictures. She had a different name which made me think twice when it came to clicking ‘add her to friends’. OK running astray from the topic AGAIN… We all started writing on each others’ wall. It really made Facebook way more interesting. So I was supposed to meet up with Ah Chu right..? Aiyer I abit the malu-lah… promise people next week next week and never really did anything. It wasn’t ‘till I bumped into Miss VonVon and Miss KeKe that I finally stepped up and organized something. Miss AiAi was coming home for the hols and so was Ah Lei. Ah Chu would be pretty busy with wedding preps after this and I would be working soon. That Sunday would have been the best time.

It was!!

I chose Bijou because it’s really easy to get parking here and it’s just the most delightful place for a cute lil’ get-together. Besides who can say no to it’s white finishings with pink and orange touches. Everyone loved the venue too :) So it’s not just me and the pink business OK?

L-R: Miss SkSk (Ah Chu's fiancee), Ah Chu, Ah Lei, Ah Yau, moi, Ah Lim's, Miss AiAi, Ah Tim (Miss AiAi's husband)

Ah Yau: The sea-bass was thiiis BIG!

Ah Lei: Issit?

Ah Chu: My turn to tell my life story next!! How to summarize ah? Tension tension..
(Facebook thread)
Ah Lim: Random poser. Does anyone remember SRTM's anthem still? For the life of me, I am unable to get past "Sekolah Rendah Taman Megah, Indah tegak terbina." Teh-o-ais limau on me to the 1st person who gets it right.
Miss AiAi: Lol let's see. Sekolah Rendah Taman Megah, Indah tegak terbina, Menjadi lambang kebanggaan kita, Murid murid semua, Oleh it marilah semua, Layangkan something something, Bagi something something. Lol I reckon I should get half an iced tea for that lol.
moi: You patriotic SRTM freaks!! :D
Ah Lim: I think I'd like to order a Mojito like yours Shelby.

(Facebook comments)
Ah Lim: In my defence, it really did look like a Mojito, Shelby. I do suppose it was too early anyway *LOL*
Ah Chu: She's going... yumyum... free iced tea sure tastes fantastic! hahaha :P such a waste u guys didn't sing the song aloud, that would have been sooo darn funnyyy! and we would have probably paid for the lunch for u 2! :P

Aiyer... like taking class picture liddat. So proper!

Ah Tim doesn't count before picture taking! Hence the smirky faces..

After all introductory handshakes and afew umms aahs later, the mood began to pick up pretty exponentially. We discussed Ah Lim’s and Miss AiAi’s magic memory abilities: they can remember our primary school anthem!! How is that even possible? Seriously I can’t even recall the tune! I forgot we even have an anthem! Then we all took turns to tell out life stories (summaries of course)… more than a decade worth of happenings cramped into 20 minute lecture sessions. I am so overwhelmed by how diverse we are considering we came from the 2 little classes of Sekolah Rendah Taman Megah. I didn’t think we could actually laugh together but laugh we did! So much mirth and merriment. I am surprised we could get along so well and pick up from where we left off. Like Ah Chu mentioned, it really felt like yesterday when we were all a bunch of 12 year olds about to take the darn UPSR.
Will try to garner more support for the next gathering. Christmas sounds like a Shelbulous idea Miss AiAi, hopefully Ah Mint would be around so he can join too!

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