Wednesday, February 06, 2008

chinese new year eve via gua musang

We had intended to leave at 0400 but ended up leaving at 0500 in the morning. Couldn’t wake up-lah all of us. I hadn’t slept much yet so Dddy took the wheels first. I suppose I must have knocked out ‘cos the only time I woke was when Mmmy got me up for breakfast at Gua Musang. I was in abit of a foul mood since traveling to Kelantan isn’t exactly my favourite activity on the list. As my parents chowed down the nasi lauk in glee I sipped my teh-o-beng and poutily asked,”How long more? (my favourite travelling question)” Dddy replied,”2 hours.” WAHH seriously?!! I find it hard to believe that I had been asleep 5 hours straight. I must be pretty tired. Felt bad that Dddy had driven the entire journey without waking me up for my share of the driving shift. I don’t remember travels to Kelantan being this short but 7-8 hours it really is. Cool. Leaving at 5am is BIG FUN!

Dddy made me take a picture here. Gua Musang used to have only 1 street: this street-loh. He tells me the same back-in-those-days stories of when he was a medical representative of having to travel by train to Gua Musang just to visit 1 clinic. There was once he forgot his briefcase and had to travel 4 hours to and fro just to claim his briefcase for work. He led a hard life. I too-mah. No need to compete for the most keh-lain stories neh.

Well I’ve always known Gua Musang to be the marker of it’s-OK-near-to-Kota Bharu. So upon learning that we were already here, gave me abit of semangat to stay awake. So we chitty chatty kau kau all the 56km over to Kota Bharu.

We stayed in Renaissance Hotel. It’s OK-lah… supposedly one of the good hotels in Kota Bharu. I only like the complimentary toiletries they provided: Lather with Fuzu Bergamot moisturizer, Mint Thyme hair wash, Yuzu Bergamot body wash, Lavender facial soap and Lemongrass body soap. So FUN right??
Here’s praying everyone will suun-suun this New Year :P

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