Friday, February 08, 2008

calling all orchids enthusiast (cny day 2)

Early early morning I woke up and hurried hurried over to my cousins place 'cos they were gonna bring me orchids shopping. I didn't even bother to curl my hair 'cos aiya travelling back to KL already mah. No need to be aner-sui OK. We went to have breakfast first of course!

I have problem identifying the orchids because... I can't. Can someone please help me out with the names or at least correct me out if I'm wrong?? Miss RusRus and I used to fawn over these alot back when I was in Indon. She calls it the king of orchids: Cattleya Asri(??)

Angraecum. Super interesting right? Ah Shap's art teacher, Cikgu, is an avid orchid collector. He has a garden just bursting with orchids young and old of various species. Uber cool right? His collection has grown so big that he doesn't mind selling some. This is where I come in.

These are clusters of lil mini orchids strung together on a stalk.

Almost mistaken them for honey-suckles.

Angraecum. This got me and Ah Shap most excited. He was telling me about this orchid that looks like a shoe with shoelaces and I was telling him 'bout an orchid with misai... well turns out we were talking about the same thing! Ah Shap and I are, like, super homies when it comes to orchids now.

Brassavolae. This is obviously not for sale. It belongs to Cikgu's private collection.

These speckled ones reminds me of dalmations. I call them 'Spotted Dogs'.

Colours brilliant, non? Reminds me of a pretty tie-dye beach sarung.

Cymbidium aka Anggrek Bulan?

Partners-in-crime. I look damn strabismus (cock-eyed) here. Hair's a damn mess too.

Cymbidium. So pretty right the colour? Not for sale.

Lent my camera to the cousins. They went amok.. taking photo of anything and everything! These are sun-loving orchids. Dddy loves 'em!

More random pointing pictures.

Cikgu posing with his hobby and other prized collections.

Ah Shap's work gets the wall treatment! :)

Ah Scal's turtle too...

More artwork acknowledgement. Look-lah at the cheeky fella's pose. Abit look like Rain-leh keke..

Have to admit the boy's work is good stuff.

After that we went to pai-chia at Grandaunt's place. Can't help but be very impressed with Uncle Ghee's pimped-out bike. He's a cycling nut!

Ah Sha has a go at it...

...whilst I hang out with his brother.

Travelling home was abit of a feat. Had to stay up to make sure the flowers were upright and stuff. In the end I gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up 3 of the flowers got plucked out from the motion *sad* Adoi.

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