Wednesday, February 13, 2008

another tragic valentine's day

Too lazy to edit CNY pics now so will put them up as backdated entries later. Tee-hee!

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.


I have to leave for my stupid Kursus Kemajuan Diri (compulsory for government officers) for 2 weeks in KLIA. Why must it start on the 14th?? Why?? Why?? Why?? I mean I could have at least gotten myself (and a friend) a date tomorrow which may not be the most overwhelming romantic excursion ever but at least it wouldn’t have been another Valentine’s Day down the drain as it has been for years! This time I could have had the power to at least go out and do something(!!)… anything(!!). But since the course just HAS to start, like, tomorrow *rolls eyes* then well... I guess I’m just doomed to another wasted festivity. Also KLIA isn’t exactly a geographical convenience for people to wanna drop by say hello you know? The journey itself takes an hour.. the tol is murderous and not to mention the fuel consumption! Paiseh right wanna invite people to KLIA and it’s not as if there’s anything darn fun to do there. Probably the most outrageous thing is going to the LCCT terminal to have freaking McDonald’s. There isn’t even a mall or place I can go buy stuff around that area. It’s going to be such a bore. What’s worse is that my hours could stretch ‘till night. As in they make us public speak / debate / forum past dinner time. Crappers. I really do hope the organizers would be awfully lazy and just let us get off by 7pm. I don’t think I can take anymore nonsense after that.

So sad neh.

I really really wanna go out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

Just as a good kick start to the year you know… in my romance department punya feng shui at least.

Instead I am finishing up on laundry (need to pack for 20 days.. yup they’re insane if they think we actually have that many baju kurungs), pulling out my suitcase and making a checklist. LAME LAME LAME. This feels like going back to Indon just less tragic :(

The only thing I look forward to is going to Ah Mon’s place tonight to BJ or Chor-Tai-Ti! Got my modal all ready (pre-asked if there’s gonna be small-time table ‘cos you know mah I so kiasu only taitam to play with small fishes) and set to VROOM VROOM V POWER :)

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