Friday, February 29, 2008

malam warna-warna malaysia

Ah Roz asked us to give a suggestion for the theme of the night function. I used our old theme back in Indon: Warna-warna Malaysia. That become the word.

Our parents must be terrorists 'cos we're DA BOMB!! N.B. This is just a line for goodness sakes do not take it literally and mark us in some buku hitam or something ok.

Love my open corset, the kebaya though is a little loose. Gotta get it altered. Miss RenjitRenjit and me strutting it out *wink*

Malay, Chinese, Indian and Punjabi: Warna-warna Malaysia right in ONE TABLE!

My my aren't we lovely? HOT CHICKS GALORE!

Mamat-mamat yang hansem sesangat!

More cuties *wolf-whistle*!!

Pretty girls in pretty dresses.

Hunks say hi.

Bubbly crowd bumbles away.

Happy people.

Demure dainties.

Sweet forget-me-nots. So kawaii right them chicks?

Masters of ceremony: Miss UmUm and Ah Rish. They good. Ah Rish is like my newfound cool friend. We live beside each other in Concorde Inn and we used to piss him off 'cos of a phone miscommunication thing. He is sooo funny!! Sorry ladies, cute fella's married liao.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kursus induksi 1/2008 (part une)

The moment Dddy drove me into a path filled with ALOT of kelapa sawit trees and none other with a giant white water tank that spells out Concorde Inn Hotel I knew this spelt trouble. A hotel it is not. A motel it is. The beds have mites and the walls have ants. It's umm.. gross. Also the blocks are made of 1-storey-ed buildings which makes my room really far off. It's hard when you have so much luggage you know.

Apart from that met alot of new people-lor: doctors from other Indon unis, India, Russia, Ireland-Penang, local unis such as UKM, UIA and UM etc.

They gave us all Kementerian Kesihatan SUNSHINE YELLOW polo t-shirts to get us all pumped up with keceriaan I suppose. I nicknamed the crummy maroon-khaki bags they gave us COOL BAG and the yellow t-shirts COOL TEE and the yellow cap COOL CAP. So just to be kejagungan I'd have a COOL BAG check. It's really funny. Don't believe ask the girls..

This is us waiting for the event to start. I should really watch my posture, look at me-lah all hunched up. No good.

Introductory session begins with us using our non-dominant hand to draw ourselves. Mine damn easy-leh I just drew curls in my hair... no others had that type of style. It was breezy!! The random fella found me in a jiffy *wink*

Me introduced to the crowd.

Us doing group work. We called ourselves RONAJ: Royal Najah after some king snake thing that was supposed to represent medicine blabla bullcrap ;D

Always stretch before sports! Crapping funny-lah this picture...

Sports really means sukaneka-lah in our dictionary. All groups getting ready to rumble!

Not easy. Not easy. Sponging water into a bottle takes calculation and precision. As bad as making a watch OK.

RONAJ always have some kinda strategy to win before every game. In turn we lose kau-kau which is hilarious-lah. I hate it that I keep getting photographed with my head down. This is us made to eat flour.

Again we planned and schemed and planned and schemed to win the balloon-popping war. Kalah jugak! WTF.

Me all geared up in my Nurse Kitty gear for the play. It's Ah Yus and especially Ah Jeev's favourite character. They LUUURVE Nurse Kitty!! Who wouldn't? She naughty *purrr*

Friday, February 22, 2008

time passes slowly for those who wait

Sorry haven’t been updating. Though I do do a couple back-entries once in awhile…

My kursus sched is packed from 8am till 1030pm. They do have breaks in the middle but just enough to scoff some kuihs down my throat or take a dip in the pool. With the 6 meals I’m eating here in Concorde Inn, KLIA I’m reversing all my gym efforts and turning into a human honeydew. So whenever I get an hour to do some running I do that instead of writing.

We’re the first houseman batch to do a Kursus Induksi before entering the workforce. Usually medical personnel are made to do this course post-houseman pre-medical officer. I’m pretty used to being part of the guinea-pig process, i.e. my English Language Medical Program à Satellite Hospital Internship / Magang à now this, though I just wish for once I could just join an old program just like the rest did before me. It’s tiring to sit through hours and hours of lecture day after day with no weekends that last from the morning right ‘till the night. They make us play Sukaneka games (the sort you used to play in primary school… you know-lah the ones involving ping pong balls and spoons as well as balloon-popping) or juvenile birthday parties in the evenings too. You cannot imagine the level of fatigue neh at the end of the day… *phew* seriously tired bok. Miss KosKos and I have no problem crashing by the time we hit our beds. We are thaaat tired.

Quite delighted today ‘cos we won the Futsal competition yesterday. We are fortunate to have 2 really good male players on our team: Ah Key and Ah Zel. They scored big time. The rest of us merely functioned as space fillers *smirk* It’s a 5 player game with 7 minutes single half set. The goal is really AN orange skittle. We have to kick the ball and knock it down before Since there are 10 groups my group had to go through afew playoffs before reaching the final team. I definitely played to win-lah… I kan kiasu! I try to make myself as useful as possible throughout the game… I usually run towards the goal and block opposition team from chor-tehing our goal post. I really prayed that I wasn’t a liability to the team but my doubts were cleared once Ah Hidd (other group) came up to me and told me I was a really good player. It’s nice to be complimented. He’s such a lovely sweetheart, non?

OK-lah got ‘project’ tonight. Have to grab my glass and get me some happy drinks!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

pre-valentine's day bj *giggle*

You know what I just realized?

I could have HAD a Valentine's Day date. If I were to go on a date today and it spilled over past midnight onto Valentine's Day... I would be on a Valentine's Day date LITERALLY. Yeargh! Why didn't I think of this before? Why? Why? Why? I'm such a dunce. The epiphany came in 25 minutes too late.

Instead I played BJ at Ah Mon's place all night. Glee! Lost out ALOT though. Ah Steph kapoh-ed all our money you know. Damn it!

So no mood to go for the kursus.

Auntie Ah Mon (Ah Mon's momma) took pity on me and decided to pop a Moet for us. Is she the sweetest flower or what?? Me happy-lah, get to have bubbly before heading off. Not sure what's the celebration about though *smirk*

Pretty YOUNG girls sitting quietly around the table enjoying the silence.. NOT. Ahaha you cannot imagine how rowdy we were yabbering about rubbish.

Valentine's Day couple of the year award goes to MonYin :)

Ah Mon, "Eh no need to open anymore-lah." Auntie Ah Mon, "If you don't get another bottle of champagne for my new Shelbulous friend I ketuk you with this pot!"

lou sang with the urban kin

The girls gathered at Paris Restaurant in SS2 (vicinity of where School of Speech & Drama used to be) for a lou sang dinner since Miss BellaBella just got back and I'm gonna be going off pretty soon. Wah that place damn laku siut.. packed right up to the 3rd floor. I was in my new Aldo heels thinking to myself as we climbed the 2nd flight of stairs... "Wahlau 2nd floor not high enough for Miss TanTan meh, must until 3rd floor kah?"

So good to see everyone. We haven't gathered in awhile.

I had just happy hour-ed with Miss YinYin and her colleagues in the evening at Clear, Plaza Mont Kiara 'cos on Thursdays they have freeflow Lychee Martinis for the chicks.. it being Ladies Night and all ;) I believe I had about 9 freaking drinks *giggle* I laugh to myself sometimes 'cos I'm so familiar with Miss YinYin's colleagues that if it weren't for my casual apparel of top and shorts I almost look like I belong with her company crowd. They had a new French colleague so I totally took the opportunity to practice my Francais. Miss YinYin accused me of being such a show-off *giggle* So you can imagine that I was a tad tipsy by dinner time...

Yee Sang that costs RM35. Whoah. It's not even premium Yee Sang you know.

Yum yum.


L-R: Miss ChongChong, Miss TanTan, Miss BellaBella, Miss YinYin
Happy picture with our assam fish.

Love Miss BellaBella's electric blue top. Super ngejreng!

Forgot to tell Miss TanTan that I'm not much of a sotong person. I don't really fancy calamari. I don't know why so that was the one dish that wasn't so laku.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

another tragic valentine's day

Too lazy to edit CNY pics now so will put them up as backdated entries later. Tee-hee!

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.


I have to leave for my stupid Kursus Kemajuan Diri (compulsory for government officers) for 2 weeks in KLIA. Why must it start on the 14th?? Why?? Why?? Why?? I mean I could have at least gotten myself (and a friend) a date tomorrow which may not be the most overwhelming romantic excursion ever but at least it wouldn’t have been another Valentine’s Day down the drain as it has been for years! This time I could have had the power to at least go out and do something(!!)… anything(!!). But since the course just HAS to start, like, tomorrow *rolls eyes* then well... I guess I’m just doomed to another wasted festivity. Also KLIA isn’t exactly a geographical convenience for people to wanna drop by say hello you know? The journey itself takes an hour.. the tol is murderous and not to mention the fuel consumption! Paiseh right wanna invite people to KLIA and it’s not as if there’s anything darn fun to do there. Probably the most outrageous thing is going to the LCCT terminal to have freaking McDonald’s. There isn’t even a mall or place I can go buy stuff around that area. It’s going to be such a bore. What’s worse is that my hours could stretch ‘till night. As in they make us public speak / debate / forum past dinner time. Crappers. I really do hope the organizers would be awfully lazy and just let us get off by 7pm. I don’t think I can take anymore nonsense after that.

So sad neh.

I really really wanna go out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

Just as a good kick start to the year you know… in my romance department punya feng shui at least.

Instead I am finishing up on laundry (need to pack for 20 days.. yup they’re insane if they think we actually have that many baju kurungs), pulling out my suitcase and making a checklist. LAME LAME LAME. This feels like going back to Indon just less tragic :(

The only thing I look forward to is going to Ah Mon’s place tonight to BJ or Chor-Tai-Ti! Got my modal all ready (pre-asked if there’s gonna be small-time table ‘cos you know mah I so kiasu only taitam to play with small fishes) and set to VROOM VROOM V POWER :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

goddess of gambling (part ii)


Miss TanTan: Where are you?

moi: On the way home. Just had dinner with parents.

Miss TanTan: Got plans later?

moi: Nope.. plans got postponed.
Miss TanTan: Wanna go to my sister's place to BJ?
moi: Got RM1 table not or all just big sharks?
Miss TanTan: Got...!!
moi: OK I come now.


Miss ChongChong: What you doing?

moi: Goin' to Miss TanTan's sister's place.
Miss ChongChong: Come pick me up! My fingers damn itchy to BJ!

So suddenly from no plans become got plans. Great plans too. BJ always = great Shelbulous plans!

My official cards 'cutter' on my right. I BJ everytime he cuts the card so I've decided to knight him Sir-Cuts-The-Cards!

To hit or not to hit oneself?


The only way to weigh your money down is with some "kam" + green tea combo!! The chrysanthemum tea tumpang glamour only and the urine coloured drink is whiskey on the rocks..

Girls and beloved 'chongker'! Without him no game-lah.. serious!

i got 3 of my cherries popped :P

I was out having afternoon margaritas at Friday's with Miss ChongChong and Ah Sim 'cos he wanted to have a look at my new BABE look. Everyone's SO keh-poh 'bout my hair. He didn't like it :( He likes my old kuai-loi image wor. Maybe he damn kuno-lah... he is much OLDER after all *giggle* I told him he's not allowed to speak about my hair if he wasn't gonna say anything nice 'cos it'll hurt their feelings. The hair came from someone. I believe emotions are somewhat involved somehow.

Besides I like my new look. I behave differently and it's JUST HAIR. Funny how much a different hairstyle can just pump you up in a *snap*! So I'm sticking to this despite what Ah Sim thinks. He feels I can't find true love with my BABE look (right.. the world's biggest player lecturing me about true love :P)... I think it's the only way TO find true love. My old hair didn't exactly get me thaaat far you know?

My Monday night plans got postponed so when Miss ChongChong told me I was invited over to Ah Steph's and her golf slot the same afternoon, I totally jumped at it! Guess why I got invited? Hehe 'cos Ah Steph wanted to check out my new hair too. KAKAKA.

Ah Steph: You definitely look very different.
moi: Good different or bad different?
Ah Steph: Good different.
moi: :)

I've never played golf EVER: golf virgin bok. Miss ChongChong made me change into tracks and a basic t-shirt so I reluctantly did. In the end I discovered that the dresscode isn't as strict as in Kemuning so really my slacks would have been fine-lah OK. There are so many people in their working shirts smacking balls in the middle of the afternoon. Choice of beverage: beer. Ah Steph tried to teach me a couple of basics just enough for me to understand the point of a swing. GOLF IS HARD. I was mostly just nudging balls a couple of metres away. I can't even make it fly up! It's definitely harder than I thought... I didn't think it would take that much of brain power to get a ball going. WHY IS IT SO HARD? When things like this happens my competitive spirit awakens and makes me feel like wanting to take classes just so I can show off on the green. Miss ChongChong says it'll take wayyy much more than whatever I'm doing now to qualify before I can get to the green. :P

I thought we were gonna head home but Ah Steph took a detour and asked if we were interested in a game of softball at 1Utama. I was exhilarated at the idea!! I've always always always wanted to try out the, 'It's Batting Time', that baseball / softball place at the rooftop. I've never played softball EVER: softball virgin bok! Since I shrieked in excitement, I suppose Ah Steph was obliged to bring me along. Hehe cannot help it... really wanted to play softball neh! We had more beer at the rooftop whilst waiting for the balls to be loaded into the sputter-like contraption.

You can watch me make a fool out of myself HERE.

I really thought we were gonna head home now for sure but Ah Steph made a spontaneous Director's decision to bring us karaoke in Neway. I have never karaoked in PJ / KL before so this was another case of popping my 3rd cherry for the day! The range of food buffet is pretty darn good-lah.

We sing a killer Isabella'98 duet!
And Hoobastank's The Reason 'cos I accompany well on that song. Serious.

Ah Steph and Miss ChongChong rocking it out proper!

We are karaoke-philic *wink*

moi: mannnnnnnnnnn please please pretty please bring me along to ktv?
moi: its like once he popped my karaoke (in msia) cherry i cant stop
moi: itchy wanna karaoke again

Ah Az: sure thing lar
moi: i sing a killer isabella98
moi: but must have kawan lah
moi: i like to be amy and jamal abdillah
moi: the rest other ppl take
Miss YinYin: AHA
Ah Az: i want to be saleem
Ah Az: but must wait for sore throat to come
Ah Az: then only can jadi

moi: hahaha just take 5 sticks djarum then jadi-lahhh

Saturday, February 09, 2008

goddess of gambling? (part i)

My family don't gamble. We just don't. When I go back to Kelantan the closest thing to gambling is when we go over Dddy's friend's place and watch people play Gimrami(??). Apart from that the relatives do not gamble. Or maybe we're too shy to...?

Well this year, after years of not having a proper CNY, I finally got to experience what Miss ChongChong classifies as the ultimate CNY experience: BJ (not that one the other one: Blackjack) with friends and family! This is best savoured at Miss TanTan's place.

There are 3 tables: mahjong for the ta-phai enthusiasts, the BIG GUN table for the big betters as seen from the image below at the table behind us and last but never least the koochirat table for small players and safe gamblers such as moi!

We have the superstitious reds one side and the not-so-superstitous-kua blacks (although Ah Drew was wearing red socks!!) another. I'm neutral: I'm white! Cannot really remember how to play BJ already but it's not that difficult to learn... they have afew rules that I had to remember though, like some Ace business and 4-cards-5-cards limit.

Down to the last RM3. I may be drinking Black Label but I ain't drunk just yet: got my mind on my money and my money on my mind y'all! It's funny just as I think I wanna close shop (last ringgit)... my luck takes a turn and I get a couple of ringgits winning. I basically washed about the RM10 over and hour. Not bad huh?

I love Creme de la Mer's angpow. I use it to house my 'savings'. My BJ modal: RM10 hehe... sorry-lah me safe gambler. My money is hard-earned cash OK. It's not easy being 26 years old and popping your face out to every old lady and man wishing them GONG XI GONG XI indirectly nudging them to hand you a red packet. Tiresome stuff!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

calling all orchids enthusiast (cny day 2)

Early early morning I woke up and hurried hurried over to my cousins place 'cos they were gonna bring me orchids shopping. I didn't even bother to curl my hair 'cos aiya travelling back to KL already mah. No need to be aner-sui OK. We went to have breakfast first of course!

I have problem identifying the orchids because... I can't. Can someone please help me out with the names or at least correct me out if I'm wrong?? Miss RusRus and I used to fawn over these alot back when I was in Indon. She calls it the king of orchids: Cattleya Asri(??)

Angraecum. Super interesting right? Ah Shap's art teacher, Cikgu, is an avid orchid collector. He has a garden just bursting with orchids young and old of various species. Uber cool right? His collection has grown so big that he doesn't mind selling some. This is where I come in.

These are clusters of lil mini orchids strung together on a stalk.

Almost mistaken them for honey-suckles.

Angraecum. This got me and Ah Shap most excited. He was telling me about this orchid that looks like a shoe with shoelaces and I was telling him 'bout an orchid with misai... well turns out we were talking about the same thing! Ah Shap and I are, like, super homies when it comes to orchids now.

Brassavolae. This is obviously not for sale. It belongs to Cikgu's private collection.

These speckled ones reminds me of dalmations. I call them 'Spotted Dogs'.

Colours brilliant, non? Reminds me of a pretty tie-dye beach sarung.

Cymbidium aka Anggrek Bulan?

Partners-in-crime. I look damn strabismus (cock-eyed) here. Hair's a damn mess too.

Cymbidium. So pretty right the colour? Not for sale.

Lent my camera to the cousins. They went amok.. taking photo of anything and everything! These are sun-loving orchids. Dddy loves 'em!

More random pointing pictures.

Cikgu posing with his hobby and other prized collections.

Ah Shap's work gets the wall treatment! :)

Ah Scal's turtle too...

More artwork acknowledgement. Look-lah at the cheeky fella's pose. Abit look like Rain-leh keke..

Have to admit the boy's work is good stuff.

After that we went to pai-chia at Grandaunt's place. Can't help but be very impressed with Uncle Ghee's pimped-out bike. He's a cycling nut!

Ah Sha has a go at it...

...whilst I hang out with his brother.

Travelling home was abit of a feat. Had to stay up to make sure the flowers were upright and stuff. In the end I gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up 3 of the flowers got plucked out from the motion *sad* Adoi.

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