Monday, January 21, 2008

you said it dr chan from shah alam

I know what’s going through everyone’s minds: so what about it? They’d probably think just that.


A lot of houseman officers do not realize that the hours do get this long or that the workload does get this much ‘till they actually begin to lead the dreaded lifestyle themselves. I stand corrected but as far as I’m concern many interns do not even ‘jaga’ / night-duty / oncall during med school. Well in Indon we do.. so I’ve already learnt to anticipate the crappy existence to come. It doesn’t mean I’ve come to accept it. I’m just disappointed that it is how it is here as well. Perhaps the only good thing is that we’re not milked for free as opposed to my 2 years of complimentary labour… we do get a meager pay but seriously I know a whole loada yuppies who earn our income and gets at least 14 days off a year in addition to weekends. I hear people complain about their 2 – 4 hour sleep that happens sometimes when things get hectic and I just sit there in silence. The ’36 hours 3 times a week’ phenomenon is a difficult one to describe. Most of the time people think you’re just exaggerating the hours or trying to do them one up. If it happens trimesterly takpe-lah pulak. This, though, goes what seems like forever (forever meaning 2 years) and it’s not something a happy sane mind can withstand... 2 constant years is a long time. Everyone ends up jaded by the time the honeymoon period (approximately 1 month give or take) concludes and just wanna clock off the moment they can punch out. It becomes just A JOB. People forget the
ultimate reasons why they became doctors. All those noble ambitions gets buried in the inbox tray between the files STRESS and MISERY.

The moment I finished med school I immediately began my mission to collect happiness. My reserves were dry by the time I hit 2nd year and now it’s vastly over drafted. People who know me now are pretty fluky people as my account is in equilibrium which makes me the good ole person my old friends recognize. Even Ah Choy admits that I’ve returned to the girl he used to know. I’m glad… I don’t think I’d be any popular should it be this time last year. I thought that part of me had dived into the abyss of wretchedness. But I’m happy now and I’m slowly saving up all the positivity in little jars in my heart in expectation of the battles to come. Hopefully my reserves would be enough. This is why it is crucial I keep going out and making more good memories… it gets a tad laborious but I’ve gotta. I only have afew weeks left.

Remember Miss LotteLotte? She used to be flabbergasted over the hours we’re forced to do ‘cos in Holland they are NOT allowed to work over a certain amount of time because it’s against the human rights plus it’s unproductive. Over there they’d force you to have a holiday once you’ve done so and so amount of hours on the job. That should be the way. This is how you keep doctors healthy and wise. This is how a person can maintain empathy and literally be nice to patient. Do you really expect a person who has not slept in 36 hours to still smile? Would you?
Until then my collection continues :) Wanna help? Take me out s'il vous plait.
P.S: refer to article in Your Say of StarMag dated 20.01.07, Sunday

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