Friday, December 28, 2007

xmas countdown

Early in the day I realized I didn't really have a finalized eve/Xmas plan. There were a couple of invitations to do this or that, go here or there of which some didn't manage to follow through (much to Miss YinYin's dismay *giggle*). Since I'm still the budding urbanite I tend to be the little baby that gets drag to town rather than the diva that makes her plans in town. I still enjoy being the little child that everyone wants to teach the rope of the world. Cut me some slack-lah OK ;) I've only been back a month mah.

That day I was trying to get to Plaza Mont Kiara and I figured, "Hey that oughta be simple enough!" Boy was I WRONG! Firstly I thought Plaza Damas was Plaza Mont Kiara. Super wrong of course. Coming out of Plaza Damas I tried to make my way back to Plaza Mont Kiara... I must have took a wrong turn 'cos next thing I knew a journey of mere minutes turned into a 20-minute drive!! Lo and behold as I looked up to the street signs I find my car going in the direction of JALAN KUCHING!! There I was the ultimate moron thinking to herself :Jalan Juching Jalan Kuching... how come it sounds so familiar? That's when I realize.. OMGGGGG I was heading towards KL: KL is advanced level driving in my personal mind map OK. I have only managed to conquer Bangsar *eyes widening in horror*.

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." Parentals rocking it out with an Xmas tree.

"Jack Frost nipping on the noseeee....." Here we are dressed alike YET AGAIN. Somebody STOP us!! Even the Olsens don't dress this way.

Well coming back to Xmas, in the end I figured I'd tag along to Miss TanTan's gig in Bangsar since I was gonna bring the family for an Xmas meal there anyways. Met up with Miss YinYin and Ah Mon 'cos we're all supposed to head there together. Somehow plans took a turn, Ah Ry joined us, and we ended up heading to Poppy instead.

Standing outside the club, I really felt a little *mini shriek* old *shudders* 'cos everyone looked so juvenile-lah. And juvenile according to our standards are high school grads / college grads / fresh meat from work... you get the gist. I remember back in my UK hey days, weekends post lectures were just filled with eager anticipated trips to the local clubs. Paradox oh Paradox... those were definitely the days. The echoes of the thumping bass would send me into a frenzy. I see that in the eyes of the young ones and as much as I deny it... MYSELF. Hehe I still love clubbing-lah babydolls. After 6 years being a deprived jailbird I am finally free to spread my wings and FLY FLY FLY into the sky of hip-hop and house music. BIG FUN right??

Poppy is different from what I remembered. I must have left the clubbing scene a LONG TIME ago 'cos I really don't remember it being this spacious or outdoorsy for that matter. Miss YinYin says they've extended the area and refurbished the floor into a bigger space. At least now it's not as suffocating as it used to be. Still, so many people! The music was H-H-HOT!! Pop chart hiphops are my ultimate faves-lah babydolls. The DJ really knows how to spin the tunes. LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT!!

Love my streaks or not?? They're slightly faded but they used to be fire-engine red. I'm dying it to death... must be the culture shock release after 6 years of not being allowed to do anything drastic to my image. Everyone thinks I'm going a little loco but I don't care. Self expression has to happen now! After work starts it's back to the Reliable-Professional-Plain-'Siman' me.. which is an utter bore.
I have no idea where Miss YinYin managed to score the bunga api but it was fun to play with them while awaiting countdown. Clubbing is mega fun. I sound like a senile grandma on crack but seriously clubbing is mega fun bok!!

5-4-3-2-1 HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! Starting the merry day with a *bisou*

I was abit the thrashed that night. We sapu bersih 2 bottles of Chivas between 5 of us which explains my inflamed excuse for a face. Not amused at how chubby my face looks on camera especially when it resembles a baked tomato. Twas' uber fun!! Must do more. At least before I start working! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Passion Lounge and Poppy Garden Restaurant
18-3, Jalan P. Ramlee,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (03) 21418888
Opening hours: 4pm-2am Mon - Thurs, 4pm-3am on Fri & Sat


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