Tuesday, January 01, 2008

starting the new year with a run

Miss ChongChong and I cooling off with Jenny Hung's legendary soya bean milk. She looked at me like I came from the wetlands when I told her I have no idea who Jenny Hung was let alone her soya. In the meantime I guess I have a long way to go before I get my Nicole Scherzinger waist :P

So what did y'all do on New Year's Day?

I presume the world must be recovering from a hangover with all the binge-drinking the night before.

If anything, I believe my alcohol tolerance has somewhat improved because I could quite hold my drink the entire night and woke up the next morning without a cloud over my head. In the evening I got a msg from Miss ChongChong to go for a run in the TTDI park. There's a park in TTDI?? Apparently there is and it's damn pretty-loh with tiny ponds and lil' bridges over brookes. There are 2 trails: the short one around the pond and the long one which is the outer circumference of the park that offers a hanging bridge and lush greens. It's such a lovely lovely park-lah!! Although there are loadsa monkeys which can be freaky but Miss ChongChong says they're pampered beasts ('cos the local feed 'em) and won't bug you if you don't bug them first. But they still scare me-lah despite.

I had such a lovely time there. It's so shady and bursting with eco. And the children getting dirty in the streams apparently trying to catch tadpoles. A lady brought her old loaf of bread to feed the fish. Old people stretching their aching joints and young people training for the marathon. Parents pushing prams. It's so... Central Park.

Such a brilliant way to start the year, non?

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