Wednesday, January 02, 2008

sophiekins' belated bday party

My lil' sister is 22 years old and a month now. She had a crappy birthday so the parentals and I decided to cheer her up by throwing her a sort-of-surprise belated birthday party!! So exciting right? Since we were gonna go to Pavilion I figured why not go lunch at my favourite place: West 57th St. Cafe!! In the morning I had to hurry hurry and get her balloons of her favourite colour purple as well as her birthday cuppacakes :)

Her belated b'day gift: Juicy Couture patent ballet pumps.

She was with me when I went to get the balloons. Later on I asked her if the trip to the party shop gave away the fact that we were gonna throw her a sort-of-surprise belated birthday party.. she said no. She figured I got the balloons on a random desire at the spur of the moment. For myself. I paused and thought abit only to realize it was exactly what I would have done. MAN I'M PREDICTABLE!

Finally Sophiekin' gets her b'day cuppas!! Dddy finds them to be absolute yum. They were whipping in the cuppas like nobody's business :D

This is Bugaboo that spells out ':) B'day Sophie'. If you notice closely the bee under the letter P is blind: they forgot to put the eyes in!!

You'd think Dddy was some time of big executive with his mobile almost permanently attached to his cheek but really he's just a big gossip queen!! Political scandals entice him the most *wink*

Before we retired for the night I suggested we release the white balloons in the sky with our silent wish attached to its string. Hopefully someone out there might catch hold of our prayers and make it come true. I know people think I'm silly when I say things like this or when I'm insistant about the aliens building the pyramids but hey... kasi chance-lah!!

I wish for... world peace? No way I'm way too self-centred for that. My wish is about ME ME ME!!

As they are slowly released...

drifting into wide open spaces... go go fly balloons fly... bring our wishes high...

That was the last we saw of our Wish-Balloons. I'll keep you posted on whether the wish really did come true. I hope it does. If it does this means I'm correct. Which means I would also be correct about the aliens building the pyramids too. OK-lah that's abit much.

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