Saturday, January 05, 2008

potluck at miss bellabella's

Miss YinYin: hi all, since there r still some wine left at Miss BellaBella's place, let's do a potluck this coming Saturday at her place for dinner.

So we all bumbled over to Miss BellaBella's place (of which I'm quite familiar now. Still need to learn up the other 2 alternative routes to her place) in the evening with our offerings :) I brought chicken curry to compliment Miss YinYin's mee goreng that her mother made. Miss YinYin was the last to arrive...

*knocks on the door and rattling of door-grill*

Miss YinYin & Ah Mon: What password?


Miss YinYin: I brought the main course!

moi: Oh... *proceeds to unlock the door*

Ignore the double-chin and be amused by the nifty way I created a make-believe nipped-in waist with the help of just a garter belt.

First thing first, we've gotta heat up all food that needs to be heated up. Mind you Miss BellaBella's pretty anal about cleanliness. You know back at New Year's Eve as we were popping champagne poppers out of her window.. just as I would release the streamers into the air, Miss BellaBella would shove a wastepaper basket literally right up my nostrils and demand I dispose rubbish at its rightful place. So potong-lah Miss BellaBella! :P

I pulled a Nigella Lawson (of Nigella's Feast fame) and produced a perfectly heated up curry chicken. It's all about the heat control babydolls!!

L-R: Pink pau-s (me brings), chicken curry (me brings), fried mee (Miss YinYin brings)..

L-R: Sakae Sushi set (Miss ChewChew brings), potato salad (Miss BellaBella brings). Aisay super fun right our food?

Nobody wanted to eat my pau-s. I suppose I should have brought mantou istead... these have lingyoong filling and they represent prosperity or something like that. Pink peach prosperity pau-s!! How CUTE is that?!! Yet nobody touched them. I had to makan one myself. Fortunately Ah Mon very very give face and struggled to finish one. Miss BellaBella followed suit. These two are good people!!

Again problem with the opening of wines! Fret no more, we have a boy in the house so we left all the dirty business to Ah Mon. Heehee.

Miss BellaBella: I'll kill y'all with this knife if you leave ring marks all over the table or spill wine on my floor!
Everyone: *gulp*

All of us eating, drinking and making merry. ME LIKES!!

L-R: Miss YinYin, Miss BellaBella, Miss ChewChew, Miss Shelbulosity, Miss TanTan

When the drinks kicks in, the *bisou*-ing begins!

Miss YinYin brought premium Dji Sam Soe and I almost died!! Kretek: my old friend.. it's been a long while!! Miss YinYin's friend got it when he was in Indon. These are export quality-lah 'cos they're individually wrapped in gold foil and looks so damn presentable. In Indon, the regular ones are seriously farmers' ciggs. They're my fave (as much as I cringe admitting to this 'cos it's just way too unclassy) and they're super affordable when you don't have the dough. Everyone was teasing me at the way my eyes lit up the moment she opened her cigg box. Can't help it: excited-lah!

After that we danced the night away...



miss bella bella said...

eh i'm that anal huh???!!!??? but can't help it ler, hehehehehehe. sorry to potong stim la :)

shelbybaby said...

ms bellabella: wh.. like you didn't know?? ;D

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