Monday, January 14, 2008

not so close hardly know you

14 December 2007 - 15 January 2008
Body weight: 63.5 kg - 61.2 kg
Proportion of Body Fat: 30.7 % - 30 %
Proportion of Body Water: 49.9 % - 50.3 %
Proportion of Muscle: 35.7 % - 36.2 %
Energy Consumption: 2252 kJ - 2245 kJ

Aiya… not much difference also. It’s been approximately over a month! This is going slower than I thought. You know Miss MuniMuni lost 15 – 20 kg in a month by starving! I on the other hand work like a freaking COW and only turun wh... 2.3kg!! Body Fat turun only 0.7%!! Proportion of Muscle naik only 0.5%!! I’ve increased my activities these recent couple of week inculcating weekend runs around the park etc but I don’t feel significant changes to my body. Perhaps I’m entering a plateau. I’ve cut my meal times to a maximum of twice a day but I haven’t been diligent with the fat-burning supplements (personally I’m still phobic regarding the whole hyperthyroidism issue). OK-lah I’ll now be very very rajin with the supplements and also maintain activities… I’ll notify if there’s improvement. Besides I’ve just received news that our posting letter should arrive around this week or next and we should be commencing work by 01 February thus I ought to up my efforts. So the potong stim-lah. The news just left my spirits so deflated. I just gotten happy after the crappy Teluk Intan rumours which left me most positively miserable. And now this…

Ah Yung: waaaaah ... :P
moi: i only run weekend evenings
moi: but didnt slim down also
moi: :(
Ah Yung: hahahahaha..
Ah Yung: so how?
moi: dunno leh. somehow my body refuse to be thin
moi: but WHY???
Ah Yung: hahahahahahhahaha...
Ah Yung: so how? :P
moi: sigh. keep going on loh

Crapperings hell!!

On a different note,

moi: Eh make sure he’s a good one ah. Recovering from a bad date..Ah Zik: Hahah.. she told me abit abt She told you huh? Yah not funny ok. Trauma I!!
Ah Zik: Yeah.. sad sad guy this boy u met.. my boys are all nice guys don’t worry. I’m your pimp :-)

Ah Zik! I’m your ho so pimp me up good OK :)
When I went out on that (ahem *cough*-bad-*cough*) date, I figured I had better refresh my memory on how to behave on that day. I learnt from Carmen Electra from her version of ‘Seduction dos and don’ts’ on first dates:

1. No bragging, boasting, and complaining!
2. Don’t discuss your ex-files
3. Scope at your own risk
4. Table the high tech
5. Squash the squirming
6. Don’t turn into Needy Nellie

Mr Octopus broke 5 (heck even all!!) of Carmen’s RULES. Also he came on really strongly and especially possessive which made me feel really uncomfortable. In the beginning I figured I was just squirmish because I probably wasn’t used to so much affection but as the night wore on I reckon he might have crossed the line. Perhaps I should have slapped him but I didn’t. Everyone sure as hell felt I should have. I was culturally shocked at that moment. Oh well good lesson learnt. I will ‘get physical’ the next time a boy gets too frisky.

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