Wednesday, January 16, 2008

miss iyaniyan leaves the nest

Nah... I may not be the organizer but I did my fair share of helping Miss KosKos out. I have never been on a hen's night so I don't really know what entails an occasion like this but I figured the bride-to-be should at least wear a veil! Keke she looks adorable right? And 15 minutes before leaving the house I remembered we were supposed to have name tags on so I quickly Yahoo-ed 'Karmasutra positions' and chose the funkiest few!! So the kinky ;)

Moi the only chinois in the group. Miss ChewChew says if she closes her eyes when I'm on the phone with my Malay friends I sound just like a Malay girl. Yalor my friends in med school all Malays bah. That or Indians or the few Punjabis. They always say I'm the single Chinese lamb tersesat in their flock *giggles* and they call me Minah Cina. And they tease me 'bout Chinese stuff like when Chinese New Year swings by, char siew farn and how I compare to the typical Chinese chicks :( They mean sometimes!! L-R: Miss MasMas, Miss KhalKhal, Miss NaNa, Miss PetchiPetchi, Miss KosKos, Miss RenjitRenjit, moi, Miss IyanIyan-Mrs-to-be

So good to see the rest of the girls. It's been a long time since we all kumpul-ed together. Had afew dating horror stories to share with the rest myself. Miss PetchiPetchi says I'm a little thinner. Yeayy!! *rejoices* But little is not enough-lah... STICK THIN remember STICK THIN. My arms are so short hor... I totally see it now. That's why I need to have a car like Conrad which is quite elevated in height plus I need to drive really closely towards the Touch-N-Go machine (much to everyone's dismay) but I have to or I can't reach the screen!!

Miss KosKos brought fortune cookies (courtesy of Pavilion) to kickstart the partayyy. BIG FUN!!


Once Miss IyanIyan leaves the nest I can predict all the birds on the table are gonna *snap snap* follow suit. Already by mid this year Miss MasMas and Miss RenjitRenjit're reminding us to keep our weekends open... :P Funny enough I thought I'd be so overwhelmed to know EVERYONE'S getting married but no *shrug* I'm very very gracious of where I am right now. It's my turn to turn Dora the Explorer now.

Look at the happy 'settled' faces of Miss MasMas Miss KhalKhal and Miss RenjitRenjit.

People taking picture of us getting our picture taken.

Love the view behind. You can see Traders Hotel etc. And that chilli sign is to remind us we're at American Chilli's. Kejagungan habis.

I'm attempting to rub off some of that lucky-lucky-lucky-I-could-be-so-lucky-in-looove charm off Miss IyanIyan onto myself. Of course a Bachelorette party would mean alot of Q&As on the 'first' night and prep for the act of fornication-under-consent of-king. She seems like she's got her own way of getting things covered. I asked her if a whip was gonna be involved. I didn't get any answer *pout*

Everyone's wants a piece of the lucky charm ruboff!

Chillin' outside KLCC. Totally believe my oval-face-better-than-round-face theory now?
She came with us to club for abit before returning home at midnight. Husband beckons mah... people's wife already-lah so have to menurut. Velvet turned her into a glowing Bridezilla!! Super spooks. I can't even look at this picture for more than 2 seconds.

P.S, disclaimer: some images courtesy of Miss NaNa

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