Sunday, January 20, 2008

midvalley mayhem

Movie Nite was FABULOUS FUN!! I SUPER LIKES the company of Miss YinYin, her loverboy Ah Mon and new friend Ah Ry. We watched Americano Taiko (American Gangster).

Miss YinYin:
What is the movie about ah?
moi: About a gangster… in America
Ah Mon: Right.

Just want to point out an IMPORTANT fact… there was a point in the movie where yours truly was mentioned.. twice lagi!

Frank Lucas: Where’s Shelby?
Detective Trupo: Shelby’s gone.
moi: :D

*snap snap* for Mr Washington. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how awesomely H-H-HOT Denzel is *sigh*

So walking back to the parking lot was a trip. I didn’t know where to park… actually I circled Mid Valley twice ‘cos I really have no idea which entrance to masuk: they have so many parking spaces A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P!! Then I saw this car in front of me and he sure looked like he knew where he was going so I figured he’d surely know where to park so I tailed him-lah… and ended up in this parking space of which I was totally unfamiliar with. But the sign on the walls say GSC Signature so I figured I must have totally jackpot-ed!! I parked where we’re supposed to watch the movie. Cool. Turns out I was highly mistaken...! Anywayyys the point is since I get easily freaked out by horror crap (the nearest thing to horror that I’d watch is Supernatural and ONLY BECAUSE the Winchester brothers rids Mother Earth of whatever perpetrating spook featured that episode so I know I’m safe by the time the 20 mins is up) everyone had to teman me to my car: HAHAHA kesian them. And the half bad part was watching this trailer before the movie about a girl getting stalked and tortured… where may you ask? YEAH YOU GUESSED IT: in a parking lot!! I told Miss YinYin luckily that chick’s terror floor was P2 and mine’s P4 (of which I was wrong also… ‘twas just 4. Luckily Ah Ry pressed ‘4’ first on the lift or I might be bit timorous if the lift opened on an unidentified floor like P4). Then of course was the challenge of getting home but Miss YinYin gave excellent directions: follow the sign to Bangsar of which I did. What I didn’t tell her was before getting to the Bangsar sign I tersalah drove into a path and suddenly was going against oncoming traffic. Fortunately there were almost no cars so I could do a 3-point-turn and finally get to the main road. Once I hit the highway I practically flew home!! This is to avoid getting involved with bad guys in Wiras and Perdanas. Robbing and raping girls are back in fashion so we must constantly be aware. In Indon also scared and here also scared.

The world is not a safe place anymore.

So much drama just to get to Mid Valley and home!!

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