Saturday, January 19, 2008

hungry i am so hungry *singing to the tune of akon’s ‘lonely’*

I’m so hungry.

I think everyone’s probably UBER BORED of me complaining about my weight. Sorry-lah: it’s a girl’s life… yabbering about clothes, other girls and our weight. It’s just how it is especially since I’m NOT THIN. I have been trying. I know I can do better and be more discipline but “when the night falls, my lonely heart calls” out to white wine or tequila lemonade. Still I’m gonna b*tch about my weight-lah. It bugs when I see other chicks scoffing down cakes and gulping down whiskey like nobody’s business and yet nothing happens to their waistline. Miss YinYin even confesses that she eats like a horse and does NO FORM OF EXERCISE plus drinks like a fish but the scale never tips over 54kg. DAMN IT. WHY?? Why is it when I place just a morsel of sweet-and-sour pork or Marmalade’s tiramisu on my tongue it automatically gets converted into the girth of my belly? WHY?? WHY?? WHY??

It doesn’t help that I have a big round face. If you’re FAT with an elongated oval face it’s OK ‘cos somehow or rather the face disguises the weight and I end up looking chubbier than you. Ah Yeoh says my moon-like face will bring prosperity to my husband… that is if I can get a husband in the first place with my moon-like face. It’s just so round and the cheeks are just so chubby. Perhaps I’d appreciate them more when I’m as old as Susan Sarandon and the only thing holding back my age is my puffed up cheeks but I’m not that old yet. I’m 26 and my cheeks make me look like a squirrel storing nuts for winter. Does that sound sexy to you?


Keke so the point is: nobody escapes the clutches of my whining.

moi: i want to be thin and be able to drink like the rest of the stick-thin chinese girls
Ah Choy: needs a lil more sacrifice
moi: yalor now must starve
moi: anorexia will be my new best friend

Ah Choy: hahhahahahhaha
Ah Choy: i'll see u soon
moi: oh yar hor
moi: eh if got nothing good to say
(when you see me)
moi: ok?

Ah Choy: hahhahaa
moi: i dont care if u honest and sh*t
Ah Choy: okok...put money where ur mouth is
moi: means wat?
Ah Choy: the wager .....lunch or dinner
moi: wager for what?
moi: we making a bet kah?
moi: over what?
moi: i'm drunk so be clear

Ah Choy: if u lose weight, i spend dinner..
moi: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ah Choy: consider it a lil motivation
moi: hey wait arent u supposed to buy me dinner regardless?
moi: mmm i will!!
moi: f*ck... *groan*
moi: this means tomorrow have to go running lah
moi: crappers
moi: in case no dinner can i convert my stick-thin winning prize into presents too??

BIG FUN right?? Now that it’s a challenge it’s wayyy more amusing than ever. I hit a plateau-lah back there but now it’s in a different light. Now it’s losing weight for CADEAU-S!! And you know how much me likes presents. Well in case you don’t it’s VERY MUCH. Me likes presents very much!!

So now I’m gonna do everything in my power to just do it. Still a little lazy and lemah semangat but enough to do more than I’ve been doing. Even if I don’t crack 55kg… 57kg would be good by my standards come end of the month. It’s all about trying to go beyond the 60kg range. I’ve been stuck here, like, forever!!

I’ve resorted to eating very little. But damn this sure makes me hungry. And cranky. But in order to win I have to stop shoveling calories down my throat.

i'm so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
moi: but i musnt eat
moi: i really am so hungry neh
moi: but i musnt eat

Ah Yung: hahahahahaha :P
Ah Yung: don't eat lah
Ah Yung: go sleep

moi: cant
moi: too hungry
Ah Yung: go drink water or somethign :)
moi: already drank
moi: still hungry

It’s torture.

Though I do wonder how I’d look like at the weight of 50kg? Would I be thin? As in THIN thin? Something even I’m curious to find out.

The journey continues...

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