Tuesday, January 22, 2008

who's your doctor?

You know how I’m always worried someone would drop dead before my eyes and I’m obliged to do something? I write about it all the time. Though I’m no longer afraid, I am, though, apprehensive sometimes ‘cos I don’t want to get into trouble just because I decided to play good Samaritan that day. Yes the world has indeed turned into a cynical place my friends.

I remember once there was a boy in my tour bus to San Francisco who had a bleeding nose. In med world we call it epistaxis and a good ole pinch to the nose would provide enough pressure to the broken vessels for blood clotting to commence thus stopping the bleed. I believe I was in my 2nd year and still in eager spirits to lend a hand. Before I could share my knowledge, the tour guide (an ex-soldier) halted me in my steps and sent me back to my seat. He gave the boy’s mother a roll of tissue paper and stopped at that. Later we paused for abit at In-and-Out Burger where he pulled me aside to explain his prior actions. He was super cute and I almost got lost in his smile. Hehe but that’s going astray from the topic… Anywayyy we started talking about my studies and how it is like to study medicine in Indonesia especially in terms of practicing our skills with the people there etc. He later went to elucidate the reason behind his hesistancy in aiding the poor boy. In the States if you help a person in need, let’s say a guy who’s leg is bleeding profusely from an accident, and you tourniquet (tie a string around the wounded area to stop the bleeding) the area and he ends up losing his foot because of the lack of oxygen (due to the tourniquet) he wouldn’t thank you for saving his life… instead he’d sue you for losing his foot. That’s how it is in developing / developed countries and therefore we have to be be cautious. I find it such a hard reality to stomach… to get sued for helping. They sure as hell did not teach us this in med school.

Well a woman fainted at the gym today. I was amidst my workout when a person ran about the weights floor yelling goodness knows what. PT Ah Helmi went to go have a look.. I was too busy focusing on doing this bicep business that was super tough.

PT Ah Helmi: Someone fainted in the class.
moi: Uh huh.
Random fella: Someone call a doctor!! Call the clinic!!
PT Ah Helmi: HEY you’re a doctor!! Shelby!!
moi: *rolls eyes* I’m going I’m going! There’s no need to shout.

It may appear as if I did not want to help but really that wasn’t the case. I was just pausing for afew seconds to see if there was gonna be another doctor in the house who would respond to the call… I usually give it 3 seconds (it takes 30 seconds for a person to suffocate) and then I pick up and go. I didn’t have my tools so it was not going to be easy. I didn’t even have a watch on. But of course first rule of Hippocrates: DO NO HARM!

A woman fainted. In med world we call it syncope. It was probably due to the momentary lack of blood supply to the brain thus causing one to lose consciousness. That or hypoglycemia: lack of glucose in the bloodstream ‘cos she didn’t eat before exercising. This is usually a brief event. As usual people would ask the crowd to clear the area (though there is not much need for it though it does feel nicer not to have people look over you like a caged animal so fine, I let them clear the area). A personal trainer who seems to be quite familiar with the fainted lady instructed people to turn her to her sides. There is no need to… the woman isn’t seizing. I really think they should just leave her alone to get a breather. She was conscious when I approached her. She could meekly tell me her name and was able to respond to questions like denying any history of heart-related disease. The girl then elevated the woman’s legs which is fine but it’s OK if that was not done as long as the lady felt comfortable where she is. I called for a sugar drink. PT Ah Helmi brought a cup of ice lemon tea. Thank goodness Fitness First provides complimentary drinks. I had already checked her pulse when the personal trainer girl reached out to check as well.

Girl PT: Her pulse is racing!
moi: Yes of course, she was amidst doing a Step class. Give it 5 – 10 more minutes before we can make a better evaluation. Just let her rest.

There was abit of a power struggle between that chick and me. That irked me. I suppose this happens especially since people tend to form their personal conclusions on how much I can do based on how frivolous I look especially since I was wearing a fluorescent pink Victoria Secret ‘University of Pink’ top. What? They want me to workout with a stethoscope noosed around my neck issit then only believe I’m a doctor??

The lady recovered in time and I followed-up on her a couple of times before she disappeared home.

On holiday also so stress, no wonder the zits don't stop popping!

Haven’t had to do doctor stuff in awhile. Guess today’s just a day to remind me that I shouldn’t get too comfortable ‘cos work will never leave me. Heh.


Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

Yeah tell me about it..

I had to spend 7 mths in frigging brick walled prison because someone died in her sleep where I was working at (an Old folks Home) and the Dept did not know I was a trained medical personnel ; who was stupid at that time..lazy to do the PLAB and just work as a Health Assistant to waste his time.

They taught I caused the death (mercy killing ..euthanasia) ...and from then on..I don't touch any more .....or work in hospitals or hospices or so...plus I got permanent struck off from GMC for that incident even though I was not at fault in court. All because I FAILED TO DECLARE I HAD THE FRIGGING KNOWLEDGE!

Reminded me back when I was on watch in SAFTI and that cadet died while doing an SBO RUN.... tot was heart attack but autopsy found he had a burst valve! Same senarios..same thing...punish first, questions later.

shelbybaby said...

geek: whoah harsh!! *kesian..*

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