Wednesday, January 23, 2008

champagne the cure to getting ffk-ed

(msg)moi: well then if u gonna ffk me u can just tell me nowKaki FFK: hahahaha...don't lah say ladat...
Kaki FFK: just that i'm soooOooOoo stuffed.... [eh don't you think when a person gives that statement he's trying to passive aggressive hint-hint to me that he doesn't wanna go out?! No need to beat around the bush OK... already so late some more wanna thor here thor there: just SAY IT ALREADY]Kaki FFK: but if u want to...will still se u lah.. [*furrows eyebrows*]moi: i dunno. i feel too sayang to take off my makeup but if u're gonna make it above 12... where can we go?Kaki FFK: dillema :(
moi: its not gonna finish yet right?Kaki FFK: sigh
Kaki FFK: okielah....i make it up to u by taking u out dor dinner next fri?
[oi. Chotto matte. NOW only want to cancel plans? after I've turned down 2 prior dinner plans and 1 last-minute clubbing invite and it's too late to go join them already... now you have the brainwave to reschedule?? I can't for the life of me believe this!]
moi: oh god so i am being ffk-ed AGAIN [Seriously.]
Kaki FFK: i'm sory..didn't know that dinner was going to take the whole nite... [Then don't double-book the sched-lor. My time just as precious as yours. Everyone has their life to go out but I only have a month. I'm chasing a deadline-lah in a sense. Why do you think I'm so anal about stuffing up my schedule with activities as much as I can? Not anything-lah... after I start working masa ada waktu lagi mau main ke sini sana bok?]moi: oh dear. i'm a lil too pissed off for this.
Kaki FFK: u when done... [huh?]
moi: u know what. it might end later than we imagine and u won't enjoy the party with this hanging over ur head so just forget it.Kaki FFK: yeah.. but u accusing me of ffk but u rKaki FFK: so i see u nonetheless loh.. [what for-leh?]
moi: and what are we gonna do at 1am?Kaki FFK: yes thats cos everything closes at 1am so no point in seeing rite?
Kaki FFK: dats why..offer rain cheque, but u making me feel guilty... [ayo I know I'm just a 2nd-rate friend yah but I refuse to be treated sooo rubbishly. And the thing that pisses me off the most is that he comes and twists things around and now it's as if I'm the big bad guy who refuses to be compromising!! Goodness gracious. I dunno-lah. Give up]

So I kena ffk-ed lor. For the 2nd time by the same person timm. A Saturday night wasted for nuts *pouts*

I was so frustrated because it was nearing midnight and it was too late for me to go join another crowd to do something else. I wasn’t quite in the mood anyway. At the risk of sounding prissy it really was not nice of him to have me wait around for him in my dress and make-up. And it’s really unfair to cancel the appointment an hour after the appointed time. I mean I get scolding from my drums teacher for cancelling 1 hour BEFORE my lesson. So I should be able to scold him for doing the same to me… know what I mean?

Waiting to hang clothes with my eyeliner on.

To remedy my squandered time I decided to do some laundry-lor. At least it’ll make up for some good time gone. Decided to do my blacks. Had the rest of my bubbly while waiting the machine to finish spinning. I had already popped a mini bottle open the moment I started waiting to ease the misery just abit… Champagne always helps to ease the pain but my aren’t they expensive? Also don't the golden liquid look absolutely demure fizzling about the rim of my Bohemia crystal glass. The swirls are brilliant, non? I got my set in Prague. They come with accessories which are glass butterflies (bought separately of course) that can perch on the rims of the glasses. Unfortunately Dddy broke one while vacuuming about. Me sad but didn't want to make the poor fella feel bad so I just pretended like 'twas OK. Also decided to check my nonexistent abs… *sigh* So hard. Life I mean not the stomach ;P

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