Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ah boon's place

Miss ChewChew invited me over to Ah Boon's place, since he and wife are out on a holiday, to use their pool. I really like their flat (I'm so used to calling any form of high-rise accomodation flats... back in UK everything's a flat but here you've gotta differentiate between flats / apartments / luxury apartments / condos / etc). Anywayyyy it's so THEM. It's like the Chew family theme... cosy and rustic. I bet if Miss ChewChew had a place of her own she's do it up just like her brother's. Before heading out for a swim we had a nice cool glass of water by the balcony. We sat on the barstools and placed our glasses on the tall table as we discussed irrelevant issues all the while admiring the really nice view ahead.

This ambience makes me feel like having my own place. Unfortunately my houseman pay-to-come will not be sufficient enough to foot for a nice flat like this. I want something spacious yet interactive with a good balcony if I need a cigg fix. I love living with the parentals but I'm starting to feel a little too "khok". It's been over a month and now we're wayyy past holiday mood and stepping into reality... I have not lived in my home (long-term) for 8 years. 8 years of not having to report where I am or get checked on what I do or nagged about my nightcappers or frowned upon for loading the machine with too much laundry. Sometimes I feel I enjoy solitude way too much than I should. I should, though, kasi chance to my parents and live with them for at least 2 years-lah hor. It's only right as a dutiful child. When I get married and move out... at least I know I've teman-ed them as much as I can. *sigh* When I'm away I wanna live at home, when I'm at home I wanna live away. It's a bizarre feeling. Guess we always want what we can't have eh...?

Miss ChewChew says that restaurant's called The Crocodile Farm. My crappy eardrums didn't register the restaurant part and I was like, "WTF?!! GOT CROCODILE FARM AH THERE?!! SINCE WHEN??" Obviously to my utter disappointment she corrected my false notion. But for awhile it got me super excited. I have no idea why I get so anthralled over nonsensical facts...

Mrs Ah Boon is an art teacher at Da Vinci's so the term bringing-work-home means having to make boxy papermache giraffes stamped with sakura prints. That type of work is BIG FUN, non? I'd bring that type of work home any day!! She's really good. I love her stuff :)

Miss ChewChew is helping me with Project Thin-New-Me. She's a health freak (and also a health freak convert. She has even converted her boyfriend!) and LURVES working out (opposite of me: I have to force myself to leave the couch). But it's awesome that she pushes me to inculcate more physical activities in my life. She and Miss ChongChong both. How come I'm the only one who's not into health... ironic considering it's my job? :P

Look at the cutesy pictures Mrs Ah Boon painted on the guest / baby room bathroom wall. Little fishy *blub blub*

Little sheepy *baa baa*

Little chicky *cluck cluck*

Swimming was super tiring. The laps there are much further than the ones I'm used to at swimming lessons. I was thiiis close to eating after the swim but I figured I shouldn't.. so I didn't. Instead I cleaned my room up abit more. Dddy's pleased with the progress. I cannot believe I'm 26 and my father still monitors the condition of my room. Malu sial.

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