Monday, January 28, 2008

ghee comes from cows

I’ve gone a little roti cuckoo.

speaking of hungry lately i am SUPER addicted to thosai ghee
moi: i mean i always like thosai but now that i've discovered thosai ghee i never looked back
moi: tat and tandoori chicken

Ah Choy: hahhaha...
moi: last 2 weeks i have it every meal every day
moi: gila or not??
Ah Choy: a lil

Last Saturday, as I was seated among knowledgable mamak kakis, the ghee debate ensued. Miss YinYin asked us what exactly was ghee? I said it came from cows. Everyone disagreed. According to them ghee comes from coconuts. That really threw me off the ball court ‘cos all the while I believed that ghee came from cows. ‘Cos, like, Miss Leong back in BM tuition used to make me memorize Simpulan Bahasa books every month and the phrase “Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama” literally meant that ghee comes from cows!! The thought of ghee NOT coming from cows disturbed me so I consulted my sinsei: Wikipedia :)

Ghee is a class of clarified butter
that originated in the Indian subcontinent, and is important in Indian and Egyptian cuisines also in Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisines. Ghee is made by simmering unsalted butter in a large pot until all water has boiled off and protein has settled to the bottom. The cooked and clarified butter is then spooned off to avoid disturbing the milk solids on the bottom of the pan. Unlike butter, ghee can be stored for extended periods without refrigeration, provided it is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation and remains moisture-free.

Like any clarified butter, ghee is composed almost entirely of saturated fat. The American Heart Association recommends choosing dishes prepared without ghee.Ghee has a very high smoke point and doesn't burn or smoke easily during cooking. Because ghee has the more stable saturated bonds (i.e., it lacks double bonds which are easily damaged by heat) it is not as likely to form the dangerous free radicals when cooking

Ayurvedic texts describe many diverse mind/body benefits. For example,
Absorption: Ghee is an integral part of the practice of ayurvedic herbal formulation. Since ghee is an oil, it can bond with lipid-soluble nutrients and herbs to penetrate the lipid-based cell membranes of the body. It is stated to increase the potency of certain herbs by carrying the active components to the interior of the cells where they impart the most benefit.
Digestion: The ayurvedic texts say that ghee helps balance excess stomach acid, and helps maintain/repair the mucus lining of the stomach.
Mild Burns: Like aloe, ghee is said to prevent blisters and scarring if applied quickly to affected skin. Also, ghee stored over a longer time has more medicinal value.
Mind: Ghee is said to promote all three aspects of mental functioning -- learning, memory and recall.
Ayurvedic Balance: Ghee balances both Vata (the dosha that controls movement in mind and body) and Pitta (the dosha that controls heat and metabolism).
Eating ghee is also believed to enhance virility and sexual potency. Excessive consumption of ghee is known to cause bromhidrosis

Phew!! Ghee really does come from cows. I can sleep soundly now.

P.S, disclaimer: images and text courtesy of Wikipedia

Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to do the Soulja Boy RIGHT!! (Instructional Video)

This goes out especially to my Soulja Boys (yea you know who you are: Nasi Kandar Penang TTDI souljas)!! Now we can all learn it right and crank it properly on the super-dance-floor at the super-dance-club :D Look forward to Superman-ing with y'all!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

champagne the cure to getting ffk-ed

(msg)moi: well then if u gonna ffk me u can just tell me nowKaki FFK: hahahaha...don't lah say ladat...
Kaki FFK: just that i'm soooOooOoo stuffed.... [eh don't you think when a person gives that statement he's trying to passive aggressive hint-hint to me that he doesn't wanna go out?! No need to beat around the bush OK... already so late some more wanna thor here thor there: just SAY IT ALREADY]Kaki FFK: but if u want to...will still se u lah.. [*furrows eyebrows*]moi: i dunno. i feel too sayang to take off my makeup but if u're gonna make it above 12... where can we go?Kaki FFK: dillema :(
moi: its not gonna finish yet right?Kaki FFK: sigh
Kaki FFK: okielah....i make it up to u by taking u out dor dinner next fri?
[oi. Chotto matte. NOW only want to cancel plans? after I've turned down 2 prior dinner plans and 1 last-minute clubbing invite and it's too late to go join them already... now you have the brainwave to reschedule?? I can't for the life of me believe this!]
moi: oh god so i am being ffk-ed AGAIN [Seriously.]
Kaki FFK: i'm sory..didn't know that dinner was going to take the whole nite... [Then don't double-book the sched-lor. My time just as precious as yours. Everyone has their life to go out but I only have a month. I'm chasing a deadline-lah in a sense. Why do you think I'm so anal about stuffing up my schedule with activities as much as I can? Not anything-lah... after I start working masa ada waktu lagi mau main ke sini sana bok?]moi: oh dear. i'm a lil too pissed off for this.
Kaki FFK: u when done... [huh?]
moi: u know what. it might end later than we imagine and u won't enjoy the party with this hanging over ur head so just forget it.Kaki FFK: yeah.. but u accusing me of ffk but u rKaki FFK: so i see u nonetheless loh.. [what for-leh?]
moi: and what are we gonna do at 1am?Kaki FFK: yes thats cos everything closes at 1am so no point in seeing rite?
Kaki FFK: dats why..offer rain cheque, but u making me feel guilty... [ayo I know I'm just a 2nd-rate friend yah but I refuse to be treated sooo rubbishly. And the thing that pisses me off the most is that he comes and twists things around and now it's as if I'm the big bad guy who refuses to be compromising!! Goodness gracious. I dunno-lah. Give up]

So I kena ffk-ed lor. For the 2nd time by the same person timm. A Saturday night wasted for nuts *pouts*

I was so frustrated because it was nearing midnight and it was too late for me to go join another crowd to do something else. I wasn’t quite in the mood anyway. At the risk of sounding prissy it really was not nice of him to have me wait around for him in my dress and make-up. And it’s really unfair to cancel the appointment an hour after the appointed time. I mean I get scolding from my drums teacher for cancelling 1 hour BEFORE my lesson. So I should be able to scold him for doing the same to me… know what I mean?

Waiting to hang clothes with my eyeliner on.

To remedy my squandered time I decided to do some laundry-lor. At least it’ll make up for some good time gone. Decided to do my blacks. Had the rest of my bubbly while waiting the machine to finish spinning. I had already popped a mini bottle open the moment I started waiting to ease the misery just abit… Champagne always helps to ease the pain but my aren’t they expensive? Also don't the golden liquid look absolutely demure fizzling about the rim of my Bohemia crystal glass. The swirls are brilliant, non? I got my set in Prague. They come with accessories which are glass butterflies (bought separately of course) that can perch on the rims of the glasses. Unfortunately Dddy broke one while vacuuming about. Me sad but didn't want to make the poor fella feel bad so I just pretended like 'twas OK. Also decided to check my nonexistent abs… *sigh* So hard. Life I mean not the stomach ;P

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

who's your doctor?

You know how I’m always worried someone would drop dead before my eyes and I’m obliged to do something? I write about it all the time. Though I’m no longer afraid, I am, though, apprehensive sometimes ‘cos I don’t want to get into trouble just because I decided to play good Samaritan that day. Yes the world has indeed turned into a cynical place my friends.

I remember once there was a boy in my tour bus to San Francisco who had a bleeding nose. In med world we call it epistaxis and a good ole pinch to the nose would provide enough pressure to the broken vessels for blood clotting to commence thus stopping the bleed. I believe I was in my 2nd year and still in eager spirits to lend a hand. Before I could share my knowledge, the tour guide (an ex-soldier) halted me in my steps and sent me back to my seat. He gave the boy’s mother a roll of tissue paper and stopped at that. Later we paused for abit at In-and-Out Burger where he pulled me aside to explain his prior actions. He was super cute and I almost got lost in his smile. Hehe but that’s going astray from the topic… Anywayyy we started talking about my studies and how it is like to study medicine in Indonesia especially in terms of practicing our skills with the people there etc. He later went to elucidate the reason behind his hesistancy in aiding the poor boy. In the States if you help a person in need, let’s say a guy who’s leg is bleeding profusely from an accident, and you tourniquet (tie a string around the wounded area to stop the bleeding) the area and he ends up losing his foot because of the lack of oxygen (due to the tourniquet) he wouldn’t thank you for saving his life… instead he’d sue you for losing his foot. That’s how it is in developing / developed countries and therefore we have to be be cautious. I find it such a hard reality to stomach… to get sued for helping. They sure as hell did not teach us this in med school.

Well a woman fainted at the gym today. I was amidst my workout when a person ran about the weights floor yelling goodness knows what. PT Ah Helmi went to go have a look.. I was too busy focusing on doing this bicep business that was super tough.

PT Ah Helmi: Someone fainted in the class.
moi: Uh huh.
Random fella: Someone call a doctor!! Call the clinic!!
PT Ah Helmi: HEY you’re a doctor!! Shelby!!
moi: *rolls eyes* I’m going I’m going! There’s no need to shout.

It may appear as if I did not want to help but really that wasn’t the case. I was just pausing for afew seconds to see if there was gonna be another doctor in the house who would respond to the call… I usually give it 3 seconds (it takes 30 seconds for a person to suffocate) and then I pick up and go. I didn’t have my tools so it was not going to be easy. I didn’t even have a watch on. But of course first rule of Hippocrates: DO NO HARM!

A woman fainted. In med world we call it syncope. It was probably due to the momentary lack of blood supply to the brain thus causing one to lose consciousness. That or hypoglycemia: lack of glucose in the bloodstream ‘cos she didn’t eat before exercising. This is usually a brief event. As usual people would ask the crowd to clear the area (though there is not much need for it though it does feel nicer not to have people look over you like a caged animal so fine, I let them clear the area). A personal trainer who seems to be quite familiar with the fainted lady instructed people to turn her to her sides. There is no need to… the woman isn’t seizing. I really think they should just leave her alone to get a breather. She was conscious when I approached her. She could meekly tell me her name and was able to respond to questions like denying any history of heart-related disease. The girl then elevated the woman’s legs which is fine but it’s OK if that was not done as long as the lady felt comfortable where she is. I called for a sugar drink. PT Ah Helmi brought a cup of ice lemon tea. Thank goodness Fitness First provides complimentary drinks. I had already checked her pulse when the personal trainer girl reached out to check as well.

Girl PT: Her pulse is racing!
moi: Yes of course, she was amidst doing a Step class. Give it 5 – 10 more minutes before we can make a better evaluation. Just let her rest.

There was abit of a power struggle between that chick and me. That irked me. I suppose this happens especially since people tend to form their personal conclusions on how much I can do based on how frivolous I look especially since I was wearing a fluorescent pink Victoria Secret ‘University of Pink’ top. What? They want me to workout with a stethoscope noosed around my neck issit then only believe I’m a doctor??

The lady recovered in time and I followed-up on her a couple of times before she disappeared home.

On holiday also so stress, no wonder the zits don't stop popping!

Haven’t had to do doctor stuff in awhile. Guess today’s just a day to remind me that I shouldn’t get too comfortable ‘cos work will never leave me. Heh.

Monday, January 21, 2008

you said it dr chan from shah alam

I know what’s going through everyone’s minds: so what about it? They’d probably think just that.


A lot of houseman officers do not realize that the hours do get this long or that the workload does get this much ‘till they actually begin to lead the dreaded lifestyle themselves. I stand corrected but as far as I’m concern many interns do not even ‘jaga’ / night-duty / oncall during med school. Well in Indon we do.. so I’ve already learnt to anticipate the crappy existence to come. It doesn’t mean I’ve come to accept it. I’m just disappointed that it is how it is here as well. Perhaps the only good thing is that we’re not milked for free as opposed to my 2 years of complimentary labour… we do get a meager pay but seriously I know a whole loada yuppies who earn our income and gets at least 14 days off a year in addition to weekends. I hear people complain about their 2 – 4 hour sleep that happens sometimes when things get hectic and I just sit there in silence. The ’36 hours 3 times a week’ phenomenon is a difficult one to describe. Most of the time people think you’re just exaggerating the hours or trying to do them one up. If it happens trimesterly takpe-lah pulak. This, though, goes what seems like forever (forever meaning 2 years) and it’s not something a happy sane mind can withstand... 2 constant years is a long time. Everyone ends up jaded by the time the honeymoon period (approximately 1 month give or take) concludes and just wanna clock off the moment they can punch out. It becomes just A JOB. People forget the
ultimate reasons why they became doctors. All those noble ambitions gets buried in the inbox tray between the files STRESS and MISERY.

The moment I finished med school I immediately began my mission to collect happiness. My reserves were dry by the time I hit 2nd year and now it’s vastly over drafted. People who know me now are pretty fluky people as my account is in equilibrium which makes me the good ole person my old friends recognize. Even Ah Choy admits that I’ve returned to the girl he used to know. I’m glad… I don’t think I’d be any popular should it be this time last year. I thought that part of me had dived into the abyss of wretchedness. But I’m happy now and I’m slowly saving up all the positivity in little jars in my heart in expectation of the battles to come. Hopefully my reserves would be enough. This is why it is crucial I keep going out and making more good memories… it gets a tad laborious but I’ve gotta. I only have afew weeks left.

Remember Miss LotteLotte? She used to be flabbergasted over the hours we’re forced to do ‘cos in Holland they are NOT allowed to work over a certain amount of time because it’s against the human rights plus it’s unproductive. Over there they’d force you to have a holiday once you’ve done so and so amount of hours on the job. That should be the way. This is how you keep doctors healthy and wise. This is how a person can maintain empathy and literally be nice to patient. Do you really expect a person who has not slept in 36 hours to still smile? Would you?
Until then my collection continues :) Wanna help? Take me out s'il vous plait.
P.S: refer to article in Your Say of StarMag dated 20.01.07, Sunday

Sunday, January 20, 2008

midvalley mayhem

Movie Nite was FABULOUS FUN!! I SUPER LIKES the company of Miss YinYin, her loverboy Ah Mon and new friend Ah Ry. We watched Americano Taiko (American Gangster).

Miss YinYin:
What is the movie about ah?
moi: About a gangster… in America
Ah Mon: Right.

Just want to point out an IMPORTANT fact… there was a point in the movie where yours truly was mentioned.. twice lagi!

Frank Lucas: Where’s Shelby?
Detective Trupo: Shelby’s gone.
moi: :D

*snap snap* for Mr Washington. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how awesomely H-H-HOT Denzel is *sigh*

So walking back to the parking lot was a trip. I didn’t know where to park… actually I circled Mid Valley twice ‘cos I really have no idea which entrance to masuk: they have so many parking spaces A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P!! Then I saw this car in front of me and he sure looked like he knew where he was going so I figured he’d surely know where to park so I tailed him-lah… and ended up in this parking space of which I was totally unfamiliar with. But the sign on the walls say GSC Signature so I figured I must have totally jackpot-ed!! I parked where we’re supposed to watch the movie. Cool. Turns out I was highly mistaken...! Anywayyys the point is since I get easily freaked out by horror crap (the nearest thing to horror that I’d watch is Supernatural and ONLY BECAUSE the Winchester brothers rids Mother Earth of whatever perpetrating spook featured that episode so I know I’m safe by the time the 20 mins is up) everyone had to teman me to my car: HAHAHA kesian them. And the half bad part was watching this trailer before the movie about a girl getting stalked and tortured… where may you ask? YEAH YOU GUESSED IT: in a parking lot!! I told Miss YinYin luckily that chick’s terror floor was P2 and mine’s P4 (of which I was wrong also… ‘twas just 4. Luckily Ah Ry pressed ‘4’ first on the lift or I might be bit timorous if the lift opened on an unidentified floor like P4). Then of course was the challenge of getting home but Miss YinYin gave excellent directions: follow the sign to Bangsar of which I did. What I didn’t tell her was before getting to the Bangsar sign I tersalah drove into a path and suddenly was going against oncoming traffic. Fortunately there were almost no cars so I could do a 3-point-turn and finally get to the main road. Once I hit the highway I practically flew home!! This is to avoid getting involved with bad guys in Wiras and Perdanas. Robbing and raping girls are back in fashion so we must constantly be aware. In Indon also scared and here also scared.

The world is not a safe place anymore.

So much drama just to get to Mid Valley and home!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hungry i am so hungry *singing to the tune of akon’s ‘lonely’*

I’m so hungry.

I think everyone’s probably UBER BORED of me complaining about my weight. Sorry-lah: it’s a girl’s life… yabbering about clothes, other girls and our weight. It’s just how it is especially since I’m NOT THIN. I have been trying. I know I can do better and be more discipline but “when the night falls, my lonely heart calls” out to white wine or tequila lemonade. Still I’m gonna b*tch about my weight-lah. It bugs when I see other chicks scoffing down cakes and gulping down whiskey like nobody’s business and yet nothing happens to their waistline. Miss YinYin even confesses that she eats like a horse and does NO FORM OF EXERCISE plus drinks like a fish but the scale never tips over 54kg. DAMN IT. WHY?? Why is it when I place just a morsel of sweet-and-sour pork or Marmalade’s tiramisu on my tongue it automatically gets converted into the girth of my belly? WHY?? WHY?? WHY??

It doesn’t help that I have a big round face. If you’re FAT with an elongated oval face it’s OK ‘cos somehow or rather the face disguises the weight and I end up looking chubbier than you. Ah Yeoh says my moon-like face will bring prosperity to my husband… that is if I can get a husband in the first place with my moon-like face. It’s just so round and the cheeks are just so chubby. Perhaps I’d appreciate them more when I’m as old as Susan Sarandon and the only thing holding back my age is my puffed up cheeks but I’m not that old yet. I’m 26 and my cheeks make me look like a squirrel storing nuts for winter. Does that sound sexy to you?


Keke so the point is: nobody escapes the clutches of my whining.

moi: i want to be thin and be able to drink like the rest of the stick-thin chinese girls
Ah Choy: needs a lil more sacrifice
moi: yalor now must starve
moi: anorexia will be my new best friend

Ah Choy: hahhahahahhaha
Ah Choy: i'll see u soon
moi: oh yar hor
moi: eh if got nothing good to say
(when you see me)
moi: ok?

Ah Choy: hahhahaa
moi: i dont care if u honest and sh*t
Ah Choy: okok...put money where ur mouth is
moi: means wat?
Ah Choy: the wager .....lunch or dinner
moi: wager for what?
moi: we making a bet kah?
moi: over what?
moi: i'm drunk so be clear

Ah Choy: if u lose weight, i spend dinner..
moi: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ah Choy: consider it a lil motivation
moi: hey wait arent u supposed to buy me dinner regardless?
moi: mmm i will!!
moi: f*ck... *groan*
moi: this means tomorrow have to go running lah
moi: crappers
moi: in case no dinner can i convert my stick-thin winning prize into presents too??

BIG FUN right?? Now that it’s a challenge it’s wayyy more amusing than ever. I hit a plateau-lah back there but now it’s in a different light. Now it’s losing weight for CADEAU-S!! And you know how much me likes presents. Well in case you don’t it’s VERY MUCH. Me likes presents very much!!

So now I’m gonna do everything in my power to just do it. Still a little lazy and lemah semangat but enough to do more than I’ve been doing. Even if I don’t crack 55kg… 57kg would be good by my standards come end of the month. It’s all about trying to go beyond the 60kg range. I’ve been stuck here, like, forever!!

I’ve resorted to eating very little. But damn this sure makes me hungry. And cranky. But in order to win I have to stop shoveling calories down my throat.

i'm so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
moi: but i musnt eat
moi: i really am so hungry neh
moi: but i musnt eat

Ah Yung: hahahahahaha :P
Ah Yung: don't eat lah
Ah Yung: go sleep

moi: cant
moi: too hungry
Ah Yung: go drink water or somethign :)
moi: already drank
moi: still hungry

It’s torture.

Though I do wonder how I’d look like at the weight of 50kg? Would I be thin? As in THIN thin? Something even I’m curious to find out.

The journey continues...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

miss iyaniyan leaves the nest

Nah... I may not be the organizer but I did my fair share of helping Miss KosKos out. I have never been on a hen's night so I don't really know what entails an occasion like this but I figured the bride-to-be should at least wear a veil! Keke she looks adorable right? And 15 minutes before leaving the house I remembered we were supposed to have name tags on so I quickly Yahoo-ed 'Karmasutra positions' and chose the funkiest few!! So the kinky ;)

Moi the only chinois in the group. Miss ChewChew says if she closes her eyes when I'm on the phone with my Malay friends I sound just like a Malay girl. Yalor my friends in med school all Malays bah. That or Indians or the few Punjabis. They always say I'm the single Chinese lamb tersesat in their flock *giggles* and they call me Minah Cina. And they tease me 'bout Chinese stuff like when Chinese New Year swings by, char siew farn and how I compare to the typical Chinese chicks :( They mean sometimes!! L-R: Miss MasMas, Miss KhalKhal, Miss NaNa, Miss PetchiPetchi, Miss KosKos, Miss RenjitRenjit, moi, Miss IyanIyan-Mrs-to-be

So good to see the rest of the girls. It's been a long time since we all kumpul-ed together. Had afew dating horror stories to share with the rest myself. Miss PetchiPetchi says I'm a little thinner. Yeayy!! *rejoices* But little is not enough-lah... STICK THIN remember STICK THIN. My arms are so short hor... I totally see it now. That's why I need to have a car like Conrad which is quite elevated in height plus I need to drive really closely towards the Touch-N-Go machine (much to everyone's dismay) but I have to or I can't reach the screen!!

Miss KosKos brought fortune cookies (courtesy of Pavilion) to kickstart the partayyy. BIG FUN!!


Once Miss IyanIyan leaves the nest I can predict all the birds on the table are gonna *snap snap* follow suit. Already by mid this year Miss MasMas and Miss RenjitRenjit're reminding us to keep our weekends open... :P Funny enough I thought I'd be so overwhelmed to know EVERYONE'S getting married but no *shrug* I'm very very gracious of where I am right now. It's my turn to turn Dora the Explorer now.

Look at the happy 'settled' faces of Miss MasMas Miss KhalKhal and Miss RenjitRenjit.

People taking picture of us getting our picture taken.

Love the view behind. You can see Traders Hotel etc. And that chilli sign is to remind us we're at American Chilli's. Kejagungan habis.

I'm attempting to rub off some of that lucky-lucky-lucky-I-could-be-so-lucky-in-looove charm off Miss IyanIyan onto myself. Of course a Bachelorette party would mean alot of Q&As on the 'first' night and prep for the act of fornication-under-consent of-king. She seems like she's got her own way of getting things covered. I asked her if a whip was gonna be involved. I didn't get any answer *pout*

Everyone's wants a piece of the lucky charm ruboff!

Chillin' outside KLCC. Totally believe my oval-face-better-than-round-face theory now?
She came with us to club for abit before returning home at midnight. Husband beckons mah... people's wife already-lah so have to menurut. Velvet turned her into a glowing Bridezilla!! Super spooks. I can't even look at this picture for more than 2 seconds.

P.S, disclaimer: some images courtesy of Miss NaNa

our name tags..

deserve an entry on their own:

Miss RenjitRenjit is...
Next, grasping its head in her hand,she clamps her lips tightly about the shaft,
first on one side then the other,
taking great care that her teeth don't hurt you:
this is "Parshvatoddashta" (Biting at the Sides).
Error: What I meant to write was Parshvatoddashta. Bahiha-samdansha is 'the Outer Pincers'. Oops!

Miss PetchiPetchi is...
If you mount her like a dog
gripping her waist,
and she twists round to gaze into your face,
experts in the art of love say it is "Svanaka" (the Dog).

Error: What I meant to write was Svanaka. Oops again.

Miss KhalKhal is...
And now, fired by passion, she takesyour penis deep into her mouth,
pulling upon it and sucking as vigorously
as though she were stripping clean a mango-stone:
this is "Amrachushita" (Sucking a Mango).

Miss MasMas is...
Let your tongue rest for a moment
in the archway to the flower-bowed Lord's temple
before entering to worship vigorously, causing her seed to flow:
this is "Jihva-mardita" (the Tongue Massage).

Moi is...
If you thrust wildly in every direction,
like a bull tossing its horns,
it is "Vrishaghata" (the Bull's Blow).

Miss NaNa is...
Place your darling on a couch,
set her feet to your shoulders,
clasp her waist,
suck hard and let your tongue stir her overflowing love-temple:
this is called "Bahuchushita" (Sucked Hard).

Miss KosKos is:
Lift the lady's feet until her soleslie perfectly parallel,
one to each side of her slender throat,
cup her breasts and enjoy her:
this technique is "Uthkanta" (Throat-high).

Last but not least,

Miss IyanIyan is...

Clasping each other's hands,

you lie sprawled like two starfish making love,

her breasts stabbing your chest,

her thighs stretched out along yours:

this is "Devabandha" (the Coitus of the Gods).

P.S, disclaimer: text courtesy of The Kama Sutra Temple

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ah boon's place

Miss ChewChew invited me over to Ah Boon's place, since he and wife are out on a holiday, to use their pool. I really like their flat (I'm so used to calling any form of high-rise accomodation flats... back in UK everything's a flat but here you've gotta differentiate between flats / apartments / luxury apartments / condos / etc). Anywayyyy it's so THEM. It's like the Chew family theme... cosy and rustic. I bet if Miss ChewChew had a place of her own she's do it up just like her brother's. Before heading out for a swim we had a nice cool glass of water by the balcony. We sat on the barstools and placed our glasses on the tall table as we discussed irrelevant issues all the while admiring the really nice view ahead.

This ambience makes me feel like having my own place. Unfortunately my houseman pay-to-come will not be sufficient enough to foot for a nice flat like this. I want something spacious yet interactive with a good balcony if I need a cigg fix. I love living with the parentals but I'm starting to feel a little too "khok". It's been over a month and now we're wayyy past holiday mood and stepping into reality... I have not lived in my home (long-term) for 8 years. 8 years of not having to report where I am or get checked on what I do or nagged about my nightcappers or frowned upon for loading the machine with too much laundry. Sometimes I feel I enjoy solitude way too much than I should. I should, though, kasi chance to my parents and live with them for at least 2 years-lah hor. It's only right as a dutiful child. When I get married and move out... at least I know I've teman-ed them as much as I can. *sigh* When I'm away I wanna live at home, when I'm at home I wanna live away. It's a bizarre feeling. Guess we always want what we can't have eh...?

Miss ChewChew says that restaurant's called The Crocodile Farm. My crappy eardrums didn't register the restaurant part and I was like, "WTF?!! GOT CROCODILE FARM AH THERE?!! SINCE WHEN??" Obviously to my utter disappointment she corrected my false notion. But for awhile it got me super excited. I have no idea why I get so anthralled over nonsensical facts...

Mrs Ah Boon is an art teacher at Da Vinci's so the term bringing-work-home means having to make boxy papermache giraffes stamped with sakura prints. That type of work is BIG FUN, non? I'd bring that type of work home any day!! She's really good. I love her stuff :)

Miss ChewChew is helping me with Project Thin-New-Me. She's a health freak (and also a health freak convert. She has even converted her boyfriend!) and LURVES working out (opposite of me: I have to force myself to leave the couch). But it's awesome that she pushes me to inculcate more physical activities in my life. She and Miss ChongChong both. How come I'm the only one who's not into health... ironic considering it's my job? :P

Look at the cutesy pictures Mrs Ah Boon painted on the guest / baby room bathroom wall. Little fishy *blub blub*

Little sheepy *baa baa*

Little chicky *cluck cluck*

Swimming was super tiring. The laps there are much further than the ones I'm used to at swimming lessons. I was thiiis close to eating after the swim but I figured I shouldn't.. so I didn't. Instead I cleaned my room up abit more. Dddy's pleased with the progress. I cannot believe I'm 26 and my father still monitors the condition of my room. Malu sial.

Monday, January 14, 2008

not so close hardly know you

14 December 2007 - 15 January 2008
Body weight: 63.5 kg - 61.2 kg
Proportion of Body Fat: 30.7 % - 30 %
Proportion of Body Water: 49.9 % - 50.3 %
Proportion of Muscle: 35.7 % - 36.2 %
Energy Consumption: 2252 kJ - 2245 kJ

Aiya… not much difference also. It’s been approximately over a month! This is going slower than I thought. You know Miss MuniMuni lost 15 – 20 kg in a month by starving! I on the other hand work like a freaking COW and only turun wh... 2.3kg!! Body Fat turun only 0.7%!! Proportion of Muscle naik only 0.5%!! I’ve increased my activities these recent couple of week inculcating weekend runs around the park etc but I don’t feel significant changes to my body. Perhaps I’m entering a plateau. I’ve cut my meal times to a maximum of twice a day but I haven’t been diligent with the fat-burning supplements (personally I’m still phobic regarding the whole hyperthyroidism issue). OK-lah I’ll now be very very rajin with the supplements and also maintain activities… I’ll notify if there’s improvement. Besides I’ve just received news that our posting letter should arrive around this week or next and we should be commencing work by 01 February thus I ought to up my efforts. So the potong stim-lah. The news just left my spirits so deflated. I just gotten happy after the crappy Teluk Intan rumours which left me most positively miserable. And now this…

Ah Yung: waaaaah ... :P
moi: i only run weekend evenings
moi: but didnt slim down also
moi: :(
Ah Yung: hahahahaha..
Ah Yung: so how?
moi: dunno leh. somehow my body refuse to be thin
moi: but WHY???
Ah Yung: hahahahahahhahaha...
Ah Yung: so how? :P
moi: sigh. keep going on loh

Crapperings hell!!

On a different note,

moi: Eh make sure he’s a good one ah. Recovering from a bad date..Ah Zik: Hahah.. she told me abit abt She told you huh? Yah not funny ok. Trauma I!!
Ah Zik: Yeah.. sad sad guy this boy u met.. my boys are all nice guys don’t worry. I’m your pimp :-)

Ah Zik! I’m your ho so pimp me up good OK :)
When I went out on that (ahem *cough*-bad-*cough*) date, I figured I had better refresh my memory on how to behave on that day. I learnt from Carmen Electra from her version of ‘Seduction dos and don’ts’ on first dates:

1. No bragging, boasting, and complaining!
2. Don’t discuss your ex-files
3. Scope at your own risk
4. Table the high tech
5. Squash the squirming
6. Don’t turn into Needy Nellie

Mr Octopus broke 5 (heck even all!!) of Carmen’s RULES. Also he came on really strongly and especially possessive which made me feel really uncomfortable. In the beginning I figured I was just squirmish because I probably wasn’t used to so much affection but as the night wore on I reckon he might have crossed the line. Perhaps I should have slapped him but I didn’t. Everyone sure as hell felt I should have. I was culturally shocked at that moment. Oh well good lesson learnt. I will ‘get physical’ the next time a boy gets too frisky.

Friday, January 11, 2008

bangau oh bangau

Had to go to Putrajaya YET again to submit this and that. Malas ceuy! The place doesn't even have proper parking spaces. It's so frustrating 'cos I totally dunno where the heck to put my car for abit. City contoh konon.

The only thing that makes the journey tolerable is that I get to see storks on the way home!! I look forward to it everytime but they don't come out everyday so in a sense I catch them when I'm lucky. The really bizarre thing is they only hang out on a couple of the lampposts lining the road beside the Taman Wetland. It's only that road that they pick and those 2 lampposts that they want.

Wikipedia: Storks' size, serial monogamy, and faithfulness to an established nesting site contribute to their prominence in mythology and culture.

The Painted Stork, Mycteria leucocephala, is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae. It is a tropical species which breeds in Asia from India and Sri Lanka to southeast Asia. It is a resident breeder in lowland wetlands with trees. The large stick nest is built in a forest tree, and 2-5 eggs is a typical clutch.

The Painted Stork is a broad winged soaring bird. Like all storks, it flies with its neck outstretched.

The adult is a large bird, 95-100cm tall, mainly white with black flight feathers. The head is red, and the long downcurved bill is yellow. The tail and legs are pink, and there is dark barring on the breast. Juvenile birds are a duller version of the adult, generally browner and lacking the bright colours of the adult. The Painted Stork walks slowly and steadily in shallow waters or adjacent wet grassland seeking its prey, which, like that of most of its relatives, includes fish, frogs and large insects. It sweeps its head from side to side with its bill half open in water as it hunts for fish.

Really I like 'em 'cos they're PINK. All birds should be pink! OK no. I like canaries yellow and robins with their red chests but don't you think we'd actually love crows more if they were fuschia? Or those regular biasa-biasa birds if their were cotton candy pink in colour? Non? *giggles*

I'm in such a good mood. Ah Choy's gonna let me choose a gift for myself and the excitement is getting me all flustered... feel my spirit fluttering like a hummingbird. I LURVE GETTING PRESENTS!! I'm thinking either...
  • French boudoir chair for my room
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Dogeared jewellery
  • Anya Hindmarch purse
  • a dress from Coast
  • etc...


moi: cant wait for you to come home-leh!!
Ah Choy: wahst a french boudoir
Ah Choy: just pick,k....
Ah Choy: dont wait until i come back then u intro all the things u want...and ask me to pick
moi: ayier must see ur budget also wat
moi: heehee i almost did that: list thing!! how u know? ahahahaha

Ah Choy: i dowan to c tat list
moi: :(
Ah Choy: hahahhaha
moi: i'll show u anyway
Ah Choy: c it after u pick
moi: keekee u know i'll show u despite!! ahahahaha BIG FUN!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the legendary zouk holiday eve special

Miss BellaBella: hahahaha
Miss BellaBella: woo hoo!!!
Miss BellaBella: so you're gonna dress to kill huh
moi: not really
moi: at first wanted to
moi: old already mah
moi: anyway decided that i cant be too chingkak lor cos if already wearing shorts takkan the top also like a whore. after like angelina yam liddat. so just wear biasa top lor.
Miss BellaBella: right
Miss BellaBella: hahahaha
Miss BellaBella: so either top or bottom chingkak la
Miss BellaBella: hahaha

moi: already 26 ayo too old lah to be dressing like lindsay lohan
moi: yalor. its all about balancing the chingkak appeal ahahahaha

Miss BellaBella: eh look at ppl like nicolette sheridan la
Miss BellaBella: she's in her 40s la but still chingkak
moi: it's chingkak with style
Miss BellaBella: yahahaha
moi: there's a diff. eh the chick wears chingkak gucci. if wear chingkak designer never mind one. got exception for them
moi: but mine is eurotrash chingkak. i love cheap slut look lah. which really doesnt suit my features cos i look like 3 year old dressed like 30 yr old

Miss BellaBella: hahahaha
Miss BellaBella: didn't know that you're into that
moi: i know. secret hush hush
Miss BellaBella: hehehe


I just hate the driving part. Firstly 'cos driving to KL makes me nervous. Secondly I can't drink. Which sucks abit. Need to find fellow Mambo Jambo kaki who can ferry me. Anyone? *keh-lian look*

What I really want to know is do doctors NOT club? Why is it such an mouth-gaping shocker when people find out I'm a doctor who happens to enjoy dancing? It's hilarious to observe people's reactions during introduction session. I suppose I do break the stereotypical view when it somes to fashion in medicine. Plunging necklines and skimpy daisy dukes with knee-high boots aren't exactly scrubs of course. People tend to forget I have a personality OUTSIDE the hospital. But then again I am different I suppose. Doctors don't exactly gawk at Hello Kitty telephones (available beside a small stall in front of Sony Centre, The Curve *hint hint*) or dedicate their bookshelves to fashion. Perhaps the hard lifestyle has forced all doctors to cease existing as individuals but instead be working robots *shrug* Taking this into consideration I had better club my heart out now... goodness knows when I'd be able to do it next.

113 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Saturday, January 05, 2008

potluck at miss bellabella's

Miss YinYin: hi all, since there r still some wine left at Miss BellaBella's place, let's do a potluck this coming Saturday at her place for dinner.

So we all bumbled over to Miss BellaBella's place (of which I'm quite familiar now. Still need to learn up the other 2 alternative routes to her place) in the evening with our offerings :) I brought chicken curry to compliment Miss YinYin's mee goreng that her mother made. Miss YinYin was the last to arrive...

*knocks on the door and rattling of door-grill*

Miss YinYin & Ah Mon: What password?


Miss YinYin: I brought the main course!

moi: Oh... *proceeds to unlock the door*

Ignore the double-chin and be amused by the nifty way I created a make-believe nipped-in waist with the help of just a garter belt.

First thing first, we've gotta heat up all food that needs to be heated up. Mind you Miss BellaBella's pretty anal about cleanliness. You know back at New Year's Eve as we were popping champagne poppers out of her window.. just as I would release the streamers into the air, Miss BellaBella would shove a wastepaper basket literally right up my nostrils and demand I dispose rubbish at its rightful place. So potong-lah Miss BellaBella! :P

I pulled a Nigella Lawson (of Nigella's Feast fame) and produced a perfectly heated up curry chicken. It's all about the heat control babydolls!!

L-R: Pink pau-s (me brings), chicken curry (me brings), fried mee (Miss YinYin brings)..

L-R: Sakae Sushi set (Miss ChewChew brings), potato salad (Miss BellaBella brings). Aisay super fun right our food?

Nobody wanted to eat my pau-s. I suppose I should have brought mantou istead... these have lingyoong filling and they represent prosperity or something like that. Pink peach prosperity pau-s!! How CUTE is that?!! Yet nobody touched them. I had to makan one myself. Fortunately Ah Mon very very give face and struggled to finish one. Miss BellaBella followed suit. These two are good people!!

Again problem with the opening of wines! Fret no more, we have a boy in the house so we left all the dirty business to Ah Mon. Heehee.

Miss BellaBella: I'll kill y'all with this knife if you leave ring marks all over the table or spill wine on my floor!
Everyone: *gulp*

All of us eating, drinking and making merry. ME LIKES!!

L-R: Miss YinYin, Miss BellaBella, Miss ChewChew, Miss Shelbulosity, Miss TanTan

When the drinks kicks in, the *bisou*-ing begins!

Miss YinYin brought premium Dji Sam Soe and I almost died!! Kretek: my old friend.. it's been a long while!! Miss YinYin's friend got it when he was in Indon. These are export quality-lah 'cos they're individually wrapped in gold foil and looks so damn presentable. In Indon, the regular ones are seriously farmers' ciggs. They're my fave (as much as I cringe admitting to this 'cos it's just way too unclassy) and they're super affordable when you don't have the dough. Everyone was teasing me at the way my eyes lit up the moment she opened her cigg box. Can't help it: excited-lah!

After that we danced the night away...


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