Wednesday, December 05, 2007

wisuda & sumpah profesi

So the long awaited pending pictures finally arrives. Again didn't really take that many 'cos we were just too busy shuffling here and shuffling there. Most of my time was spent adjusting the hat really. First it was the other way around-lah.. then not parallel-lah.. then way too low-lah.. then way too high-lah.. then way to flimsy-lah..

Perhaps they made us wait too long for the graduation or perhaps it was all the inconveniences they put us through to get here 'cos I really wasn't THAT excited about my graduation. People may think that we must be so relieved that everything is finally over and all doesn't matter now that we've come to this day but to the contrary really: in fact all of us just want to get things over with. It's been 6 lethargic years and dragging it on further with elaborated, somewhat uncalled for, ceremonies just made things crummier. If it wasn't compulsory I really might not have come.

But since I'm here so ole-lah!! I'm game for a celebration. Especially since it's a celebration of me. Watching the faculty top people gracing the stage was pretty overwhelming. When you're a student you dream for this day to arrive and yet when it finally arrives it feels like any other day... it doesn't register that this is it: THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE BEGINNING.

Clockwise from far L: Miss HaHa, Miss MasMas, Miss PrisPris, Miss TwinZiah, Miss RenjitRenjit, Miss LidLid, Miss NaNa

Miss KhaKha and moi in our kebayas made for princesses. OK-lah not really but a regular Indon kebaya by Malaysian standards is a kebaya made for brides. We wear ngejreng kebayas, like, everywhere! So this was my wisuda (graduation) kebaya... I thought was gold but as it turns out my memory had failed me and it was more bronze than gold.

Ayia I put on abit of weight-lah during the few days spacing :( or perhaps it's my bad choice of happy-wappy colour YELLOW. Hmmm *ponders for a minute* Dunno-neh. But really weird is that the colour don't quite agree with me hor. But I made this especially for my Sumpak Profesi aka Doctor's Oath ceremony (yup they have a grand thing for this too) so I was gonna wear it despite whatever.

This Mmmy didn't wear yellow or we'd be like so the sedondon-lah. They so proud hor. Their big baby graduate liao and will finally be too malu to ask them for pocket money. Or so they think. I'm definitely way too thick-skinned for that. Yes-lor, my Mmmy is slimmer than me :(

L-R: Miss HaHa, Miss MuniMuni, moi, Ah TKL... contestants of the 'Most Desperate To Graduate' award!

Miss HaraHara and moi at the main entrance of the university hall.

I designed the kebaya myself! Actually I design all my kebayas. I charge a small nominal fee for consultations so what you waiting for? Consult away!

Graduation Day is also an opportunity to bid goodbye to old friends or even new acquaintances. Even though I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures with EVERYONE but it was a good chance to touch-base and give out last-minute hugs. I have spent 6 years with these people. It's a long time but I'm ready to go home.

Proud DADDYs!! So stocking and handsome right?

Pretty MUMMYs!! So pretty and demure right?

Ah Suryana has grown into quite a man, non? I used to tell Mmmy 'bout him and some selected characters in class 'cos they just so quirky!! He was such a boy before with a crappy haircut. What a difference 6 years make...!

"Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do you dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over..."
... Beautiful Girls, Sean Kingston ...

Remember my OBGYN life back in Subang?? Remember me bumping into Ah Mang & Ah Nggun during Judicium. This time I met Ah Rmandha instead. Fancy that?

My kerudung girlfriends. We so tight-lah. Will miss them LOADS: Miss HilHil & Miss RusRus.

Last but never least Ah Ggies: my kindred spirit extraordinaire. Will miss you the most. He's really afraid of frogs and I have the video to prove it. Just thought the world'd like to know.

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