Friday, December 21, 2007

online but handicapped

When I decided to replace my webcam + dead battery + faulty adapter, they warned me that the technicians would reformat my laptop for the webcam replacement bit. I gave them the green light BUT FIRST allow me to back-up all my data before wiping out the memory. They said they'd let me know.

When I went to collect my laptop a couple of days ago I figured they might not have needed to reformat the computer 'cos nobody called me for any authorization instructions... all I was asked for is the permission to go ahead with the cost. RM1400++ for batts, charger and cam sounds pretty OK-lah. So I agreed. The boy handed me all my new stuff and a small piece of metal.

moi: *looks at metal piece in puzzlement*
Sony boy: Nah that's your hard-disc.
moi: Disc?
Sony boy: Yah disc.
moi: As in the thing that stores all my stuff??
Sony boy: Yah they replaced it. I think your one is spoiled-lah.
moi: B-b-b-but I haven't backed up my data!! You're not supposed to wipe out my stuff before I back it up!! It's there in your invoice-paper thing. I gave specific instructions!!
Sony boy: *uh-oh look*

I have nothing. All my programs are gone. I have to REDOWNLOAD everything. I lost all my MSN conversation histories and it seems as if all my important files in my previous My Documents might not be retrievable but they are trying so *sigh* we'll see-lah.

I just went to their service centre in Mid Valley City and the people there were pretty nice to me and I was able to retrieve half of my sh*t from the G: drive but I'll have to return there to sort out the H: drive problem. In the meantime I'll have to make do with Adobe Photoshop version 2.0(!!) etc.

I can't find my updated version of Adobe Photoshop program. Would someone puh-lease lend me theirs??

P.S: Thank you my faithful readers for your constant support despite my lengthy disappearance. I'll make it up to you with CUTESY FUN pics (2nd-rate quality 'cos of crappy Photoshop program though) and happy reports (if any). You helped me earn RM0.40 which is seriously exciting. I haven't gone further from my RM0.80 earnings in ages. Thank you all again. Keep coming back and tell your friends :)

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