Sunday, December 23, 2007

my macaroons and me: the story of Ladurée macaroons

One of the main reasons I look forward to Sophiekins coming home for the holidays: she brings home my barang titipan. Weee!! They're usually beauty products from Boots or clothes from H&M or selected designer items as they're much cheaper in the EU. Also Malaysia takes forever to bring in the season's line.

Ever since my stuff exploded into the house (all 13 mega boxes of them), Dddy has been very stern about NO MORE CLOTHES / STUFF PURCHASES) 'till I've worn ALL my clothes at least thrice over :( So this trip my ole-ole UK has been reduced to 20% in comparison to what she used to buy for me. To curb my spending Dddy has imposed a new rule that all my barang titipan has to be authorized via him and counter-authorized via Mmmy before Sophiekins can go ahead and purchase them for me. So many new rules *pout* Sucks!

Effective now, this trip I was only granted one graduation gift which Sophiekins had gotten in Dubai's duty-free shops. A Swarovski crystal encrusted champagne bottle!! How uber cute is that?!! ME LIKES.

In my miniscule list was a box of Ladurée macaroons available in the Ladurée cafe over at Harrods. This Sophiekins has been enjoying the macaroons all the while (she says they make 'em better in Paris in the original Ladurée cafe) without telling me!! WTF?

So she places a pink box on the kitchen counter and got me all excited. I was so ecstatic. Been waiting a whole year for this! Just as I pried the lid of the box open...

My jaw dropped to the floor to discover a half eaten box of macs!! WTF?? All I could afford was a quivering, "Oh..." 'till Sophiekins started laughing her pants off. She then reached into another bag to produce another pink box. Apparently the previous box was hers and she just wanted to check out my reaction. She's such a devious menace OK!!

Look at my pretty pretty macaroons.

The story of the Macaroon

These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are the most famous creation of Ladurée.

The story of the Ladurée macaroon starts with Pierre Desfontaines, distant cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, who at the beginning of the 20th century first thought of taking two macaroon shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling. The way of making them has never changed since that time.

These small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, are made every morning in Ladurée’s "laboratory". The pastry chefs measure out very precisely the required amounts of almonds, eggs and sugar, before adding one final ingredient, a pinch of unique "know-how", essential to the making of such a delicacy. Once cooked and filled, the macaroons are put to one side for 2 days before going on sale, the time it takes to achieve a perfect balance between texture and flavour.

Me so happy!!
P.S, disclaimer: text courtesy of Ladurée


Farhah said...

Those macaroons look nice! haha. happy new year!

shelbybaby said...

farhah: they're even nicer to eat :D hny too!

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