Saturday, December 08, 2007

miss remrem is now a mrs!

I've been to some weddings but I've never had AS MUCH FUN as Miss RemRem's. It was such a lovely wedding dinner and I actually enjoyed the entire night instead of the usual dreading-it-to-end and wish-they'd-just-serve-the-food-a-little-swifter business. Well Miss KosKos and I were the first to arrive at the table so it was a little awkward that way but 'twas OK-lah 'cos I found our table to be directly BEHIND the VIP table. This was a tad overwhelming 'cos I figured that we'd probably get seated right at the back considering we were JUST colleagues of Miss RemRems. It was so sweet of her to seat us so nicely and she called us Dr(s) too in them guest list. How awesome is that?? I'm sorry-lah I'm still trying to get used to the whole 'Dr' business.

Despite not making it to her wedding ceremony I'm glad I could come for her wedding dinner. The venue was set up pretty hilariously though. There was a disco ball shooting coloured beams all over the ceiling like a school dance in the 80s and they were playing very very 80s tunes. Those were the funny bits.

While we were hankering about sipping cordial, or in my case white wine, when a lady came about to tables hosting SINGLE FABULOUS chicas (such as us *wink*) and asked us if we were game to play a practical joke on Miss RemRem's husband. Totally!!

Basically along the dinner there would be a session where an announcement would call for all the OTHER GIRLS who used to be in the husband's bachelor life to give up the keys to his apartment as his wife no longer can allow for it. That part of the dinner was hilarious. The emcee was Miss RemRem's brother-in-law and he played the event so beautifully. All of us had good laughs and boredom IT WAS NOT.

L-R: Miss KosKos, moi. Mucking about as we wait for our table to be filled.

Ah Shar and his fiancee. They are to be married in a week's time too. Everyone's getting married!! It's the new domestic partnership :P

Miss PetchiPetchi (and her mama) came to scout around for potential partners.

Then the moment arrives the groom and bride graces the floor. Isn't she gloriously beautiful?? That sari is to-die-for. Miss PetchiPetchi says it probably costs thousands of ringgit. They look absolutely stunning together :)

I had to leave a little earlier as I accidentally double-booked my sched. This is why it's so important for me to pencil things in. People think I make such a big deal regarding appointments but see-lah if I don't then this happens. Anyway I went over to congratulate Miss RemRem and to take a brief picture with her. As you can see she 'POPS' and I'm buried behind her beauty *giggle*

Aren't they *bisou* worthy?


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