Saturday, December 08, 2007

cheers to the ole grandma

Since Miss ChongChong is really your real-life Malibu Barbie (I bet lotsa dudes would pretty much agree) I figured it was only appropriate that I got her the Aloha (mini49).

Aloha up close

After excusing myself from Miss RemRem's wedding I quickly zoomed over to Bangsar to attend Miss ChongChong's bday drinks. Here I presented her with her uber cuteness cuppas. She seemed mighty pleased too. Hope it brightened her week!

This is Miss NalNal - a new friend I made at Miss ChongChong's gig. She's big FUN-lah and we spent the night immitating Miss ChongChong's ditzy antics. Miss ChongChong was not amused *giggles*

Miss TanTan just had laser eye surgery to correct the surface of her retina. This explains the glazed look.

It was a little bizarre spelling Miss ChongChong's name in English as I have always called her by her Chinese name. She gets all irritated when I call her Chinese name out aloud as her new friends tend to tease her about it. So this is me making effort to move on with the times hehe..

L-R: Miss ChongChong, Miss TanTan, moi, Miss NalNal (love that cleavage girlfriend!)

I immediately seized for the palm tree first. It intrigues me. I feel like I'm having a cupcake island!

Chatty chatty..

In the mood to get jiggy with it, we hippity-hopped over to a nearby 'club' which somehow was filled with highschool wannabes (must be the school holidays-lah) but OK-lah beggars cannot be choosers. This is us getting all skanked up.

I have yet to perfect my ho pout. Miss ChongChong does it almost effortlessly.

Last *bisou* for the road...


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