Friday, December 07, 2007

cuppacakes at the apartment / miss yinyin's housewarming

I was invited to a housewarming at Miss YinYin's new place at Millenium Park. She was gonna rent it out the week after so she got some friends and family to come over and get merry. I couldn't order the usual cuppas in time so I went to The Apartment to purchase them retail.
They sell for RM4.00 each and is in the muffin size with flavours ranging from:

Disclaimer: images from hereon courtesy of Miss YinYin

Everyone were delighted with the cuppas and some even thought they were for display purposes only!! How hilarious is that? I literally had to coax and convince people to bite into them or they'd just look longingly.

We had Thai(?)-ish local food. Miss YinYin got a stall downstairs at the Piccadilly food court to cater for her party. So convenient hor?

The hostess and her loverboy Ah Mon!

It was my first time playing Taboo with all these new people so that was pretty exciting. One of Miss YinYin's friend was a real joker, Ah J.Teo, fellow Taboo novice. He bestowed himself the honour of being the sole 'giver' and whoever's team could guess it first, the loser team had to drink. He was rummaging through the cards in search of words he was familiar with (in Ah J.Teo's dictionary 'matrimony' is undescribable so that card gets sent to the back of the deck *giggles*) till he came to this card:
Wikipedia: Taboo is a word guessing party game commercially available from Hasbro. The object of the game is for a player to have their partner guess the word on their card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

Ah J.Teo: Rick Price's hit single
us: HEAVEN!!
Ah J.Teo: correct correct.. quite clever ah you all
*moments later after some drinking and chatting Ah J.Teo proceeds to the next card*
Ah J.Teo: Ah this word damn interesting
Ah J.Teo: OK when you kong you sure wanna go here one..!!
us: HEAVEN!!
us: Eh but just now the card was 'heaven'.. how come can kena 'heaven' again one?
Ah J.Teo: Oh I describe already meh?
Miss YinYin: Wah how is it possible that you came up with 2 opposite descriptions of the same word and we can guess it??
Ah J.Teo: Wah quite clever ah me
us: :D

Taking a nic break. L-R: Miss TanTan, the hostess Miss YinYin, *forgot, please help me remember*, Miss BellaBella, MOI
Damn enjoy-lah tonight. Serious.



Pei Yin said...

hey thanks for writing a post on my housewarming party :) i'm glad that you guys had fun! thanks for being such a sweetie, everyone loves those cupcakes...we had a hard time biting on they all look too good to be touched!we should get together more often, with the rest of the girls..just like that day at your graduation's really fun having an all-girls session with you all :) anyway Merry Xmas and Happy 2008!
cheers..."yummmmm sengggggg".....

shelbybaby said...

peiyin: always a pleasure and thanks for the invite.. :)

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