Monday, December 31, 2007

ushering in the new year

Ah Choy: wats ur ny plan?
moi: chill out at a friend's plc
Ah Choy: a bit quiet...not ur style le
moi: *giggle*
moi: i'm not young and in the end it's the company that counts
Ah Choy: hahahahaahah....sounds like an old laady ooledi
moi: i am wat
Ah Choy: true true
The only picture we took. After that couldn't be bothered liao 'cos already koyak before the others arrived!
So little old lady me decided to hang out with old lady BellaBella before the others came over to drink with us kau-kau. Mutiara Damansara tends to get sealed in by 9-something pm so I got out at 8pm to her place and we had some Japanese at Centrepoint. Then we went onto the booze buying and ciggs supply before heading over to her place to get sloshed. I brought my Camino Real tequila and Miss BellaBella got her Absolut Vodka out just in case the wine didn't prove enough for our tanks. We were just gallavanting about her living room 'till the fireworks came out.

Miss BellaBella: Quickly take picture of the fireworks!!
moi: *fiddling with camera* OK-lah trying trying!!
Miss BellaBella: Wah got a few fireworks simultaneously happening at different parts of PJ/KL area.
moi: Eh girl if the fireworks are out means countdown already issit?
*both pause in silence for abit*
moi: *grabs mobile and checks for time* 00:00


As we had some moments of silence peering out of the window, before the others arrived, I started reflecting on my life. Or at least as far as I could remember. 2008... I've been waiting for this year to start ever since 2007 began. For all the Christmases and New Years spent in my room drinking alone and dancing in my PJs & heels...

To tell you the truth, as much as it is anticipated it is also very much feared. Too many changes and too many life-revolutionary decisions to be made this year. As you probably know I don't adapt fast but once I do I adapt well so the process of comprehending and feeling out all these differences will definitely take some time before I get comfortable. I'm home for good. I'm living with my parents 24-7. I have internet access whenever wherever. I have to do my own laundry. I'm gonna start working. I am meeting oh-so-many new people. I want to make more friends. I'm gonna get a monthly pay-check. I can swim. I am improving on my drums. I get to go clubbing. I can get tipsy. I can run in parks. I can shop for high-street clothing. Etc.

Surreal.. but nice.

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